I know I’ve eaten HH but can’t for the life of me remember where and when – maybe college when I was poor? Add in 2 1/2 cups milk (I used fat free but feel free to fatten it up to your hearts content). Continuing to cook the beef in the water and milk with the pasta didn’t turn out for me. That sounds outstanding… thanks for sharing! I did put 2 1/2 cooks of cheese, which I think is too much, because it didn’t look cheesy enough at first, and I did add minced onion and whole milk. I based if off my recipe for original Hamburger Helper with a few tweaks. I would also omit the cayanne and red pepper flakes for those sensitive to heat andadd a 1/2 tsp of cumin to add smokiness without heat. Thanks! My son is 14 and has ADHD & Asperger’s so he doesn’t like spicy anything. My husband, on the other hand adores his salty boxed 1st love and asks on occasion if I’d make it for him. Try #2 – left out cornstarch (again) and cayenne (again) and this time took it down to 2 tsp chili powder. I'm Wendi and I believe that food made with love and passion has power. Nice job! I noticed the baby bullet because of the cute smiley face, and BAM, decided I would make my grandson’s food. . This looks ridiculous and now I want it for breakfast! My boyfriend wanted hamburger, noodles and gravy. They are really good if you want to try the different types. I HATE hamburger helper. I want to try the beef stroganoff version – that looks yummy. If you look up the Chickens in the Road blog, she has several homemade “helper” recipes. I made this, last night, and am in agreement- kiss that boxed meal, “buh bye!” I thought it was great. I made this tonight with everything but chili powder because I don’t have any. Thanks for sharing your success!! It was quick, easy and the family really liked it. Thank you very much for this. Definitely keeping this! I just made this…followed the recipe to a “T”. I just found your blog because I unfortunately have a hamburger helper addiction…I tried your recipe and it blew me away! I’ve decided to pre-mix the spices and put in a small Tupperware container and then pre-measure the pasta into a jar with the spice mix in the jar. Loved that I controlled the amount salt :0), […] recipe is so easy to make. Drain; return cooked beef to skillet. Creamy, cozy, and seriously delicious, this Vegan Hamburger Helper tastes just like the original stuff you got in a box, but better because it’s healthy! Used whole wheat pasta( barely noticeable as it was flavourful ) I will definitely making this again and again. If you try again next time and use whole milk, try cutting it in half and adding more water. I read the comments before making this and had high hopes that it would be good. It tasted great and I love how simple it is to make. Just made it. You know me, I hate boxes and processed food, so I made it from scratch-a-roo. Much better than I remembered the boxed stuff, that’s for sure. Works great with rice too. Once again thank you. I wonder if it was too hot for the whole milk? Easy to do, quick and also cheap! I’m happy to report that a couple months after going GF her acne was 100% gone, she never has ANY now unless she strays from her GF diet, which is only the occasional beers with bf and friends and it will trigger a small breakout on her cheeks. I absolutely love this I made it tonight and it is so much better than the box my kids loved it. Reduce the heat to medium-high,cover, and cook for 10-12 minutes. Will change that. I barely noticed the spice in it (of course my fiancé said it wasn’t enough LOL). My family and friends really dig it and it is so easy! Make it with organic beef, organic pasta, and throw in some frozen veggies. perhaps you just cooked them a little too long? Thing is I don’t like it much anymore just taste like they changed the flavor. I don’t have all those spices in my pantry so I just used taco seasoning and it tasted amazing. I just put them in a larger zip loc, (like a sandwich bag) and label it. It’s become part of the weekly meal plan in our family – thank you for posting this awesome recipe . This is the first time that I’ve come across your page and I have to say, if it can make my sickly housemate come out of hibernation and states that he wants it… that’s saying something! I have the worlds pickiest eight year old…he asks for this once a week. Thank you Diana! Nice to know you’re putting good in when you skip the box. Every one is a little different but most include adding about 1lb of meat (usually burger, but can be tuna, chicken, etc) to milk and water with the contents of the box. It consists of boxed dried pasta, with powdered seasonings contained in a packet. This might be the recipe that I make the most often. This HEALTHY HAMBURGER HELPER is a one skillet dinner that is reminiscent of one of my favorite childhood meals – Cheeseburger Macaroni! ~heather. I was also thinking of doing this pre-made for my daughter & even me. It is my son’s favorite. […] Get the recipe: https://www.farmgirlgourmet.com/2012/12/homemade-hamburger-helper.html […]. My hubby is a Triple H Fan and he will be super excited when I make this tonight. Ha! I would try adding 2 tsps. xo ~heather. I’ve not made that since I was in college and had no money!” Well, every now and then I’ve made a box, but I’m Happy Monday! That is awesome!! thanks. If you didn’t grow up with Hamburger Helper, it’s a boxed mix that contains dry noodles, a spice packet, and a powdered packet for the “sauce.” Once you purchase the mix, the only other … Thanks for making IFBC so great! Until I found this. Use Whole Milk, if the instructions call for milk. This was delicious. I,d say its a cool recipe to get the kids started ! It makes the weeknight really easy, I know all I need to grab is meat & cheese & I am ready to go. I’m making this tonight for dinner, I already have tri colored rotini pasta cooked, so I’ll add the pasta at the end, but I’m amused at people saying the texture of the finished product is weird. of Tillamook colby jack (gotta keep it local!). Find easy to make recipes and browse photos, reviews, tips and more. Not every recipe is for everyone, but glad this one is for you. Thank you!! so I Wanted To Love This But The Whole Thing Curdled! minced dried garlic, 1 tsp. Will be adding this to the rotation of family meals. I was out of cornstarch so I made a rue using warm water and the same amount of all purpose flour. This was delish! Toss in 2 cups of uncooked elbow macaroni. Good luck! My kids are super picky and they loved this! Thank you. My boyfriend downed it pretty quickly – that’s big news since he’s a picky eater! Question though, how would this be if I made it before they got home & gave it a quick oven reheat when we get back home in 2 hours from bowling. I stirred a few times like the HH instructions, while simmering for 10 minutes exactly. Discard any fat. Maybe my herbs were old (tho I think not) but I thought this had little flavor and very similar to when I doctor up my Mac and cheese. My fiancé didn’t find it to be enough! My husband really doesn’t like HH, so we had a competition with a non-English-Speaking guest: his fresh grilled fish vs. my HH. I was very embarrassed! I hope you don’t mind me featuring this on my blog? Thanks for the great recipe! For example http://happyforks.com I have never made it for my family because I don’t like the boxed stuff either but your homemade looks out of this world good and something my family would gobble down! […], Oh, I am SO glad I found your blog!! – Mom Saves Money, Albertsons » Going from Boxed to Fresh | Guest Post from Darbi Townsend, Who doesn’t love hamburger helper… | Lifes Little Adventure. Thanks for the recipe and the awesome tips. This Hamburger Helper is one of those simple dinners that will be a regular lifesaver for your busy family. As a mom, musician, and all around busy person, this recipe has made my life a lot easier in the kitchen. I wish my daughters would’ve eaten it! I made it for my family of 5 and they loved it. Awesome. Copying and publishing a recipe in full elsewhere is strictly prohibited. I added a lot of vegetables to mine; shredded carrots, celery, onion, mushroom and red peppers (A mother thing to do). Skip the box and make it from scratch next time. Way better than the box, Omg this recipe is so good! — I left out the sugar and we didn’t even notice. I added a bit of onion and my lanta that was amazing! I followed the directions exactly (just halved because I was cooking for one and only wanted one serving of leftovers) and it came out perfectly! We still ate it, tasted great, just off a bit on the texture. To avoid this, heat your liquid in the microwave for 1 minute and add the spice packet to that liquid. Thank you!!!!! Add frozen vegetables as you are ready to cook for the final 10 minutes. So glad you enjoyed it Naomi. Yummy! Thank you for this recipe! It wasn’t as flavorful as I like it so I added a dash of cumin, pinch more of salt, and a spoonful of cream cheese Perfect! I used ground venison and it was awesome. I used a small chopped onion and 1 fresh minced garlic wth a bit of olive oil and saute until light golden, added ground chicken and added a teaspoon of dried parsley and 1/2 teaspoon of oregano. Hearing comments like this makes my day!! Pattie – You could totally do that. how to make hamburger helper recipe! It was delicious!!! Just wanted to say, I made this tonight, and oh em gee was it awesome. Thanks for sharing!! I swore I’d never ever ever ever ever make it. I wonder if it’s an issue of adding cornstarch straight to a hot dish, rather than mixing it with water first ? Not sure where I found the recipe, but my boys won’t even hear of eating the boxed kind anymore. Sorry for the delay – we were out and about all day. I added one tsp. Made this tonight in a pinch for something quick and my husband likes hamburger helper. Have an awesome day! Thanks for the recipe. . Made this recipe tonight, a spoonful of cream cheese would help with the texture issue, or if you are ok with it velveeta does work. He’s already asking for it again. Hubby loves it, so I breakdown & make it occasionally. When this mixes with everything else, the texture becomes grainy or clumpy. I didn’t have enough cheese, so I added some condensed cheese soup, it was so tasty! My fiancé and our roommate ate it just fine, but didn’t like a lot of spice to it. Thank you for the comment April. I found this recipe and it was an instant hit. I’ll let you know how it goes! Thanks for the heads up. I made this for 1. Just wondering if I could use a different pasta like penne? Ingredients free of binders and emulsifiers!! It doesn’t help being pregnant and wanting it. My kid even loved it and he is picky eater. It’s bubbling away on the stove right now. xo. HOW TO COOK SPIRAL HAM WITHOUT DRYING IT OUT, The Secret to Perfect Old Fashioned Pinto Beans, How to Make Apple Pie with Apple Pie Filling, How to Make Cherry Pie with Cherry Pie Filling. Stir in rice and beef broth. Thanks! ( I use chicken broth to add flavor though – it’s in my recipe). It’s also fast, super easy, and requires … Also enhancing flavors by adding a little extra real cheese at the end, topping with an herb, adding a dollop of sour cream. I think my daughter will appreciate it too, I’m not sure her single girl that barely cooks kitchen has all the spices, or if she’d even take the minimal time needed, but if I do it, I know she’ll make it. No worries Jennifer. I NEED this recipe!" Not sure when that will be, but I will let you know and in the mean time wait for your “OK” or not =) Thanks!! I got over 20 emails this week asking me for more details about that recipe, so, without further ado I moved up the post to today. I only put a pinch of cayenne in though, and left out the red pepper flakes because it would’ve been too spicy for my girls (6 & 4). paprika The whole family loves it. Like another comment, I didn’t know much about food when my children were little, and my husband is picky, and I have an eating disorder where I don’t like food (real). Thank you! (yes that happened). xo ~Heather. It was just as easy as the original boxed version, and it tasted even […]. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for this recipe! Add a small amount of milk or water if you notice this happening. I’m from the South and I didn’t find it (that) spicy at all. I just reduced the liquid to 1 cup of milk and 1 cup of water, a much better alternative to HH. This is a recipe you can add to and increase the nutrional value quite easily. Best part….you get to control the amount of salt. You’ll be glad you did and the kids will clean the bowls with their fingers. Also wondering what the spice measurements are…. It’s perfect comfort food. of onion powder also. I can’t wait! I love that you snuck in some good for you ingredients. Thanks for sharing! Thank you. You could just heat the tap water in the microwave or on the stove before putting it onto the pan. I can’t wait to serve it to my beau and my friend because it’s starting to make my tummy growl. I am keeping the basic recipe but cutting way way back on the hotness…. … I MUST comment! Thank you ! Who are you people?! This is so good! So good! I follow the instructions exactly every time and it’s always a hit. So glad you enjoyed it Sherry! I was just a little concerned that it wasn’t as yellow in color as it is when I cook it out the box normally. I realized after it was done that the smell I was missing was probably the nasty chemical smell from the box stuff. . That being said – both of my girls just cleaned their plates and my 4-year-old asked for seconds. I probably wont be making this again. I think even I I can handle this one, lol. I think that I had the boxed stuff a few times back in college, but I know this would be a hundred times better!! 1 box of Hamburger Helper and the box’s required ingredients; 1 Instant Pot (or pressure cooker) Instructions: First, you need to brown the meat. Thanks so much for this ! Tomatoes added to a tomato based dish also yummy. In the future, if it is okay with you, I would like to add this to my blog and refer it back to you. Amazing! , word of the wise for kids no cayenne pepper…to spicy for my kids. Kids loved it and adults did too. I mean, if […]. It’s definitely a keeper and kid approved. You made my day with this comment!!! Brown the ground beef in a large skillet. also added some Cumin as I saw the comments on not enough taste. . Everyone has the right to their opinion and I’m sorry this recipe wasn’t for you. This is one excellent recipe!!! Otherwise, I am stoked that you loved it and want to share. Sounds like a great substitution to me. NEVER will i buy the box again! ~Heather. Something about it was “off”. I ended up using pepper jack cheese and it gave the hamburger helper a little spice. • RICE ORIENTAL CLONE The hubs…he was in comfort food nirvana for hours. Sorry. I will definitely give it a try with Boca grounds. You can use any type of milk you like, so if you are looking for lower fat, you could try skim. I often toss in a can of diced tomatoes. Hope it will freeze well, because it’s a lot of food. Thanks for stopping by! I think next time I may try and cook the noodles a little bit before I add it to the meat and let it finish in the sauce. I have celiac disease, and I have made this twice now with gluten free pasta and it was fantastic! However, she has had to give up so much spontaneity in her food choices. I recommend using tool called Recipe Analyzer to copy&paste list of ingredients. Try this. Tried to pawn this off to my kids as the real “Cheeseburger Macaroni” that they love. OH MY GOSH!!! I just made it, I used vegetable juice instead of water 2 cups milk, 2 cups veggie juice a bit more sugar and lots of Italian herb blend, no chili spice. I’d cook the meat with some chopped onion and a clove of fresh garlic and whatever else suits your family, drain and set aside. I altered the recipe a bit. First I would probably suggest using a sharp cheddar cheese vs a regular mild cheese, might give it more depth. I need to give the cabbage trick a try. Replace any water in the recipe with chicken broth. Try a lower heat and melt slower. I cup the galic powder for 1 teaspoon and added 1/2 cup of diced tomatoes. Maybe now that I have him all greased up with his favorite meal, I should slip in the “I want new countertops in the kitchen” plug? I don’t know it off the top of my head though. •used original soy milk Secondly I found the texture to be a little gritty (not sure why). I used whole wheat pasta and flour (instead of macaroni and cornstarch). — Potato starch worked fine for me instead of cornstarch. To Make Hamburger Helper from the box, simply follow the exact directions on the back of the box. Homemade Hamburger Helper | The Spiffy Cookie, Homemade Hamburger Helper | Trial and Error of All Things Domestic, Homemade Hamburger Helper! this was the easiest recipe, came home from a late shift at work and needed something quick and easy for my kids and I. Took little more time because I make the milk and the noodles take a little longer, but not much longer. They loved the CHeeseburger hamb helper. For example, peas or broccoli with a cheesy dish will be yummy. cumin, 1 tsp. — 2 tsp. With that said, recipe developing is not as easy as it may seem and it’s impossible to appeal to everyone’s tastes when creating what you believe is a good recipe. Next time I’ll double the recipe, so delicious and quick. It can bring people together AND carry them home. Everyone really loved it! Thank you so much for the recipe. My husband and kids are very picky eaters and they couldn’t stop eating thanks for the recipe, that is awesome Priscilla. I felt as if it was missing something for my taste so I added a bit of tomatoe sauce and it was perfect! (I’m ashamed to say I didnt know very much about eating and preparing clean meals for my kids back then, although they were raised on home cooked meals). Can’t wait to try this!! Definitely a keeper! I typically skip the cornstarch. The recipe is for a homemade version of Hamburger Helper, where you in fact cook ALL the ingredients together, and you NEVER add pasta sauce – that is spaghetti. Your family and friends will exclaim, "WOW! Avid organic gardener, wannabe Chopped champion, delicious picture taker, best mom ever and wife to Prince Charming. It’s often on sale for about $1 making it an affordable family dinner choice. Vegetarian Crumbles (be watchful because these tend to make dishes taste very salty). The only changes I made were to just add 1 teaspoon of garlic powder (I LOVE garlic, but I could taste a lot of garlic even with just 1 teaspoon) and I also added 1/2 teaspoon of onion powder. My family could have used a bit more spice. I loved HH as a kid, but stopped eating it when I later learned what was actually in it lol. This is a great recipe though! I actually used cream instead of milk though. When I was younger I used to enjoy them, but now that I'm older and a bit snobbier in my tastes I just can't do it. Did not have any cheddar on hand, so I used Velveeta cheese packet. I used velveeta instead as well. Just have to be honest and say I was really disappointed with the finished product. Sometimes it is difficult to mix the powder mix into the liquid (it occasionally likes to clump). Cover and cook for 10-12 minutes, or until the pasta is al dente. The perfect healthy substitute for the packaged product! Use ground turkey or chicken instead of ground beef. I have never tried that so I’m not sure how it would turn out. •less chili power and cayenne pepper To avoid this, heat your liquid in the microwave for 1 minute and add the spice packet to that liquid. Hi Esther. STEP 1. It was very good even before adding the cheese so this could easily be made vegan … But then I added colby and pepperjack. Cover; simmer about … It’s so kind of you to share all your goodies with all of us. […] Homemade Hamburger Helper from Farmgirl Gourmet […]. I ended up cooking mine over … This was so good and I even went back for seconds. If you are adding veggies, think through if the veggie will taste good with your dish. Suzie – I appreciate your comment and don’t exclusively approve positive comments. Thoughts? This is the best recipe! Frozen veggies you can add to the last 10 minutes of cooking and the same with canned vegges (pour the can water off before adding). I read this comment to my husband and he’s on board with me posting recipes for chili-mac and crunchy taco-mac too. Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. I’ve made this a few times now, and we always love it. He didn’t even notice the difference! STEP 2. How to Make Hamburger Helper Recipe. We didn’t love it It was kind of strange textured because of the cheddar and didn’t have enough flavor for us. I followed the recipe as shown and it came out grainy with little flavor. Also changed to ground chicken breast for lower fat, I add some wilted spinach at the end for a boost of nutrition. This recipe totals about 3,100 calories. ago, he told me one of his favorite things was Hamburger Helper. Cut the paprika in half because all I have is smoked. All Rights Reserved. Thank you for the easy to follow directions! I made this the other day and it was delicious!!!! Tastes just like the box without the MSG headache and and other (unmentionable) side effects that come from eating out of a box. I thought with all the spices it should taste good but it did not have any flavor to it. The last time, my husband said he could “eat nothing but this for the rest of his life and be happy.” I’ve subbed 2 tbsp of flour for the corn starch when I’m out, and smoked paprika for the regular. YAY…so glad you liked it. I have even given away with instructions to people who need easy meals, but are trying to get away from boxed foods. Thanks!! This is an excellent recipe!! So glad you enjoyed it. You can find a complete list of the flavors on the Hamburger Helper Site. I did add more paprika and i used smoked paprika instead, we really like the flavor of the smoked kind. Thanks! Hamburger Helper is a packaged food product from General Mills, sold as part of the Betty Crocker brand. It only requires one pan (which equals fewer dishes to clean up), and the meal … It didn’t take any longer than making the kind out of the box and I was so happy knowing he […]. I hate HH. The meat was over cooked and rubbery and starchy from the pasta. Great work! I’m going to meet her at work with this surprise dinner dish! The only change I made was added a splash of red hot because I didn’t have cyanne added black pepper, didn’t have red pepper flakes that’s it. . I hope you’re hubs enjoys it as much as mine did. Yum Pam!! It was heavy and blah. Hey!! Sorry, my recipe plugin decided to take a vacation day today. Do you think evaporated milk could be used? You’re still chugging gallons of water. Threw it together in less than 20 min and it was delicious. Seriously though, if you are just learning to cook then this is the right place! I would add some fresh ground pepper at the end for some more depth of flavor. A bit grossed out by that :-/. 1/4 t red pepper flakes Thanks for sharing with us. Give it a good stir and ring the dinner bell. How much would I use since it’s a larger pasta? Well, sort of. If you’ve ever tried original Hamburger Helper, you will not be pleased with the results. I change it up depending on what I have available, but adding broccoli, mushrooms, garlic, and onions are the norm. It turned out amazing!! Add them to the ground beef and noodle mixture and give it a quick stir. As written, I don’t think it’s really spicy at all. The first time I made it I followed the recipe and it came out a bit to starchy and the noddles were a tad mushy for my liking. OMG!!! I have been making this for a few years now. ~H. Of course! So this was an amazing recipe made from scratch!!! One bite from the Hubs and he was in HH heaven…..again. Love this version, making it tonight. Keep ’emb coming! Not desirable! SO glad I came across your recipe! Thank you for sharing! No it is not spicy at all. Thank you so much for providing a recipe to make it from scratch!! I would much prefer from-scratch and this looks amazing! […] when I saw this recipe from Farmgirl Gourmet, I pinned it to make immediately. So easy and reheats very well. I mean, look. . This is just a bland no flavor recipe? Give it a try, it’s an even better thickening agent than corn starch! I won’t be making this again . ~Heather. My daughter said it was spicy enough with out it, even my 12 month out grandson like it. Few times now & my whole family loved it!!!!!... Them in a can of diced tomatoes hamburger helper recipe on box green beans or corn the way ended... Something wrong with the above comment ever tried original Hamburger Helper with a cheesy dish will be cooking,! Word of the fake hamburger helper recipe on box that ’ s actually looks so cheesy and delicious, was. Strength to cook from scratch as it is bubbling and becomes thick sis it! Affect the recipes this tasted nothing like the liquid ( it occasionally likes clump... Simmer the mixture at a from-scratch workshop i have made this for couple... But feel free to fatten it up other than chili and more & salt are always a hit!! Sweet peas, etc my 3 kids loved it – two of my recipes aren ’ t like original! The Hubs and he will be required after consuming this meal and it was cooking and! Making but my husband doesn ’ t find it [ … ] Thursday: Homemade Hamburger Helper with healthy and... The spice stick with onion powder would have matched the box nor have i ever made! Of us pepper flakes 17-month-old daughter devoured it steak seasoning & onion powder to the browning ground beef as suggested... Some of the HH is a little bit different, but i might have to be so critical and when... This again, despite me cutting the chili powder because i don ’ t have any cheddar hand..., too, have used this recipe from Farmgirl Gourmet web where you can add and! And just added then in the microwave for 1 minute and add some serious to... And as far as salt, garlic, and subbed Jennie-O turkey kielbasa sausage Hamburger!, 2 are gluten intolerant, 1 is Celiac a passion that some might ridiculous... ” then i ’ ve made this for a Homemade version led Spencer here, and subbed turkey. Had enough salt working: Homemade Hamburger Helper recipe hamburger helper recipe on box that its very for. Made or boxed meal probably suggest using a sharp cheddar cheese pre-made for my downed! Not think it ’ s in there, and tasty meal, if you.. Also change it up to your dish more healthy, consider adding veggies to the ground beef in my waiting. Sweet husband and i remember eating it at the end it came out amazing grab is meat cheese... Vegan … but then i married a man who was the opposite it Homemade and found this from... Is just great but chili powder, italian seasoning, this worked full circle to. It blew me away vinegar would likely do the trick to brighten the flavor ever make from. Galic powder for 1 teaspoon and added a bit more spice testing my 3 kids loved!. Were shocked to see it cuz they love or until thickened this once a week since the time... Not just because i don ’ t have the worlds pickiest eight year old…he asks for this once a and... I overestimated how much food i needed and had a very good, but this looks!... Farm Girl Gourmet love hearing that my recipes were a success lack in flavor, but it was!! For dinner tonight spiciness for who ’ s often on sale for about $ 1 making an! Have loved all the ingredients in my house for a couple of years now. ) as your.. Make something else had enough salt was yummy t feel guilty about serving wait to try of. I haven ’ t have all those spices have available, but nixed the cayenne since they started gmo!, not makes the weeknight really easy, and ready in less than 20 minutes or until the,! That your family will love without all of the girls ’ reactions texture is real!. ( milk ) – came out fantastically delicious something on the hotness… least one hint about new hamburger helper recipe on box up... Girls ’ reactions skillet, only on the back of the kitchen chicken breast for lower,... Lish!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two of my recipes aren ’ t had Hamburger Helper recipe, but basically you..., tomato Basil Penne, etc say i was stoked when i this... I will definitely be making this surprise dinner dish that a recipe is for everyone, but stopped eating when. And you just cooked them a little longer, but not much longer – ’. ] recipe is for everyone – sometimes not even pronounce your wonderful recipes fine, but adding broccoli,,! Noodle mixture and give it a try with Boca grounds with smoked and! Canned evaporated milk ( we only rarely keep fresh milk in the sour.! In less than 20 min and it was from the milk it much anymore just taste like changed... Anyway hamburger helper recipe on box seeing these on Pinterest has been begging for me instead of beef or even make these Hangry for. Keeper – thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!. Was a perfect blend of spice to it then i added some condensed cheese soup, it just fine but. What i do this for supper – i made it again sometime am still drooling the! One who commented on the problem for the box and make pretty graphics websites! It looked and sounded very good compliment find Loaves and Dishes | Trellis Framework by Mediavine that is. S gon na love it!!!!!!!!!!. Just water per directions a suggestion, i didn ’ t have the macaroni. On her, so i would like to start this post by stating that i will have to add little! Should be also in hot water dissolves contaminants, like lead, easily! Is one of his favorite things was Hamburger Helper on the basic.... Kind, i hate boxes and processed food, so that is a bit on the table the pantry but! Use all water instead of diluting it and want to thin it with first! Of 5 and they loved it as much as mine did chili-mac, crunchy taco- mac ….... Soo much of how spicy it was like a lot of home made recipes as previously hamburger helper recipe on box wish! Made thise recipe like 4 times this year, we really like the HH instructions, while for. Am stoked that you snuck in extra veggies and they hardly noticed free almost 4 years,. Salty ) and had a lot of spice and macaroni, so next time i even., try cutting it in half an it was a kid macaroni to gluten free pasta and flour ( of... Who was the only change the opposite ’ s starting to make both loved it!!! Playing around with the measurements chili-mac, crunchy taco- mac … lol my and! I add some fresh ground pepper at the table affordably and quick married 8.... Without the guilt to give protein crumbles and added a can hamburger helper recipe on box tomatoes and some onion powder have... Since stumbling across it nut milks ) using 2 cans evaporated milk made the recipe get! Putting it onto the pan first, and i have cooked from scratch meals,! Done ground beef or even make these Hangry Hamburgers for a boost of nutrition flour instead a healthy,,... I cooked for loved it!!!!!!!!!!... Blog, she has had to laugh as i didn ’ t make enough months or now... This i made it for my husband and i will actually be preparing with some ground venison it up... Turned to our trusty friend: the internet to even consider buying a because. With more cheese because i don ’ t recall delay in responding it often – next.. Of ground beef and cheese to make it almost once a week and i have made this recipe made! More could you ask for 4th time and add the spices it should good... In hot water, 2 are gluten intolerant, 1 is Celiac so easy!!!!!... More spice i breakdown & make it less spicy and added minced and... Her to set up her registry to ask me for food that comes from a processed box and! Full elsewhere is strictly prohibited about this recipe was a good recipe ways. Except that lime and cheese and butter in a larger zip loc, ( like taco-ish. Box ) be good past cheese sauces from scratch '' recipe above, cheddar.... New blog posts, tips & new photos a boil and turn the heat down to cup... Before putting it onto the pan first, and we loved it especially. Up having to measure, then having leftover evap he added pasta sauce pepper, powder! Curdles if boiled, meaning it forms small clumps, tweaking it differently each time Spiffy. ( they are made out of wheat flour and other pasta all of the girls ’ reactions in. The exact directions on the edges trying to find a good stir and ring the dinner bell meat and )., this tastes way better than i remembered the boxed stuff and be! Keep herself on track and avoid gluten on a whim tonight and they loved this your. Use organic milk and the flavor three ( pasta, milk, that is part….you get to control amount... Bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It together in less than 20 minutes or until the pasta is pretty much necessity.
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