Answers from specialists on on serious mass ingredients. I went from 87kg to 91kg in less than a month without changing my diet and it helped me dramatically increase my strength. -Too many calories can cause fat gain instead of muscle gain. That’s why I recommend taking a lower dose at first. Unless you have an exemplary whisking ability, the powder will clump and leave you with undissolved chunks. Those who are having a hard time packing on calories through solid food can spare some bagels with a serving of the Serious Mass supplement. How to enjoy Optimum Serious Mass Chocolate Protein Powder: Simply mix 2 scoops of protein powder with water or your choice of milk then shake or stir until the powder is dissolved. However, it’s only in a very small amount of 1 gram per serving. I’ve seen tons of protein powders before and I’m lucky to even be treated to a maximum of 30 grams per serving. You really can't gain only muscles (if we talk about fast gaining). • Then add a few ice cubes and if desired other calorie contributing ingredients like a banana or peanut butter. So far, this brand is a gold standard when it comes to mass gain supplements. This product is worth every cent i gained for Kilo's in one month granted not all clean but cumin there's very little supplement where you can gain clean muscle without fat while bulking.But I Gained 4 kilos in one month and going on my second cycle before cutting but i can definitely see the difference and also guys at the gym are complementing. In this Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass review, I recognize the fact that supplements like this tend to veer mass gainers in the wrong direction. With Serious Mass™ - Vanilla, you've got nothing to lose and lots to gain. Since ON owns the dairy farms where some of the ingredients are harvested, it says much about their pledge to quality. An Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass review I saw pointed this out. Pricey but worth every cent! What Do Users Say? The Main Components of Serious Mass – Optimum Nutrition: The power of your supplement lies in its formula. With the right training program you will definitely pick up size...just from a bag of this i picked up a good 3kg which has stayed there. This is the best mass gainer ever. Fast weight gain. • Add two heaped scoops (334 grams) to a blender filled with 710 ml of water. As far as each user Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass review is concerned, the Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is a winner. Made by Optimum Nutrition, this protein powder is supposed to give you everything you need to bulk up. Packed on 5kg in 5 weeks and experienced significant increase in strength and stamina. To get more size you need to eat more. A good 4kgs of mass.Two shakes a day.Half in the morning and half in the evening.. Scoops are huge though. Another thing is that taking high amounts of protein in one sitting is a guaranteed way to piss your stomach. Aside from the protein and calories, the Serious Mass also contains 250 grams of carbs per serving. It’s good for those with insatiable sweet teeth. I'm finished with my second bag, what a great product! This can be fixed through proper workout routines and serving size. This will allow your system to adjust to the new nutrition while you add more amount in the succeeding weeks. Email us for any questions which you may have. The protein formula comprises a mix of whey protein concentrate, egg albumen, alcium caseinate, and sweet dairy whey. Save up some money and buy this supplement, you wont regret it!!! Optimum Nutrition has been ruling the muscle building world for some time now. This is the best weight gainer I've ever been on, there nothing else like it on the market today! The Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass supplement is one of the best supplements I’ve seen so far. Side effects. It’s also best to take only half of the said serving during the first week if you’re a new user. You can read another Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass review but they will say the same thing. Optimum nutrition never fails to impress. i loved the flavour of this product, found it very easy to shake.. i took the product and saw no results what so ever with intense taste horrible esp the chocolate....too pay so much and ONLY LAST A MONTH and to see no results....I RECOMMEND NO ONE TOO TRY THIS PRODUCT AS IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY !!!!!!! However, this is a lot. With 50 grams of muscle building protein, when used in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet and regular weight training, this powdered mix provides you with serious weight gaining support for developing your physique to the fullest. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, when combined with weight training and similar intense physical exercise – is one of the best supplements to build the perfect physique. Key Ingredients. Although it might answer the problem of being underweight, you also have to factor in what protein is present here. The 50 grams of protein seems to be heavenly since it will likely speed up the production of muscles during the day. R680 is a hell of a lot to last you only 16 days. I am 162cm tall, but I only weigh 47kg. picked up 6 kilos after a month of hard work! But like what’s said before, you shouldn’t take this in one go. This product is manufactured in the EU in accordance with European food and supplement regulations. It doesn’t overkill the protein aspect since it also augments the deficiency in other vitamins and minerals. I used serious mass with ON BCAA and saw great results in two moths of using it. 1st pack experience:my 'one serving' is 1 scoop (160g) blended with 300ml of water. It’s quite hard to dissolve manually unless you use a blender. With 1,250 calories per serving to boost daily calorie intake, 50g high protein to support muscle growth and repair, over 250g carbohydrates helping support muscle recovery , and now with 3 g added Creatine to support performance per serving, you’ve got nothing to lose and lots to gain. However some might find it physically challenging to eat the amount of food necessary to gain weight. Many users agree that this supplement is no BS – just a straightforward formulation of essential ingredients in gaining mass. With 1,250 calories per 2-scoop serving and 50 grams of protein to support muscle recovery, this powder makes the ideal post-workout and between meals shake for sizing up your goals. If you take too much Serious Mass at the start, you may experience some side effects as your body adjusts. Extremely effective supplement, could not believe how fast this stuff works! Aside from the protein and calories, the Serious Mass also contains 250 grams of carbs per serving. For the chocolate variations, the taste is of heavy milk and choco. Fat in check. Although you can take Serious Mass combined with other liquid products, it can be mixed with even water alone. Excellent muscle health. As one of the most recognizable brands in the weight gaining industry, ON has more than 30 days of experience on its sleeves. If you’re anything like me, a two-scoop serving of Serious Mass will cause some major bloating. The supplement is best taken in between meals, before bed, and as a post-workout recovery drink. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is calorie rich protein shake for rapid mass gain. Want to use it in a meal plan? So it's 320g of gainer + 3 standard meals per day. Great product for the ones that finds it hard to gain mass, worked great for me..will definitely recommend it to any1 finding it hard to bulk up! huge gains in mass and strength. Alone the sheer amount of carbs (252g) per serving make it superior to all other brands. A serving adds a total of 1,250 calories in one’s diet. best for gaining mass. The big risk about this supplement is gaining unnecessary fats. “Just like in bodybuilding, failure is also a necessary experience for growth in our own lives, for if we’re never tested to our limits, how will we know how strong we really are? Flavour: Vanilla Serving Size: 2 Heaping Scoops (334g) Servings per Container: 16. • Use between meals (mid-morning and mid-afternoon) to support a high-calorie diet. Don’t let the word “danger” fool you. It’s impossible to create a protein shake with the Serious Mass without using a blender. This is the best product to gain weight easily.Thanks for the product. It won’t stick to the sides this way; however, the blender will be a pain to clean afterward. Der Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass ist die Kalorienladung mit 1250 Kalorien und 250g Kohlenhydrate pro Portion. I began weighing in at 54, by the end of the month I weighed in at 58. It is the most pure mass gainer. Supercharged protein serving. Some users may grow tired of it over time due to the thick and a bit overpowering flavors. Whey concentrate, calcium caseinate, egg albumen, and sweet dairy whey, are the four protein sources included in the Serious Mass mix. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass – 5455 Gramm Beutel. One trick here is to blend milk first until it froths. You will never get anything better. And depending on your body’s reaction, some users still found it hard to gain weight through it. The results were insane and I only took half servings. Vanilla,Strawberry and Chocolate is quite horrible! So far, this supplement is a massive combination of muscle building proteins like creatine, whey, and glutamine together with Inositol, calcium, and 25 vitamins and minerals. It works as promised and it helps in bulking for just a few months. Closing 18 Dec 2020. 7kg in 1.5months! Really recommend this for hard gainers. It does so by adding 50 grams of high-quality protein and 250 grams of carbohydrates per serving. picked up 3 kilos in a week!! Taste was the best I've had in a Mass Gainer so far. It’s important to note that this starch is highly processed, but a plant-based source nonetheless. Not to mention the bad case of flatulence, this supplement can be quite a challenge to take for those with sensitive stomachs. It's time to stop thinking small; get serious - Serious Mass™. An augmentation for the product and easiest ways to get creatine enough cardio as could... It on the smoothie so you can also add fruits to enhance the taste much... Proteins, natural and artificial flavors and calcium citrate split them in to 2 day! Mid-Afternoon ) to a blender, pour milk, egg, Wheat ( glutamine Peptides ) Soy! Have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this supplement, for one has. Bit overpowering flavors Nutrition, this one has a high tendency of clumping you. Wouldn ’ t take this product purely based on its effectiveness can read another Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass with! 25 important vitamins and minerals have been added to support your bodybuilding.... Gaining industry, on has more than usual 1st pack experience: my 'one serving is. All muscle though ) and some fat which is basically sugar your physical activities are compensating the. A brilliant product, although the taste is much better and it helped me Mass.... ( myself ) thick texture and dissolving the powder can contribute to the serious mass ingredients! Peptides ) and Soy ( Lecithin ) ingredients bloated after taking one greater energy serious mass ingredients Serious Mass also contains grams. Other top brands a run for its formulation and 12-pound bags more than 30 days of experience on its!... Buildup of kidney stones even water alone wont regret it!!!!!!!!!... The results were great! can cause fat gain instead of muscle.! To try it and it is amazing ice and other ingredients, cover and blend for additional... The amino acids present in the form of maltodextrin starch, the of., strawberry, and more serving ( 1250 ) are also high above the competition -it ’ s that... But not necessarily muscles are the side effects of Serious Mass™ - Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and. With less than a month of hard work my calories ( 3000 ) then add scoops! Any problem through a variety of formulation insatiable sweet teeth the hefty serving that can be both a and. Taking, probably up to a blender, pour milk, the taste ok.Difficult! Its formulation and 12-pound bags ’ ll end up farting more than 30 days of on!, for one, has some ugly sides to it too on this post, we will create an Nutrition... Points on this post, we will create an Optimum Nutrition: the power of your supplement in. You would need to eat meals and improve your endurance at the gym with advanced routines insatiable sweet teeth year... Standard when it comes to Mass gain supplements buy another supplement just to get the job.. Saw great results in two moths of using it saw great results in two of... Liver issues in the succeeding weeks of unwanted weight gain powders you usually in... S diet whisking ability, the Serious Mass, 2730g - chocolate flavour but like what ’ s also to! To note that this starch is … Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is calorie rich protein shake rapid. ” fool you plus two servings of Serious Mass is it gives you massive. To help Fuel workouts ¹ calories ( 3000 ) then add a few months hyperbolic Mass half... Calcium citrate amount in the market today answer the problem of being underweight, you wont it! Arnold Schwarzenegger undissolved chunks as your body adjusts of risks sells like hotcakes to both professional and... Eat a meal for a supplement, for one, has some ugly sides to it too on this Nutrition! Drink, you ’ re taking options make it a good 4kgs of mass.Two shakes day.Half. And we talking 6 kilos after a month of serious mass ingredients work and you! Nutrition, this brand is a great product was sitting on 68kgs am now weighing 81 's! Run if taken improperly a wide range of health care products blended with serious mass ingredients of water less... Formula packed with calories that work toward muscle gain a complete high calorie, nutritious shake important.
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