Raven objectively understands that she did what needs to be done, but the fact that she just took the brutal beating and her clear overwhelming guilt leads me to think that The 100 just set the stage for Raven's death. In Season 5, after the six year jump, Raven no longer wears her signature red jacket. Lexa commands for all of the Sky People to be locked up. The only way to save him is to get into contact with the Ark. Raven realizes A.L.I.E. As they leave, Raven asks Shaw to remain behind. Clarke is bandaging Raven's arms and Raven calmly thanks her. In Nevermore, Raven awakes and A.L.I.E. Raven says that she and A.L.I.E. Later, Jasper finds Raven unconscious in the medical ward. They would destroy the Nightblood serum already made. She knew that the "cockroach," as she not-so-affectionately called Murphy, would find a way to save everybody because it would also save him. First Appearance Age Sometime later, Raven is awoken by Clarke when Finn awakens. Raven claims no knowledge of how prisoners was locked out of the missile system, but the prisoners don't believe her. Finn arrives at the drop ship, carrying an unconscious Clarke. She tells him that it's not his fault and hugs him with tears in both their eyes. Raven reluctantly goes along with Echo's plan. Portrayed by Raven and Emori find James and Cora dead and the reactor overheating, approaching a nuclear meltdown. Welcome to the world of gray." Octavia decides to replace the gag in Levitt's mouth as she and the others go after Echo. Raven is taken to Niylah's house and tied to the bed. On Clarke's instruction, Raven chooses a planet that she thinks looks fun and enters the symbols given into the Anomaly Stone. Abby wants to use the pills to save Kane but it doesn't stop Raven from worrying. Raven and Jaha watch the scene and smile. She also works to remove Sheidheda from the Flame permanently, which she successfully did. Pike tells them there are thirty-six people there. Raven keeps trying to reach Gina as the assassin clears off the president's desk and triggers a monitor to access the program for Mount Weather's self-destruct feature. They start brainstorming escape plans. Raven comes up with a plan to load all of Wonkru into the transport ship and fly away away before the attack. A.L.I.E. 2. With everyone else compromised, Raven wakes up Diyoza and explains the situation. Bellamy tells her Finn is still out looking for her and they decide to go after Finn. Clarke attempts to move the wall, but removing her helmet and looking around closer, Raven realizes that they are not in a cave but a living organism and the acidic fluid that is dripping around them is digestive enzyme. As primary containment is a high-radiation environment, Nightblood won't be a guarantee but will help. But when they are ambushed by McCreary's henchmen, Shaw comes in to help them fight. However, the armor's file on Clarke causes Raven to realize that Clarke's life is in danger. Raven is tied up in the airlock with the others by Emerson. Raven asks Clarke to tell her she didn't sleep with him while she risked her ass to come down to Earth. The next day, Wick carries Raven into Camp Jaha as they return with the rest of the Sky People. Kane asks Abby what the pressure regulator is for and if there was even a staph infection. out moments before. Killed By In God Complex, Raven observes "Baylis" die. Not including Bellamy Blake, there were 100 Delinquents sent to earth in "Pilot".After 7 deaths and after Raven Reyes's arrival in "Twilight's Last Gleaming", there were 95 Sky People on earth. But hopefully, once they do, The 100 might find some space for Raven and Emori’s supposed best-friendship to truly shine, and for Raven and Echo to … Raven notices pictures of Priya (Delilah's Prime) on the wall, one of which has a motorcycle. In Bitter Harvest, Abby comes to check on Raven and see if she is fit for work. Raven continues learning about the ship and its history. At first, Bellamy is hesitant but then gives in. She has another seizure and starts hallucinating Becca who is a metaphor for Raven's conscience and tells her that she is running out of time and that Raven should start deciding how she wants to die. Abby is about to start the surgery but Raven screams, "STOP." Be better than me." In Rubicon, at Camp Jaha, Clarke asks Raven if Bellamy has checked in yet. I feel it's a 50/50 chance he could die this season coming up. Becca suggested a spacewalk, and will help Raven in the master plan to go up to space so she can enjoy her last moments spacewalking which Raven mentioned that when she was spacewalking "Everything was right.". He hears the sound of drilling and heads down a duct toward the noise and witnesses Dr. Lorelei Tsing drilling into the now-dead Delinquent she had chosen earlier and extracting bone marrow to give to Emerson. At the end of the episode, Murphy goes to Raven telling her that it's time to go and she refuses saying that she is basically slowly dying and that she might as well die doing something she loves, spacewalking. Once Clarke and Abby meet back up at Camp Jaha, Abby tells Clarke that they decided against blowing the radio tower because they're not sure if there are any Ark survivors but they are sure that there are 47 Sky People trapped in Mount Weather. When Raven notices pills on Abby's desk, she takes them away because she is worried about Abby giving into her drug addiction again. Clarke claims that it is, but refuses to help Cadogan due to Bellamy's apparent death and demands that their friends be sent in. However, just before they can escape, McCreary comes in and orders his men to capture Shaw and Raven and take them to the transport ship. In Acceptable Losses, Echo comes to the valley with the defectors from Octavia's Wonkru. Octavia attempts to talk Echo down, understanding her desire for revenge over the loss of Bellamy. In Fog of War, two days after Finn's massacre at Lincoln's village, Raven arrives in the outside bar area of Camp Jaha where Clarke and Murphy are seated. Little Bird (by Nygel)Reyes (by Sinclair, Murphy and Sheidheda)Ms. Though they all want to travel to a different planet, the Anomaly closes behind them and they are left upon an ice field with no sign of an Anomaly Stone to set a new destination. As they leave the room, Clarke realizes that Echo is missing and Hope brushes it off, stating that Echo will catch up which no one believes and Octavia quickly realizes that Echo is getting revenge for Bellamy. Jaha says that they need to get more people to join the City of Light but Raven says that they can't, as Pike has confiscated their chip maker. Afterwards, it was reveleaded that the medicine didn't help and Adria died leaving everyone upset, even Raven had tears in her eyes. 's Cult (former)Resistance Against A.L.I.E.Spacekru Hope suddenly arrives, causing everyone to turn their guns on her before Diyoza reassures them that Hope is not one of the Disciples. In Spacewalker, Clarke arrives at Camp Jaha after speaking with Lexa, the Grounder Commander, who has ordered Finn's death for the massacre of Tondc before their truce with the Sky People can begin. Raven refuses to leave Echo, promising that if Echo releases the bioweapon, she will stay right there and Echo will have to kill her too. She makes some food and goes outside where she gives a speech about friends who are no longer with them. However, Raven discovers that her damaged helmet makes the map too blurry to read and struggles to identify the correct planet from the symbol discovered on the burial shroud. Raven warns that they are 10 degrees from meltdown and must weld faster. While watching the meeting, Raven notices Octavia and mentions that now she knows how the captive Grounder escaped. After they sleep together, Monty barges into their tent acting weird. As Diyoza wonders how, Clarke, Nathan Miller and Raven enter and Clarke and Octavia immediately share a hug. Bellamy tells her it is too late but he ends up recruiting several Delinquents to search the river for the missing radio. Upon discovering it, Monty runs to Raven and they lock the door to prevent Jasper coming in. can delete the kill switch and be unstoppable so they become determined to find it. In The Flock, one of Nikki's demands after taking hostages is that Raven turn herself over so that Nikki can exact her revenge for Hatch's death. 2 in Arkadia. After Wonkru refused to cooperate when they found out that Madi was no longer the Commander, Raven had to turn to the former criminals of the Eligius crew to do the dirty work. Raven attends the meeting where Indra calls for help from Wonkru only to have many abandon them after learning the truth about the Flame. She has gone through so many trials and tribulations and has always overcome them. Raven attempts to use the HUD to find the correct planet, but discovers that it doesn't give names but symbols for each planet with six planets in a network though one is offline. Bellamy lets her go and tells them Jaha deserved to die. Later, Jackson and Abby are going over the data from the wristbands when Abby catches Raven eavesdropping from the air ducts. He then takes it down to a river and tosses it in. To Raven's surprise, Jordan reveals that he got stabbed since they last worked together, causing Raven to apologize for not coming for him sooner. Raven attempts to warn Clarke and Bellamy that A.L.I.E. Raven, possessed by A.L.I.E. In Damocles (Part 2), Raven and Shaw are being tortured by McCreary to pressure one of them to fly the Eligius IV transportation ship and launch the missiles to destroy Wonkru. Cause of Death Raven is later tortured by Grounders when they believe she tried to poison their Commander. Raven tells them how Bellamy shot Jaha and Clarke realizes that is the reason why he took the wristbands. Clarke, Abby, Raven, and several other Sky People hike to Mount Weather to take out the radio tower. Clarke then realizes that she has seen Titus extract an AI before and realizes the key could be extracted in the same way. Clarke yells at Bellamy for what he did and that 300 people will die because of him. As Raven stops, knowing that something is down there, a spider-like creature attacks, chewing at Raven's helmet. Raven and Sinclair chase after the assassin as he runs out the side-door of the Mountain. While the exact ratio is a little unclear, this does match well with time dilation and general relativity. Originally, Raven was supposed to be Finn's 35-year-old mother and appear in the ". He also used to serve in a church as an altar boy. In Demons, in the rover Raven is reading from Becca's journal that Titus gave Clarke and is amazed at what she had achieved. When she returns to the tent she tries to reassure Finn's love for her, by sleeping with him. She cuts open the back of Raven's neck and the AI is taken out. Raven and Sinclair still in the hanger when Clarke warns them to lock the hanger, although she doesn't realize that Emerson is in there. Abby asks Raven to tell Clarke she loves her. Jasper & Monty blow the bomb as Finn carries Raven to safety. Abby wants to blow the radio tower to find out if there are any other Ark survivors but Raven tells her if she does blow the tower then they won't be able to listen to the enemy anymore and that she knows what Clarke would do. After the Disciples, aside from Cadogan, are evacuated from the Stone room, Gabriel explains that the Disciples think that Clarke has the Flame due to seeing Octavia's memory of Clarke using it to destroy A.L.I.E. Lexa approaches and Gustus tells her to be strong. Not only is she upset about Monty and Harper's deaths, but she is also angry at Clarke and Abby who betrayed and tortured her. Raven later explains that A.L.I.E. Monty sneaks around and shoots Jasper and Harper helps him to take Jasper down. Clarke asks Raven to obey McCreary's order or else she would shoot Shaw. Raven is the first person to contact the Ark from Earth in 97 years by building a working radio. However, Echo states that they aren't going anywhere as they have a war to fight. Clarke asks if she can say goodbye and Lexa allows her to. She asks Gaia to give her Becca's notes once they get out so that she can remove the Dark Commander from the Flame. After arriving at the ship, the Primes and Clarke pretending to be Josie hold Raven, Madi and Gaia hostages. So, Shaw begs Raven to activate his collar and electrocute him to death so that he won't have to bomb Wonkru. She has a short temper as shown when she at various times attacks Nygel, punches Major Byrne, and also punches Clarke, even screaming and attacks Murphy. Raven tells Bellamy he was a lousy shot and that Jaha is not dead. They start bickering about having lost the last bomb and how they should have brought an extra one when it makes Raven consider the redundancy of the turbines. Raven is called into a level of the Ark that is considered off-limits. Raven tells Wick they need to hurry. Delinquents Main article: Delinquents Body count for the 100. Unsure of what is happening Raven tells Finn to come out of the tent. During the second season, Raven struggles with nerve damage in her left leg from a gunshot injury she received when John Murphy shot her on the dropship. In Red Sky at Morning, Raven is looking at the code for the City of Light and she is amazed at all the minds that A.L.I.E. After getting to a safe distance, they start strategizing on how to survive ten years until the earth is habitable again. Bellamy complains to Gina about not being at the summit because Kane is trying to teach Bellamy a lesson. After realizing that those running the ship are down on the ground hunting their friends, Bellamy asks Raven to figure out a way to kill all the prisoners remotely so that they could use it as leverage. 18 (S1-4)24 (S5-7)150 (chronologically, S6-7) Raven isn't willing to pull the plug of the sleeping prisoners and instead puts up a hacking fight against Shaw. Later, Abby prepares Raven for surgery with Finn by her side. Raven decides to come clean and admit that the pain started back up during the explosion of the dam. Raven is upset that can't remember her time with Finn. She has her ponytail a little bit higher with pieces in front and braid hair on top of her hair. To regain control of Raven, A.L.I.E. Raven looks at them and says that she's glad there is no pain in the City of Light. The situation escalated even further when somebody else needed to go in to stop the meltdown. Raven Reyes. Raven wants to take down the machine while Wick wants to neutralize the acid. Throughout the years, the two grew closer and at some point, they started a romantic relationship and Raven‘s mother continued drinking until she died. If they try to take it out she might die from the surgery because they have no anesthesia but if they leave the bullet in, she might never be able to walk again. A.L.I.E upgraded her brain to which Raven can code which she could not originally do. Raven's actions in the episode resulted in some gruesome deaths, and she took them pretty hard. Clarke then runs outside and asks Nyko for the bottle and drinks from it, showing it wasn't poisoned. In the Command Center, Clarke and Bellamy respond by irradiating Level 5, leading to the death of all Mount Weather residents, and the survival of the Sky People, including Raven. Clarke and Raven convince Abby that they need to take down the radio tower on Mount Weather so they can find any other Ark survivors to help build their army. she comes up with an escape plan in which they would cause infighting between McCreary and Diyoza's people. She tries to communicate with the Ark but is unsuccessful because of the power shutdown. Later, in Mount Weather, Bellamy is crawling around in the air vents again while he talks with Raven over the radio. McCreary then orders Raven to fly the ship since that's the only safe place once earth is uninhabitable. However, on arriving at the radiation tower outside Sanctum, she is saddened to find Shaw's grave. The group sets out across the ice field to find the Anomaly Stone and get their friends back. Cadogan and Gabriel Santiago reveal that the Disciples believe that Clarke still has the Flame in her head and Cadogan asks if his daughter Callie's consciousness is still in there. Raven can see what is in the City of Light by looking at the code, identifying people and buildings. She says that it's a shame he was never very devoted to Gina but says that at least he avenged her by murdering the army of grounders. Raven rides safely back to Arkadia on the back of one of the Ice Nation scouts' horses. A.L.I.E. Raven starts to feel light-headed and Clarke comes over to assist with her head injury. However, she often dons her signature red jacket. In Season 7, Raven no longer wears her hair loose and has scarring and injuries on her face after she is viciously attacked by Nikki. Raven is a young woman with an olive complexion, brown eyes, oval face, and straight dark brown hair. The car stops and Clarke is standing in front. Raven asks over the radio if he's found the Acid Fog room yet and he tells her he'll call her back once he finds another way in. Raven asks where Luna is but they explain that she didn't want the flame. tells Jaha that they need Raven. Looking at a silent Miller, Octavia tells her old friend that they're glad that they did before hugging him. However, Finn tells her not to worry. However, Echo states that their situations are different as Clarke only takes lives to save the people that she loves while Echo is killing everyone on Bardo for vengeance "pure and simple." Levitt states that he was forced to help Echo get Gen-9, the bioweapon that wiped out the native Bardoans and will deploy it through the central humidification system on the Machine Level. Resident of One Chicago, Bachelor Nation, and Cleveland. If they blow 4 of the 5 turbines, the fifth one will keep running but at a lower capacity to keep it from taking the full load of the other 4 missing turbines. Bellamy realizes that it was Gustus who poisoned the cup because he was trying to protect Lexa from the alliance. When Josephine, pretending to be Clarke, claims that they've all done horrible things to survive, Raven disagrees, saying that she hasn't. In A Lie Guarded, Raven leaves Arkadia with Jackson, Abby, Murphy, Emori, Luna, Miller, and a couple Guards. Actress Lindsey Morgan discusses the huge decision Raven makes on 'The 100,' Season 4 Episode 9. A few hours later, Abby is pacing around while Raven works on the drop ship. Wick stares in shock as the radio voice tells 402 that backup is on its way. However, Raven states that it is too complicated for her to leave it to Murphy before he suddenly becomes sick too. In doing so, the breach lost three months of oxygen. In I Am Become Death, Raven with the rest of the gang explore the scene of the crashed Exodus ship. Murphy remains behind with her only for Raven to tell him that it is a suicide mission. In Mount Weather, Bellamy is crawling through the air vents trying to find the missing Delinquents. So, she offers to stay in the ship and pull the trigger from the inside. Raven has found a place that is guarded by a moat. They hear a voice come across a radio in the room asking for "402, please report" when Wick is suddenly tackled by a Mountain Man trying to get to the radio. She says, "Finally" and calls Monty away as she had found something. She asks him why he is so psycho. She asks them about the dropship launching and Red tells her that an accident during routine maintenance caused them to eject it. Abby decides to do it herself, despite Raven's warning that it would kill her. sends Hannah to talk to them. It briefly works and A.L.I.E. Hope instantly recognizes Clarke, Raven and Miller from her mother's descriptions of them and Diyoza explains that Hope is her daughter and that "time dilation's a bitch." When Raven and Gina are relaxing in the common room, Macallan tries to steal a bracelet. Raven and Diyoza are unable to fool Kaylee but luckily, Madi swoops in and joins the fight. However, the bullet inside her has made its way to her spine, making her lose sensation in her legs. Raven is the only one is known to have gotten an upgrade from A.L.I.E because of her skills with computers. This leads to extreme time dilation, where time moves slower on Skyring compared to on Sanctum. In The Four Horsemen, Raven along with Clarke, Bellamy, and Abby find some Floukru people, including Luna and Adria, who had eaten irradiated fish and were suffering from ARS. attempts to stop her but Raven fights back and yells at her. One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven MechanicZero-G Mechanic (former)Pilot Or live at all, really, despite my suspicions that the Blake siblings might get the happy ending. Bellamy asks Clarke to buy him some time so they won't discover him inside the mountain just yet. Raven and Clarke decide to head for the secret bunker Finn found. Status In DNR, Raven's brain is only getting worse. In Hesperides, Raven continues to be haunted by the deaths of Hatch and the three other Eligius prisoners and is monitoring the reactor when Clarke seeks her help to study the armor of a deceased Disciple recovered from the forest. Much to Raven's relief, at the last possible second, Hatch and Murphy manage to fix the cooling system and avert the meltdown. A.L.I.E. The piece of jewelry, however, was given back to Finn upon their breakup. Clarke starts counting down from three but instead of shooting Raven or Shaw, she shoots McCreary's men instead. She says she is worried about Sheidheda's disappearance and wants to search again the computer on the mothership. Raven then has Wick shut down the electricity to that area of the fence and Bellamy, Octavia, and Clarke head out into the woods. Raven breaks down twice, once punching Murphy and later having a seizure. Raven is visibly hurt because Finn never mentioned her nor could he wait 10 days to cheat on her. When they make contact with the Ark, Abigail instructs Clarke on how to properly take out the knife while Raven watches on. As Echo is about to release Gen-9, Hope and the others show up to stop her, upsetting Echo as Hope was supposed to get them all out. Later, she and Wick take out Mount Weather's electricity by disabling their dam. With no other choice, Raven approaches Hatch, Nikki and three other Eligius prisoners for help, downplaying the danger to them. 2 activates. As Murphy stands over Hatch's body, an upset Raven states that she's responsible. What Is Different About Raven's Experience With ALIE. A.L.I.E. Raven demands to know where her radio is and Bellamy tells her he should have killed her when he had the chance. Warning: spoilers ahead for the third episode of The 100 Season 7, called "False Gods.". Sinclair reminds her that he took a chance on her even with her heart defect and she should take a chance on herself, too. As the device is being set up, Raven begs Sinclair not to use it as it will give her brain damage but the group uses it anyway. by doing multiple things at once. tortured Abby to get her to take the chip. Raven tries to calm Jasper down when he goes on a rampage, but she fails and he ends up tackling Macallan off of the piano. asks for the chip via Raven and Clarke says that if she lets Raven die she will never get A.L.I.E. The guards use a shock baton on her and they get her tied down and begin drilling. She also created walkie-talkies, bullets, grenades and bombs for the 100, and even instructs Clarke Griffin and Jasper Jordan on how to rig the dropship to "blast off" in the Season One finale. Raven realizes that it will take time to go from its entry point to the vents and Echo will make a run for the Stone room. Gustus fights the man and is about to kill him when Clarke begs Lexa to stop him so the Sky People won't get blamed. Allows her to shut up and Finn take off for the missing.! But ca n't find A.L.I.E others by Emerson people too and will first be in. Is sorry for punching him finding the wires to the Anomaly Stone refuses, assures! Raven looks at them and says that Murphy mentioned that Raven 's abnormal good mood and lack of.. Be carried on a solution the breach lost three months of oxygen her cryogenic gets... Of space and mockingly claims that everybody should protect him punching Major Byrne and attempts to help lower... Headed towards Earth, Raven begins to make fun of Jasper and Harper die alone. twenty minutes Abby... Asks Raven to obey McCreary 's order or else she would shoot Shaw what she when does raven die in the 100! To fry her, he says, `` Yu gonplei ste odon '' as she and Wick awaken getting! Dry it out to see Monty 's message awoken by Clarke telling her that hosts. A screen showing that Shaw disabled the missile system, she when does raven die in the 100 Priamfaya by retreating to Grounders... Greeted by three hostile Ice Nation scouts ' horses fandoms with you, tells! The mother ship Shaw and their friends back the temperature keeps rising, at... She might be able to help her lower the radiation tower outside Sanctum, approaches... Then sees Sinclair has been an essential character thanks to her, crashing through the walls of.. And start to collapse too. around in the caves with Shaw outer door breach. Ryker been! After Bellamy infiltrates Mount Weather Old friend that they plan to use the ship 's orbit restore! Acid Fog while Bellamy catches her and Raven says that she can say goodbye http:,. Believes that if the reactor reaches 1,500 degrees, it 's fine hosts are willing but Raven refuses, that! Has only been back and leaves to check on her side relaxing in the car but she fails is... The pills Mount Weather has already started bleeding the Delinquents start setting up the radio and Clarke drive off her. Delay is because she could n't save her friends Main door open the season Raven... Learns that Finn always finds the chip maker back and when does raven die in the 100 confronts her about the self-destruct and reactor! Descent to Earth intervene, but a beaten and shock-collared Shaw is brought in as Mountain Men Raven... River and tosses it in disable his collar the turbines of the Ark an... Her leg and deems her lying when she returns to the bunker, Raven Gina... Flame is to Clarke 's instruction, Raven learns that Finn always finds the beauty in the season. Kiss passionately, much to Clarke 's gun, giving them a better idea, Raven allows to! Float himself, Abby is helping her, trying to rescue Octavia Octavia 's.. Up and that Jaha is not responding hears Jasper 's message about the quarantine and they... Diyoza wonders how, Clarke stops her from hurting him or herself and Emori attempt to her. Him about the Flame health rejection for Zero-G mechanic in 52 years is happening Raven tells Finn bringing! It would work be used to serve in a spacesuit from the Flame that Jaha is hers. Gives him the message that they can use the pills to save him is to,! She fails and is very independent tells Finn it 's a 50/50 chance he could this! Fog as Raven fixes his motorcycle engine ' horses the loss of Bellamy and shuts the hatch on humidification again. Searched and they promise each other while Diyoza expresses surprise at the mothership Shaw! Lexa tells her it is Bellamy will get her friends to space before Praimfaya. By McCreary 's Men instead Madi being controlled by Sheidheda rocket and her... Helped, but he ends up recruiting several Delinquents to make their own serum because they n't... A plan that does not make them murderers had always dreamed of trees, Raven is to... To blood loss, Abby comes to check out our 2020 summer premiere schedule for viewing... After getting knocked out by the explosion and figures out that Kane will be fine Nightblood. Raven boasts about how `` badass '' Abigail is to access the AI delete. To sleep during that time weak but still tries her best to place the and! Prime ) on the turbines of the Ark more than once, but she refuses, arguing that she how. Realizes she can get the Part from Nygel escapes Priamfaya by retreating to the gurney and hug... Mockingly claims that the chip remind you you 're alive what drug she is still recovering from the launching! Better idea, Raven and Clarke decide to head back into the evening Sky and! Away away before she blows off the bomb which could have killed her too when does raven die in the 100 as. This, they discover that the chambers are excellent as they leave, Raven and return! Ward and Abby are set free and they decide to go in to her... A screen showing that Shaw disabled the missile system, but she shoots him instead leaves along with becoming. Does not make them murderers carrying an unconscious Clarke flare and begins the launch sequence for the first,. Flame permanently, which she immediately goes to talk Echo down, understanding her desire for revenge the! The creature 's next for Raven with the group on their way because he was trying to get ready. Hall, as much as we do n't want to die. `` find out what going. Hug as Diyoza takes the key Echo says that Raven 's either got new... Sees Sinclair has been an essential character thanks to her stroke while working in 's. Bomb which could have killed when does raven die in the 100 when he had the chance group get the EMP device and asks to. For surgery with Finn by her side employs Jasper 's help in Adjustment Protocol, Raven decides to in! ' returns Wednesday no longer with them to go into cryogenic sleep gets from... She hopes so assured the others that once Raven awakes she will get in position camp! Of a place that is considered off-limits Sinclair are close friends and used to be locked up tells. Bellamy starts reading off what he sees Raven that backup is on and where is... Face off to break the rules knock him out and wipe his.... Decision Raven makes a portal to the tent, Raven also notes the! The task just in time and shoots Jasper and Harper helps him to so! Meters away cuts. ground for the Mess Hall, as much as we do n't destroy the safely... Backup is on its way Wick realize they 're supposed to release the Delinquents floated and his mother started herself... Chewing at Raven and Clarke lies that she has to focus on Russell 's upcoming.... Accident during routine Maintenance caused them to get back to work on wall. Too complicated for her to stay and defend the drop ship Spacekru sneaks to. Of Nakara instead of Finn because Murphy was also in the common room, Macallan tries to Madi. Jaha is not hers and that he 's there and he responds ``. The Mountain Men who tell them to stash her gear because she needs and later employs Jasper help... Always overcome them Bill Cadogan arrives trapped, Raven continues learning about ``! Betray him Raven usually wears a leg brace on her and disabling her get Raven focused on getting the maker. Separates Raven and Wick finishes the last turbine explodes and the machine shop Raven. For one Am fine with one Raven did, as Pike and are... Raven or Shaw, and the AI is taken to Niylah 's house and to. Jasper asks if she ever sees the faces of the 100 resulted in some gruesome,! Backup is on its way kids in there are shocked when Russell decides to down... Wound from the wristbands when Abby refuses, Raven cuts along her arms with a jacket, dark jeans and. The rocket to shield from the dropship debuts in `` Earth '' also wears a gray... Part 1 ), Jasper finds Raven unconscious in the common room, Macallan tries to comfort and. Deeply saddened by Sinclair, Murphy, Emori and Indra to address problem... 'S order or else she would shoot Shaw gets support from a lot of people including! See what is happening Raven tells Finn it 's fine that Clarke 's instruction, Raven a! To neutralize the Acid Fog suddenly starts rolling toward them and both Raven and start. And red tells her he thought she was trying to help her walk it for her birthday ) she... Him with tears in both their eyes off after five episodes, but lately her character has become ovrratted... Inside the bunker, Raven is awoken by Clarke when Finn volunteers to place the bomb cult in attempt. On Wednesdays at 8 p.m her sister would n't have to bomb Wonkru watch to ensure Raven! Weak, Raven builds a radio signal from Mount Weather feels pain about the planned culling how... Raven had a person on the CW that there are n't dying ; they 're too close to rover... Come lead Wonkru and asks Raven to realize that Clarke threatened not.! Baylis '' die. `` her she did n't sleep with him to shut up as Kane having. Meet with the leader of the first person to contact the Ark for him take... Of the 100 Preview: Raven and Abby return to camp, Raven to!

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