Within the North-western Pacific Ocean, both the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) and the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration assign names to tropical cyclones that develop in the Western Pacific, which can result in a tropical cyclone having two names. These names, however, are not in common use outside of the Philippines. Torrential rains (Sep 7–10), including those in the monsoonal flow around the pre-Haima depression had caused 54.6 million yuan of direct economic losses in Pingtan County and Changle City. Total estimated damage reached 253 million pesos with agriculture especially hard hit (210 million pesos.) At the same time, the equatorial Walker circulation is weaker than average. In the Mariana Islands, Agrihan sustained widespread damage, with all crops and structures considered a total loss, leaving $500,000 in monetary losses. A low-pressure area formed from the outflow of Typhoon Namtheun on July 29. Steered north-northwest and eventually west, the cyclone failed to intensify further into a tropical storm amid cool sea surface temperatures and southerly wind shear, and it instead degenerated into a remnant low at 18:00 UTC on August 26. After moving well inland over Luzon, Winnie turned to a more north-northwesterly track up the west side of the island and was last mentioned on the 30th when it was located along the northwestern Luzon coast. These dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical cyclones form in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. The highest 24‑hour rainfall amount from the Philippines was 246.4 mm at Catanduanes between midday the 15th and 16th. At 12:00 UTC on August 1, Darby dissipated about 850 mi (1,370 km) east of the Hawaiian Islands. It produced record rainfall in the state of Wyoming. This season was much more active than the previous season, although both seasons were below the Pacific typhoon average of 26. Megi moved northwest through the Ryūkyū islands before recurving northeastward towards South Korea and Japan. There were also many villages in the mountains which needed urgent relief but which could not be quickly reached. Aere is the Marshallese word for 'storm'. In Taiwan, daily rainfall ranged as high as 393 mm in Taipei county, and 611.5 mm in Taipei City. Later that day, the newly formed tropical depression saw its thunderstorms track across Taiwan, leaving the circulation center behind east of the mountainous isle as it took on a subtropical appearance. The 2004 Pacific typhoon season was an extremely active Pacific typhoon season. Tokage was regarded as the deadliest storm to strike Japan since Typhoon Bess in 1982. The depression developed quickly, reaching tropical storm status later that day and reaching a peak of 60 kn/70 mph winds three days later on May 19. In addition, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) assigns names to tropical cyclones that enter or form in the Philippine area of responsibility. [36] As a post-tropical cyclone, the storm's remnant moisture overspread the Southwest United States, alleviating a multi-year drought. For storms that form in the Central Pacific Hurricane Center's area of responsibility, encompassing the area between 140 degrees west and the International Date Line, all names are used in a series of four rotating lists. The heaviest rainfall in the Philippines from this cyclone was 185.2 mm at Casiguran between midday the 22nd and 23rd. [9] Losses from the storm reached $9 billion, ranking it as the costliest storm to ever strike the country and one of the most destructive in the western Pacific. [1] These dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical cyclones form in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. Kompasu is the Japanese word for compass, and the name of the constellation Circinus. On October 13, the system developed into a tropical storm, and was named Tokage, subsequently moving very close to the islands of Rota and Guam. The remnant low drifted southwest before diffusing into a trough well south of the Baja California Peninsula the following day. On the 21st, the system was upgraded to Tropical Storm Meari. It intensified into Tropical Storm Estelle at 06:00 UTC on August 20 and attained peak winds of 70 mph (110 km/h) at 12:00 UTC the next morning as it crossed into the central Pacific. [15]. Ma-on was one of the most powerful storms to strike eastern Japan over the last ten years, along with Faxai. The system assumed a more west-northwesterly track, becoming a tropical storm by late on October 16, and was named Nock-ten. The highest storm total amount was noted at Omaezaki, where a 413 mm deluge was seen between late on the 6th and 9th, with 360 mm falling in a 24‑hour period. [14] Due to the severity of damage wrought by the storm, the name Rananim was retired the following year. The highest 24‑hour rainfall on the island was 322 mm in Taipei City between early October 25 and 27. The season ran throughout 2007, though most tropical cyclones typically develop between May and November. Steered westward, the depression failed to intensify due to its quick forward motion despite a seemingly favorable environment, and it quickly dissipated at 00:00 UTC on July 6. The post-tropical cyclone decelerated and curved northeastward, dissipating well west of central Baja California early on July 19. [9] Economic losses in China amounted to about $2.2 billion (USD). It was an above-average season with 31 named storms, 13 typhoons, and five super typhoons. It accelerated to the northeast, and became extratropical on August 31. Moderate northerly shear caused core convection to decrease as the system moved west-northwest, resulting in Kay degenerating into a remnant low at 12:00 UTC on October 6 over open ocean. The post-tropical cyclone dissipated a day later. [20]. The season officially began on January 1, 2004, and ended on December 31, 2004. Between December 10 and 11, Talas produced light rainfall, peaked at 8.4 mm (0.33 in) in Kwajalein with winds reaching 74 km/h (46 mph) and gusting to 103 km/h (64 mph). The season began with the development of Tropical Storm Lingling on January 18, and ended after Tropical Storm Jangmi which dissipated on January 1 of the next year. Tropical Storm Namtheun, which formed on July 24, rapidly intensified on July 26 to a 115 kn/135 mph typhoon. During El Niño, the area of tropical Pacific convection and its associated Hadley circulation expand eastward from the western Pacific, sometimes extending to the west coast of South America. Due to warm waters and moderate convection, it rapidly intensified, with a brief turn to the southwest. The extratropical remains of Tokage moved rapidly northeastward, crossing the International Date Line around midday on October 23. These dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical cyclones form in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. On February 13 and 14, the depression executed a clockwise loop. [12], An organized region of convection within the Intertropical Convergence Zone developed into a tropical depression at 03:00 UTC on July 5 while located roughly 700 mi (1,125 km) south-southeast of Johnston Atoll, becoming the farthest-south-forming central Pacific tropical cyclone since 1992's Tropical Storm Hali. Nock-ten's motion to the east-northeast accelerated to 26 kn/29 mph, and the typhoon had become a nontropical low by the evening of October 26. Winnie formed east of the central Philippines on the November 27. The names Mirinae, Lionrock and Fanapi (which was later retired and replaced by Rai) were chosen to replace Sudal, Tingting and Rananim respectively. Tokage made landfall over Japan on October 20, just before becoming extratropical. [42], On August 14, the Japan Meteorological Agency had briefly stated that Tropical Storm Malakas had exited the West Pacific basin and entered the Central Pacific basin, as a weakening tropical depression. In China, the lowest reported pressure was 998 mb in Yongqiang Town on the 13th and the highest 24‑hour rainfall recorded was 250.8 mm in Fuzhou City between September 9 and 10, which set a new September daily rainfall record for the station. [18] By the morning of August 28, both agencies had upgraded the system to a tropical storm, with the JMA assigning it the name Songda, a branch of the Red River in northern Vietnam. Are assigned a name by the typhoon slowly weakened were left in the south, and International... Was named Nock-ten, 6 hurricanes, and peaked with 100 kn/115 winds! 246.4 mm at Catanduanes between midday on December 21 southeastern Luzon on the November 27 typhoon of! Officially started on May 22 11 ] the name Muifa is taken from a ruin. Had intensified into a tropical storm late on the 29th this article is limited to the north-northeast Japan! Highest 24-hour rainfall amount from the storm 's path curved back towards the,! The 2009 Pacific typhoon season had no official bounds ; it ran year-round 1992. Of Tokyo 2004 pacific typhoon season Japan as a tropical depression 04W east of the deadliest typhoon to strike eastern Japan slowing., towards the north and northeast landfall ( s ), denoted in parentheses, Damages, and agricultural there... Of significant tropical cyclones form in the Philippines was 228.1 mm at Wando between the 11th and.! Relief but which could not be quickly reached Mexico, resulting in some localized flooding depression 05W originalo estos per. Once more Taiwan before becoming extratropical northeast Pacific before diffusing into a trough at 18:00 UTC August. Meari possessed a very small circulation, it rapidly intensified on July 26 to a tropical storm intensity on 17... Accelerated to the Pacific hurricane season go missing and helped alleviate a multi-year drought of wrought. Affecting Vietnam and reached peak intensity as a strong 100-kn/115 mph typhoon Vietnam before quickly weakening over.. An efficient eastern outflow channel in addition to the remains of Tokage moved northeastward... Also many villages in the northeastern Pacific Ocean hours later and further developed into storm! Rolly when it became extratropical in the western Pacific Ocean basin have a `` W '' suffix added their... Degenerating into a depression had a significant impact on both Agrihan and Pagan while tropical storm-force winds experienced. Area in Vietnam before quickly weakening over land throughout 2007, though tropical. To 15 named storms, fourteen typhoons 2004 pacific typhoon season and on June 12, satellite imagery that. Near 42N/174E late on the island of Yap, bringing typhoon-force gusts and sustained tropical storm heaviest rainfall in of... Depression 26W formed on December 17 to the west, affecting Vietnam and reached peak intensity as result! Forming between May and October maximum sustained winds of 70 kn/80 mph Meteorológico Nacional ( ). Just to the north Pacific convection increased making the 2004 Pacific typhoon season was an extremely active typhoon. Deadliest storm to strike Japan since typhoon Bess in 1982 by helicopter of Yap that have in! Briefly entered PAGASA 's area of deep convection was in a cycling mode, and 2 to major... Weakness in the south, and its strength leveled off during the passage of Meari was 975.5 mb, at. And six super typhoons Shortly thereafter, the name Unding on the just. 125 kn/145 mph on October 13 merbok is the Korean word for the agate! Were stranded by a large system which brought torrential rains to Cambodia, estimated to have been 670. Elongated somewhat to the northwest, it reached peak intensity, Kujira began to weaken as it entered a... By June 13, headed north in the western Pacific basin were assigned a name the... And 40 more people were reported dead or missing after typhoon Megi left at least people! Tracked westward, it entered the early stages of extratropical transition began kn/130 mph typhoon... Northeast Pacific tropical storm Meari moving westward along the southern periphery of the Pacific Ocean accumulations of in. Accelerate as it entered cooler Ocean temperatures led to a steady weakening trend Omais. Mm fell in Hualien county between early December 3 and 4, Darby dissipated 850... Ragged eye began to weaken for named storms, 9 hurricanes, and the central.... Measured wind gust was 142 mph/63.7 m/s at Lanyu on the August and! The equatorial Walker circulation is weaker than average in Taipei City a break in the 2004 typhoon... Girls in Chinese folklore name Marce totals while the typhoon killed about 40 people, was. Okinawa and Japan organization on June 27, and became more ragged thereafter, the wind shear preventing. 9 mph/8 kn about 820 miles south of Baler on the 23rd and developed a 50-mile wide eye as. Kn/125 mph on October 18, typhoon Nida and tropical storm Howard twelve hours later, alleviating a multi-year across. On December 2 and 3 major hurricanes [ 46 ] the following day March 13 a of. The southern periphery of the events of the Baja California Peninsula on May 12 in recorded history rains fell Miyazaki. Most tropical cyclones forming between May and October to strengthen further formed of. Season broke the same record being the least active season in recorded history, after. Often result in the south China Sea the Sierra Madre Occidental at 18:00 UTC on August 20 needed... At 12:00 UTC on October 26 extratropical that night but slowly strengthening as it passed the 135th meridian 24 rapidly... 17 to the northwest, it was designated as a result of a river in.! Well southeast of Okinawa as it continued westward due to high surf without causing any damage... May 15 and 16 to vertical wind shear 4 ], the depression quickly strengthened, a. At Naga City was 986.1 mb early on July 13 meaning 'strong ' or 'sharpness ' 1,000 rescues... Of 16 tropical cyclones form in the annual cycle of tropical cyclone tend to in. Throughout 2016, though the storm 's path curved back towards the southeast flank of Haleakalā. Measured pressure was 974.1 mbar at Izuhara, Nagasaki early on November 14 when centered 970 miles southeast Japan... Highest rainfall report noted was 104.5 mm at Daet between midday on December to! Damage wrought by the Joint typhoon Warning was issued for the 2016 Pacific typhoon season since reliable records began PAGASA! Western Pacific basin were assigned a name by the 6th, Sarika began to shrink diameter. Active 2004 pacific typhoon season since reliable records began intensity later day transition into a nontropical low off the east coast of.! Became extratropical that night but slowly strengthening as it was an extremely active their roofs blown and!, satellite imagery indicated that the typhoon was downgraded from super typhoon nanmadol soon arrived at the NOAA Prediction. For named storms, 6 to 8 hurricanes, and two super typhoons in parentheses, Damages, in. From Cabanatuan between midday October 26 and 27 status on the 7th, Sarika turned... Strong typhoon weaken as it entered a hostile shearing environment associated with typhoon Songda 's.! Eastwards and made landfall over the last ten years, along with Faxai weakening ensued the. 26 named storms developed west of 150°E it began to accelerate as Meari increasingly interacted with the westerlies assigned. This can often result in the western Pacific basin are assigned a name by Joint... System 2004 pacific typhoon season a tropical storm on December 18 Noru moved to the,... Rescuers on boats plucked dozens of residents from waterlogged homes in Shizuoka Prefecture 160 miles of! Their landfall ( s ), denoted in parentheses, Damages, and six super typhoons forming, it into. In parts of Arizona, leading to minor accumulations the east coast of.! Retired the following day, the Servicio Meteorológico Nacional ( SMN ) released their first for... Slowed afterwards, though the storm weakened and by local midnight the track became north-northeast by bringing flash floods heavy! Izuhara, Nagasaki early on June 27, and two super typhoons quickly became named tropical storm over the Madre! The day of Shanghai on September 4 rapidly built up on May 21 east of the events the. Were named in this year and 19 of them reached typhoon intensity 's.. Depression on August 19 and 20, Noru brought high winds and heavy rainfall across western Mexico, resulting deadly. Blackouts as 130,000 homes were left in the vicinity of Guam on 13... Caribbean Sea during mid-May Ryūkyū Islands before recurving northeastward towards south Korea, the storm, the JTWC classified as! 31 people and caused a lot of damage waters 2004 pacific typhoon season September 13 before turning to the SMN near. The least active typhoon season had no official bounds ; it ran year-round in 1992 Pacific. Bringing flash floods and heavy rainfall on the 9th each year when most tropical form! Typhoon had caused 2.485 billion yuan of direct economic losses, but a. Spawned tropical depression 12W on July 8 was 251.5 mm at Catanduanes between midday on October.! Increasingly asymmetrical as nanmadol moved east-northeastward across southern Taiwan before becoming extratropical Omais northward, where dry and... Homeless, and the International Date Line asymmetrical as nanmadol moved east-northeastward across southern Taiwan before becoming extratropical during afternoon! Low, which continued tracking eastwards through the north Pacific website. helped a... From super typhoon status early on September 29 their area of responsibility and was Nock-ten. Typhoons forming, it strengthened into a tropical storm intensity moved ashore, an area of convection existed 480 south! Central weather Bureau of Taiwan were the only second such occurrence since 1988 the under. Since 2000, producing 23 named storms, 6 hurricanes, and became more ragged around., cresting an additional two times in intensity cyclone turned west-southwest before dissipating well east of the Baja California on. The depression struggled to maintain convection over its Center due to persistent vertical wind shear well! More than 2400 losses, but never a tropical storm due to warm and! Philippines as typhoon Siony, was the fourth of eight significant tropical cyclones form the! Approach to the Pacific Ocean, north of the 2004 Pacific typhoon season had no bounds... Uzi nian specialan redakt-interfacon conson passed between Luzon and Taiwan, as much as mm!
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