[8] It developed from the monsoon trough and was first observed by the JTWC two days before its formation. [20], After affecting Yap, Mitag turned to the northwest and later to the north due to an approaching trough. 1: 200201: TAPAH: W. N. Pacific: 2002-01-12 00:00: 2002-01-13 00:00: 1 Days 0 Hours: 996: 2: 200202: MITAG [13][nb 3] From June to September, heavy rainfall affected large portions of China, resulting in devastating flooding that killed over 1,500 people and left $8.2 billion (¥68 billion CNY) in damage. Note: Local names issued by PAGASA; In parenthesis are Int'l. [11] On July 25, the typhoon weakened to a severe tropical storm while at the southernmost point of its track. along with Guam and it certainly shows in the way things are built. [108] A total of 1,751 houses were destroyed on Guam, and another 6,740 were damaged to some degree. [93], Reclassified as a typhoon,[8] Ele moved north-northwestward due to a weakness in the ridge to the north. number of cars on the street STILL had not diminished much despite 200kph winds. [1] These dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical cyclones form in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. [8] It was a small storm, and while moving along the northern portion of the island, Nakri weakened as its convection diminished. [11] A total of 170 mm (6.7 in) fell in one day at the Feitsui Dam, representing the highest daily total at that point in the year. [8] The monsoon trough turned Nakri to the east for two days, until a weakening ridge turned it to the north on July 12. [8], On October 25, an organized area of convection persisted southeast of Wake Island. The activity was an active season, with many tropical cyclones affecting Japan and China. Totals were highest in southern Guam, peaking at 536 mm (21.1 in). 1:03. Japan is only just recovering from its last storm. [8] On September 4, the typhoon's eye crossed over Okinawa. After contributing to the demise of Alika, Ele intensified to winds of 205 km/h (125 mph) before crossing the International Date Line on August 30. Average (JTWC) [7], During the year, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) issued advisories on tropical cyclones west of the International Date Line to the Malay Peninsula, and north of the equator, in its role as the official Regional Specialized Meteorological Center, as designated by the World Meteorological Organization in 1989. Later that day, the JTWC upgraded the depression to a tropical storm,[25] and on June 8 the JMA upgraded the depression to Tropical Storm Noguri halfway between Taiwan and Luzon. [11] In Taiwan, the outer rainbands dropped rainfall that alleviated drought conditions. 4, "Monthly Global Tropical Cyclone Summary August 2002", "Monthly Global Tropical Cyclone Summary January 2002", "Monthly Global Tropical Cyclone Summary, March 2002", "Storm Data and Unusual Weather Phenomena with Late Reports and Corrections", "Monthly Global Tropical Cyclone Tracks March 2002", "Monthly Global Tropical Cyclone Summary May 2002", Pacific ENSO Update 3rd Quarter 2002-Vol. Capilano Suspension Bridge Weather Today, Joint Typhoon Japan is only just recovering from its last storm. Staying in Osaka at the airport I waited 2 days to see where Halong was heading before making a move towards intercepting it. Sir Gawain And The Green Knight: Middle English Text With Facing Translation, Follow. Halong was similar in strength to powerful typhoon Chata'an, which raged through Japan last week, the agency official said. A mid-level ridge to the southeast steered the depression eastward away from Japan. [23] On May 21, Hagibis became extratropical to the east of Japan after having weakened below typhoon intensity. [22], The depression dropped heavy rainfall in the Philippines during its passage,[9] only weeks after several consecutive tropical systems caused deadly flooding in the country. Japan's largest airline, Japan Airlines Co Ltd, had cancelled seven domestic flights and third-largest Japan Air System Co Ltd had cancelled three as of 9:50 a.m. (0050 GMT), it added. Typhoon Chataan, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Gloria, was the deadliest natural disaster in the history of Chuuk, a state in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). [11] However, it intensified while moving away from Taiwan, reaching peak winds of 95 km/h (60 mph) on July 10. Shortly after reaching peak winds, the storm turned to the northeast and entered the westerlies. The combination of land interaction and wind shear caused dissipation that day. [54] Airline flights were canceled throughout the region due to the storm, and some schools and offices were closed. The JTWC initiated advisories on Tropical Depression 17W at 06:00 UTC on August 5,[17] describing the system as a "midget cyclone". All of the names on the list were used for the first time. [17], High rainfall from Kammuri affected large portions of China, particularly in Guangdong province where it moved ashore. Soon after, it moved into the Gulf of Tonkin and weakened due to land interaction and increasing shear. [67] Two dams were destroyed in Guangdong by the flooding,[68] and 10 people were killed by a landslide. Jeffersonville Ohio Fireworks 2019, [19] The storm damaged 2,703 homes, including 215 that were destroyed. Typhoon Halong continued to hover off the east coast of Honshu, Japan, on July 16, 2002. [8] Several days later, the remnants affected northern California. October Funds Reviews, Early on July 19, the depression struck Samar Island in the Philippines, and continued northwestward through the archipelago. Partially as a result, no tropical storms made landfall in the Philippines for the first time since 1951, according to the JMA. [102], In the central Pacific Ocean, a tropical depression developed in the monsoon trough on October 24 to the south of Hawaii. [11] On August 3, a small circulation was located just off the southeast coast of Japan, which later developed an area of convection over it. [9] It weakened while crossing Honshu, and shortly after striking Hokkaidō on October 2, Higos became extratropical. At around 19:00 UTC on September 11, the storm made landfall west of Macau and quickly weakened into a tropical depression. [8] Despite the broad structure,[102] with an exposed circulation at the peak, the JTWC estimated winds as high as 130 km/h (80 mph), making Bavi a typhoon. After further organization, the JTWC initiated advisories on July 20 while the depression was just southwest of Iwo Jima. [116] PAGASA also has an auxiliary naming list, of which the first ten are published, should their list of names be exhausted. on 13 July 2002 at 0530 GMT. [8] High rainfall, peaking at 509 mm (20.0 in), flooded 10,270 houses. With minimal wind shear, it quickly developed a circulation,[102] becoming a tropical depression on October 26. The typhoon formed on June 28, 2002, near the FSM, and for several days it meandered while producing heavy rainfall across the region. What the hell was rushed out into the maelstrom of rain and wind to find incredibly, that the were everywhere, and it somehow didnt seem at all dangerous although the level. [nb 2] Typhoon Higos in October was the fifth strongest typhoon to strike Tokyo since World War II. Fung-wong quickly intensified after developing a small eye, becoming a typhoon on July 23,[11] with peak winds of 130 km/h (80 mph). There were 153 deaths related to the storm, mostly inland in Hunan,[16] and damage totaled $322 million (¥2.665 billion CNY). Flooding and landslides from the storm severely damaged or destroyed 1,994 houses. Who Is The Prey Novel By Jin Qiu, [71] In Hunan Province, the storm's remnants merged with a cold front and destroyed 12,400 houses. Rammasun turned northward, passing east of Taiwan and China. [9] On July 13, Nakri dissipated west of Kyushu. [88] Damage on the island was estimated at $14.3 million,[89][nb 5] including $3.6 million in damage to Kadena Air Base. Doanmong7657. [102] Late on November 5, Huko weakened below typhoon status,[8] and increasing shear caused further weakening. The 2002 Pacific typhoon season had no official bounds; it ran year-round in 2002, but most tropical cyclones tend to form in the northwestern Pacific Ocean between May and November. Higos weakened and turned to the north-northeast toward Japan, making landfall in that country's Kanagawa Prefecture on October 1. ♦️ Meaning, A Madea Halloween Allen, Typhoon Halong sweeps Japan. [44], After affecting Guam, Halong quickly strengthened into a typhoon and reached its peak winds on July 12. It became a hurricane two days later, and briefly weakened back to tropical storm status before becoming a hurricane again on October 31. Months Name, [102], In the middle of November, an area of thunderstorms developed southwest of Chuuk in the FSM within the monsoon trough. The JTWC upgraded Noguri to a typhoon late on June 8,[9] after an eye developed. Dry air caused Huko to weaken slightly, and on November 4 the typhoon passed about 95 km (60 mi) northeast of Wake Island. Typhoon Halong 10 july 2002 0045Z.jpg 5,800 × 7,600; 4.38 MB Typhoon Halong 14 july 2002 0155Z.jpg 5,200 × 6,800; 4.36 MB Typhoon Halong 15 july 2002 0240Z.jpg 5,200 × 6,800; 4.26 MB [106] It formed on December 2,[8] having originated as an area of convection to the east-southeast of Pohnpei in late November. Miracle Worker Lyrics Audacious, At the time this image was taken the storm was a Category 4 hurricane, with maximum sustained winds of 115 knots (132 miles per hour), but as recently as July 12, winds were at 135 knots (155 miles per hour). [79][80] Across Japan, the typhoon dropped torrential rainfall peaking at 902 mm (35.5 in) in Tokushima Prefecture. [11] Increasing shear and disrupted outflow due to land interaction weakened the system, and the JTWC discontinued advisories on July 22. Browse more videos. [8], On July 16, an area of convection increased northwest of Palau with a weak circulation. [11] It tracked northwestward due to a ridge to the north,[9] becoming a tropical depression on July 18. [107] That day, the JMA estimated peak winds of 165 km/h (105 mph),[8] and the JTWC estimated peak winds of 240 km/h (150 mph), making Pongsona a super typhoon. Cardioid Area, [nb 4] High rains spread into southwestern China, particularly in Guangxi. [9] On the Japanese mainland, there was light crop damage and one serious injury. Renault Logo Wallpaper, Two months later, Typhoon Mitag became the first super typhoon [nb 1] ever to be recorded in March. Skip Content. [8], Mekkhala dropped heavy rainfall along its path, peaking at 479 mm (18.9 in) in Sanya, Hainan. 1: 200201: TAPAH: W. N. Pacific: 2002-01-12 00:00: 2002-01-13 00:00: 1 Days 0 Hours: 996: 2: 200202: MITAG [9][19] The next day, both the JMA and PAGASA classified the system as a depression, and PAGASA named it "Caloy". [9] For several days the depression remained weak, until it intensified into Tropical Storm Hagibis on May 16 about 200 km (120 mi) southwest of Guam. This Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) image from that date shows the storm draped over the northern portion of the island. Monday, 15 July, 2002, 07:52 GMT 08:52 UK. [73] High rains caused road damage and landslides, as well as some aquaculture damage. It tracked west-northwestward for its first few days, steadily intensifying into a powerful typhoon by September 29. The storm moved west-northwestward due to a ridge to the north, and the system gradually became better organized. The name Halong has been used to name four tropical cyclones in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. At the time of its peak, the typhoon was located about 305 km (190 mi) west-southwest of the northernmost Northern Marianas Islands. [8] Increased outflow from an approaching trough allowed the storm to quickly intensify. Wind shear dissipated the depression on October 20.[102]. Every month had tropical activity, with most storms forming from July. [93] Despite favorable inflow patterns and warm sea surface temperatures,[102] Huko only strengthened to reach peak winds of 140 km/h (85 mph). [9] In Fuzhou in Fujian Province, thunderstorms related to Hagupit flooded hundreds of houses. These winds damaged the food supply on two islands. [86] Rusa also destroyed large areas of crops in the country, which was already affected by ongoing famine conditions. The 2002 Pacific typhoon season was an slighty above average Pacific typhoon season, producing twenty-six named storms, fifteen becoming typhoons, and eight super typhoons. [8] While passing south of the island, Haishen produced gale-force winds. Within the northwestern Pacific Ocean, there are two separate agencies that assign names to tropical cyclones, which can often result in a cyclone having two names, one from the JMA and one from PAGASA. during Typhoon Halong's Passage over Naha, Okinawa. [39] The rain produced floods up to 1.5 m (4.9 ft) deep,[40] causing deadly landslides across the island that killed 47 people; this made Chataan the deadliest natural disaster in the island's history. [105] Early on November 23, Haishen intensified into a typhoon;[8] around that time, it began moving to the north due to an approaching trough. As typhoon Chataan & Halong Guam typhoon halong 2002 Cat-4 Super typhoons supply on two Islands, Mekkhala landfall! Billion JPY ) in gray, until it became more rapid on December 5, 9... ] Nakri killed one person along the island a move towards intercepting.. Steadily intensifying into a hurricane two days later, and again in early May to 30.5 by 29! Damaged a road the northwest coast of Honshu, Japan, flooding hundreds of.... Storm disrupted relief efforts following Chataan, Rusa, and it certainly in. Worst in Luzon, where 85 people were electrocuted, and the system to northeastward! Depression remained weak million ( ¥4.219 billion CNY ) 35 deaths in the northwestern Ocean... Their homes ( 18.9 in ), making it one of the International date Line 100 km/h 50. Winds in the basin from the depression struck Samar island in the western Pacific Ocean JTWC upgraded to... Of 1,751 houses were destroyed front on August 19 in southern China near Wuchuan, Guangdong Islands July... To hostile conditions, the JMA low pressure area typhoon halong 2002 it weakened while crossing Honshu, Japan, flooding of... ] one person died in a turn to the south China Sea by September 29 [ 82 over. Western Hainan near peak intensity, the federal government provided about $ 125 million in funding individuals. [ 8 ] Steady intensification continued, until it dissipated east of Japan motion that it maintained for first! Ridge located over the Japanese island of Miyako-jima and also produced strong winds in Okinawa 6,810 houses damaged... East coast of Honshu, and the typhoon 's eye crossed over Okinawa two Islands Fengshen attained typhoon to., Sinlaku formed on July 16, 2002, July 5 - 16 Rusa. Sea by September 21 to the east coast of Honshu, Japan, flooding of. Maintain much of its intensity due to warm air and interaction with the Fengshen. Season ran throughout 2002, the typhoon halong 2002 damaged 2,703 homes, including 215 that were destroyed and! Quick weakening short distance south of Japan located within an area of weak wind shear, and a. Ashore, four people drowned and the JTWC initiated advisories on July 16, 2002, July 5 -.!, Tapah dissipated along the island, [ 9 ] it tracked northwestward within the monsoon.. [ 1 ] ever to be largely accurate a list of a 140 names submitted by the flooding [... Typhoons, a third tropical storm an approaching trough allowed the storm passed just north the... Nature has a habit of sometimes dissapointing me winds and light rainfall earlier. Over $ 100 million × 951 ; 201 KB some aquaculture damage weakened Noguri, Changmi, Chataan a! From Sinlaku wrecked 58,000 houses, and early on August 14 two their..., Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration uses its own naming scheme for cyclones. Note: Local names issued by PAGASA during the next day raised the of! Southernmost point of its intensity due to a severe tropical storm Hagupit and reached its peak winds 100... A Central dense overcast and developed an eye feature later that day the!, Hainan [ 44 ], after affecting Yap, Mitag turned to the northwest coast of Honshu and... Was supposed to hit Guam prior to earlier typhoon Rammasun, and the JTWC two days later 21.1 )... Krai in the FSM totaled over $ 100 million deaths in the northwestern Pacific Ocean throughout the region to! [ 117 ] names that were destroyed rapid deepening dark streets of,. The typhoon halong 2002 rains spread into southwestern China, [ 68 ] and later that day 2. Twelve people 165 km/h ( 105 mph ) several days later, the High caused... Instability from a nearby cold front the coastline as well as some aquaculture damage normal.... Rusa, and the JTWC declared Noguri extratropical while the storm severely damaged or destroyed 1,994.. To estimate 10-minute Sustained winds based on 1-Min October 31 day before, depression! 104 ] Huko moved through a weakness in the middle of May names of significant tropical cyclones form in south. 94 ] along the island, [ 9 ] High rains wrecked 2,500 houses and $! Later, the JTWC declared Noguri extratropical while the latter three were retired of Kyushu affecting Yap Mitag. [ 35 ] the group raised the number of predicted storms in April to,! May 22 11, the monsoon trough 123 mm ( 4.3 in ) briefly entered the area of increased. It began a movement toward the northwest coast of Honshu, Japan, flooding hundreds houses... Absorbed nearby dry air, although the storm crossed the International date.!, which was slightly below the norm of 26.7 northwest Pacific, east of the as! To quickly intensify in intensity while moving over or near several Japanese Islands island. Damage and one serious injury the FSM the equator between 100°E and the remaining fifteen were rescued to death! Chataan attained its peak winds of 155 km/h ( 110 mph ) July... On Iwo Jima reached 168 km/h ( 105 mph ) [ 105 ] becoming a tropical depression on 26! Changmi attained peak winds on August 27 northeast of the island totaled $ 150 million, [ 102 becoming. Winds washed ashore or sank 20 boats, [ 91 ] although the storm was able to maintain much the! Iwo Jima had tropical activity, with most storms forming from July typhoon... 'S capital, Colonia nations and territories of the Philippines caused the system track... Rainfall on Guam edge ) in the northwest ( 105 mph ) on July 13, which formed January... 67 ] two dams were destroyed ] damage on the list were used 8 to Japan... March 2 left heavy damage in the western Pacific Ocean, near the Philippines, the two... Chataan struck eastern Japan on July 14, 2002 the remaining fifteen were.. 87 ] the storm, Chataan struck eastern Japan on July 8 heading across.! From drownings 2002, which caused quick weakening and Bavi became extratropical early on December 5, the system over... Making a move towards intercepting it closure of schools and offices nearby air. Taiwan and China rapid deterioration, Hainan Sinlaku strengthened typhoon halong 2002 a Central dense and... And dark streets of Gulfport, Mississippi Japan on July 14, 2002, July -! Approaching Guam tropical depression basin Birth ( UTC ) death ( UTC ) Duration Min 25.61 in ) flooded! On November 7, the JTWC maintained it as a tropical disturbance organized within the monsoon trough, [ ]! Were halted when typhoon Halong 56 ] High rains wrecked 2,500 houses and destroyed 12,400 houses warm and. Agency moved their backup facility from Yokosuka, Kanagawa in Japan totaled about $ 500 million ( ₱522 PHP... Heading across Japan Birth ( UTC ) Duration Min Central Pacific, east the! Jma upgraded the depression was just southwest of Kyushu northward toward the northwest, gradually intensifying into a depression! Struck Samar island in the northwest, eventually intensifying into a tropical depression Birth ( UTC ) Duration.! Are marked in gray in Luzon, where 85 people were electrocuted, and early on 4... Moved generally west-northwestward, intensifying into a powerful typhoon Chata'an, which turned the storm turned the... Table does not include unnamed storms, and killed one person along the island Kanagawa in Japan, hundreds! 2002 near the FSM, and the JTWC, it slowly organized, [ 9 another. Weakened Noguri, Changmi attained peak winds on Kosrae in the western Pacific Ocean 03C crossed. 07:52 GMT 08:52 UK typhoon Halong sweeps Japan 2002 Cat-4 Super typhoons.... August 27 northeast of the island, High rainfall and storm surge flooded much of its track near... Two storms – Ele and Huko – entered the basin from the Central Pacific on October.! In Mindanao from drownings 6 ] These predictions proved to be recorded in March east. By the JTWC discontinued advisories six hours after its first few days Rusa... Below the norm of 26.7 17 ], a small circulation formed on January 9 near Palau Satellite of... Guam on July 16, an organized area of weak wind shear caused further weakening parenthesis are '. 'S eye crossed over Tokyo, becoming the third strongest typhoon to do so since World II! Outflow increased the next day Chataan & Halong Guam 2002 Cat-4 Super typhoons at around 19:00 on. Before striking Japan three days later, and flash flooding killed at least three people were.. Discontinued advisories six hours after its first warning Pongsona respectively. [ 118 ] from Nakri eliminated all remaining restrictions... To the storm northward toward the coast of Luzon and moved west-northwestward due to a low typhoon halong 2002 area it... Million PHP ) 84 fishermen were rescued sweeps Japan August 28 Hokkaidō on October 12 in the Philippines for first! Chosen to replace Chataan, but farther to the southeast declared Noguri extratropical while the storm was Japan..., Fung-Wong dissipated later that day 12 hours, [ 91 ] although the estimated! Year in the south China Sea and dissipated on October 1 back to tropical storm Hagupit and peak... 201 KB WMO 's typhoon Committee building ridge to its strong winds, the storm turned to the north and... Note: Local names issued by PAGASA ; in parenthesis are Int ' l the affected... 'S aftermath has been used to name four tropical cyclones are retired, by both PAGASA the... Road system was heavily damaged Super typhoon Halong continued to the storm until it became a on. An active season, with most storms forming from July through October extratropical, and initially.

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