Public Service Loan Forgiveness is a federal program many people rely on to have their student loan balances forgiven. I’m trying to get myself some more information on the PSLF program as my wife is currently enrolled in it. Spent $86,000 for a law degree. Thank you, Tim for this article. providing the exact same services to the exact same Medicaid and Medicare clientele. I do not know if you’ll be able to get anywhere with this, but I would speak to a lawyer if I were you. The first step to qualifying for any kind of federal loan forgiveness program is filling out the employment certification form . However, as you mentioned the doctor with 200k loan. But my mom has worked so hard and sacrificed so much. Been paying under public service plan for almost two years. Thanks for sharing all of this helpful information. The public service loan forgiveness program (PSLF) works together with the Income Based Repayment program (IBR.) My opinion is that you don’t need to have any application submitted, and I believe that your loan serciver is correct. Just want to point this out and hope for changes ahead. Does my employment at the private practice, even on a part time basis, exclude me from the PSLF benefit? After the ten years, they start making the big bucks (200k+), and there loans are forgiven! PSLF eligibility is entirely dependent on work function/position/etc. I fear that my clock will start over or my 3 months of forbearance will disqualify me for the PSLF. So, anyway, I’ve got something like 30 payments toward my 120. There’s pros and cons to the way that PSLF have been configured, but the sad part of the situation is that it’s really only useful for a small, select group of people who deliberately work the system to their advantage (since many people won’t qualify for PSLF no matter what they do). Hey, Tim, while listening to the Dave Ramsey show podcast, he stated, “30,000 people have applied for the PSLF and only 96 have been granted. I’ve been working for 10 yrs as a full-time RN for Kaiser. I knew from the minute I stepped foot on campus during my first year that I had to have a federal government job in order to pay for loans, being that my single mother’s I come did not qualify us for financial aid in grants. Thank you for your support, and please make sure to come back soon! Prior to July 2009, the only eligible income driven repayment plan available was Income-Contingent. All you need to do is contact your loan servicer (Navient) and ask them about getting onto the program. The only people who would probably get the benefits are people who borrowed more like doctors and lawyers. I’m sorry to hear that this happened to you. I understand the concern about the benefit of the program to those with larger loans. Plus, there is no dollar cap on the amount of money that you can have forgiven through PSFL. Also – you’d better hope that Betsy DeVos’s plan to kill off PSLF is stopped, because right now, NOBODY is going to get forgiveness since her Department of Education has effectively halted the program entirely. There’s no easy way to stop the accumulating interest, and unfortunately, compounding interest works against you in this situation. Your article mentions that Trump’s plan would include “ALL BORROWERS” so while it does make us wait 5 years longer than the SLFP, it might be more encompassing for those who borrowed from FFEL, right? PSLF should not disappear, and everyone who’s already participating should end up getting their loans forgiven. When it comes to getting a job, and doing a good job, how much does the name of the school really matter? See my page on the Income-Based Federal Student Loan Repayment Plans for details on how they compare to each other, and to get an idea on which one might work best for you. Lastly, the end result of whether this can be fixed or not Meaning, my qualifying payment count is left up to an individual’s interpretation of my work history and therefore subject to fluctuation every year. For people unfamiliar with that term, you may want to read my page about Student Loan Forgiveness Benefits and Tax Liabilities. I don’t recall even being given a choice between FFEL and Federal Direct loans when I applied back in 2003. You are not required to use this form, but it should help you to remain organized, understand how much of the eligibility you have completed, and how much you have left to complete, and keep you on track for receiving total loan forgiveness once you’ve finished PSLF requirements. IF the Federal Government (Trump Administration) does end up nerfing PSLF, then I am fairly certain there will be a grandfather clause that protects the 10 year forgiveness benefit for anyone who’s already working on paying back their loans, and, in fact, probably for anyone who’s taken out any form of federal student loan debt at all. I got mostly loans! Then, after borrowers make payments for 10 years, their remaining federal student loans are forgiven. I called 3 times to ensure that submitting the reimbursement would not affect or start over the 10 year period for Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness. I have never been able to make my monthly payments and qualified for a deferment each year for the past 20 years (oh, that number sounds familiar) Anyway, out of ignorance or lack of guidance from the Direct Loan folks, I have accumulated 50k in interest as my loans totalled around 25k, when I graduated. It’s POSSIBLE that everyone with student loans before the new rule goes live will be grandfathered in – I don’t think you’d have to be enrolled in PAYE to be counted before the changes go live, but again, this is a major risk. What do they gain by making it look like you’re a part time employee??? But the good news is that you’re on the path to get your loans forgiven in 10 years, at the worst case scenario, which is awesome! If you’re enrolled in PSLF and you’ve already paid 5 years into it, then you just have another 5 to go. So for the four years of my residency and one of my fellowship that I’ve been paying into the program, my loan burden has been *increasing*, nearly doubling due to these interest rates. In Jan 2014, I started a masters (nurse practitioner) full time while also working full time at a 501(c)(3) facility. Public Service Loan Forgiveness: Common Questions Answered Federal budget limitations could push Congress to cap forgiveness amounts – but … When there are big loopholes that allow certain people (especially high-income individuals) to exploit the program and end up having hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt forgiven, that’s a concern for me. The fee was 500.00. The program is a scam.” I provided a link to the episode below. This is going to screw things up for a lot of future Doctors, Dentists, etc., but it’s a better deal for most tax payers (basically everyone who isn’t having their massive loans forgiven). At the end of the day, it’s the loan servicer who has to fill out the paperwork and actually get you on the program, so don’t worry about it if your company’s HR people don’t know how to react. She still has 3 years left of college then an extra year for masters degree. In my experience, most docs don’t enter the program at all but if they do, it’s usually after residency and being on the job for a few years. Then one day that changed and they showed in deferment. I was making income-based repayment (IBR) payments while working at a 501(c)(3), and continued to do so while on active duty with the Army. You can contact the Ombudsman Group here. Can I get credit for those prior payments? I looked but could not find an explanation. Contact whoever services your loans and ask them whether or not you qualify. It’s possible my consolidated loans are Direct loans but it’s hard to make heads or tails. I can’t believe that receiving the 17500 credit to my account had turned out to be the worst financial mistake ever and all because some reps gave me wrong info. It’s going to work eventually if you stick with it. For this reason, I think the Federal Government will ensure that anyone who took out student loan debt will continue to qualify for the better, earlier benefits. They better make an exception when the time comes around for forgiveness! Others have shared similar stories, where Direct Loans figures out ways to cheat them of forgiveness for their loans. Jackie. Since returning to the US 3 years ago, we have lived in 3 states. As far as I can tell, all the information about how this program works is publicly available, so I’m curious to know which element came to your as a surprise? If they do end up cutting benefits, I think they’ll have to pick an arbitrary starting point some time in the near (or perhaps distant) future, and allow everyone who’s already taken out loans to enjoy the previously more lucrative promise. The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program – PSLF, for short – provides a path to federal student loan forgiveness. Take the advise of the Direct Loan folks and deal with what happens down the road. The Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program is a United States government program that was created under the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007 (CCRAA) to provide indebted professionals a way out of their federal student loan debt burden by working full-time in public service. Great site. I have been approved as of January 2015 as I have consolidated my loans of $30,000 for my education. I spent 17.5 years in the pubic sector and plan on at least 10 to 15 additional at the local government level so Im pretty sure I qualify for this program. The reason I think this way is that people are making decisions about where to go to college, and how much to borrow, based on the availability of forgiveness benefits, and many people who took out huge loans to attend school would not have agreed to do so if the excellent forgiveness benefits weren’t available to help them get out of debt after graduating. If they can’t help, try contacting the Department of Education directly, or even calling the Student Loan Ombudsman Group (this is a free service provided by Government-backed attorneys who offer advice about student loan-related legal issues). First, the $350 million additional forgiveness funds for borrowers on the wrong plans is a one-time deal, and these funds are being provided on a first-come, first-served basis, so once that $350 million dries up, other borrowers will still be stuck in the same position as they were in the first place (with payments that don’t count). The qualifications seem simple enough: work in the public sector for ten years, and all your federal student loans are forgiven. Was it an error from the borrowers defense kicking on the forbearance that I didn’t check. I wish I had some better, more useful answers for you, but I think you guys are on the right track and that you’ll end up ok. Just make sure that you’re putting aside a bit of money each year for that eventually loan forgiveness tax increase and you should be fine! After 3 years of employment and student loan repayment, my daughter was hired permenently by the institution. Imagine working at a lower paying PS job for 9 years, all the while gaining debt due to interest and low payments, believing that you are going to be fine at year 10. For instance, I am not on an ICR or IBR or any kind of income sensitive plan they list. If so, then I have only made 72 payments…short the 120, Just checking! If it hadn’t been available, I would have worked out the subsequent financing differently and financed with deferment with a private company. In many situations, the amount forgiven will not be taxable, but it depends…. Before you do sign up for one of the Income-Based Plans, makes sure to contact your Loan Servicer and CONFIRM that your employment makes you eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness. And this is where many other forgiveness programs end up leading to financial disasters, because if you had something like $100,000 forgiven, it could end up creating a $20,000 or even $30,000+ tax bill that year! I’ll continue to watch this site. Only loans that have been awarded under the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program are eligible for PSLF. I see it everyday. Public Service Loan Forgiveness: Opportunities for Education to Improve Both the Program and Its Temporary Expanded ProcessThe Public Service Loan Forgiveness program forgives federal student loan balances for borrowers who have made 10 years of payments while working in certain public service jobs. I would be very negatively affected unless I am grandfathered in (I really hope that happens). Rather, only the employer's status as a qualifying employer determines whether the employment qualifies. $378 – $378/month, Extended Graduated That is, does the present taint of private sector filthy lucre preclude me from later pursuing PSLF? I will be graduating from nursing school next week and I will be in approximately 100,000 in debt. Maybe the student should learn the risk vs rewards for the loans – before they take on the loans – rather than spending the loans on a program that may not yield the income to repay the loan or to depend on subsidies. Those wishing to seek forgiveness under the PSLF should make payments under one of the income-driven repayment plans, including Income Contingent Repayment, Income Based Repayment, Pay As You Earn, or Revised Pay As You Earn. ), would definitely not just allow this to happen. One full-time job at a non profit agency which meets PSLF rewuirement. she just got the recertification notice and she submitted that. I love my job and there is no way I can perform this job position working directly for the state as my job title is only contracted. I’m 80% disabled by the VA, a war veteran, work for a state agency, and have a permanent disabled 5 year old and I’m a single mom. So what if my HR department does not understand what this is and if the company is even eligible? Rules are rules… if you’re not working at a 501(c)(3), for the Government, or some other qualifying agency, then it doesn’t matter what actual service you’re providing (even if it’s identical to those at a qualifying institution). In my case, I earn $40.00 interest daily at 6.99% and all I know is that I went to a top 25 school based upon what I was told about PSLF. 27", "Feds may have underestimated cost of student loan forgiveness", "8 Ways You Can Quit Paying Your Student Loans (Legally)", "The Democrats Retake the House; Now What for Higher Ed? We married in 2017 and my wife is 5 years into her 10 year commitment but we are struggling with making a decision on how to file our taxes. Thank you for weighing in JZ and thank you for the kind words as well! I agree wholeheartedly. Just curious if you’ve heard anything like this? Even if you work more than 40 hours a week, if your employer somehow does not define your role as a full-time employee for their tax liabilities, then your position will not allow you PSLF eligibility. I do have one question for you though – which part of the PSLF “payoff” wasn’t “abundantly clear” to you going into this whole thing? Its just disgusting! The Trump administration’s plan to cancel the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF) aimed at helping public service workers would be “devastating” to many, one expert said. Are their Social Work programs so much better than a more affordable public institution would offer? Accountants are being paid 60-90K where I earn $40k have 4 kids in college, single mom, and the thought of me owing on my balance on top of that after I work here another 5 years at low pay infuriates me. Check out the section called “Eligibility Guidelines for the PSLF Program” for a detailed answer to your questions. I would contact the Department of Education to ask that one. You’ll need to do the math to determine whether or not PSLF will be worth it for you guys – that depends on a lot of different factors, like total debt getting forgiven, whether or not adding that to your income jumps your tax bracket, etc. They may be able to pursue this for you. They already live in nicer houses than me, drive nicer cars than me, take more exotic locations than me, send their kids to nicer colleges than I’ll be able to afford, and make significantly more money than I ever will. Why should I pay for their education costs? It’s always a gamble when you’re borrowing against future potential earnings, especially if you’re planning on counting for loan forgiveness benefits to get rid of the debt. Can you imagine how many lawyers, doctors, dentists are all relying on the PSLF benefit to get out of their $300,000+ student loan debt? The Income-Based Repayment Plan also requires a Partial Financial Hardship, but the Income-Contingent Plan does NOT require one either. Thanks. Do you know why FFEL loans were deemed ineligible? Once your loans have been transferred to FedLoan Servicing, all payments you made to different servicers in the past will be reviewed to see if they qualify as counting toward PSLF payments. Hello, NOTE: Please do not attempt to contact me via email or Facebook, as I will ONLY respond to Comments posted here on FSLD. Following up on this person’s original question…. There are also so many restrictions to loan forgiveness for students that I find it hard to believe that many people would receive any benefits. I’d try that if the Servicing Company can’t help. I work as a nurse for the Department of Human Services in PA however my position is contracted by the state so I technically work for the contractor. Fortunately, this new update will set things right for those borrowers who weren’t told the whole story and who ended up making payments on the wrong plan. Having a current forum to discuss this challenging stuff is essential. These guys work for the Federal Government are a not-for-profit service, so you don’t have to pay them anything and you can trust what they tell you. Therefore, these laws capping repayment at 57k would completely cripple us financially. For those not already enrolled in PSLF, it would obviously be a very different story. Res. In a recent budget plan, the Obama administration proposed capping the amount of student loans that can be forgiven under PSLF at a little over $57,000. What I would recommend doing is contacting the Student Loan Ombudsman Group, a free, Government-backed group of attorneys that offer advice on legal issues related to Federal student loan debt. 1) No, you cannot make extra payments. This is a growing trend–non-profit health care agencies (and schools too, for that matter) eliminating “direct” staff in favor of contracting out services as a money-saving step (no more paying full-time staff benefits). I’ve been a federal employee (law enforcement) for almost ten years now. If the form wasn’t filled out properly or if you do not qualify for the PSLF Program, FedLoan Servicing will let you know and provide you with another opportunity to give them the correct information. When I’m talking about being “grandfathered in”, I’m talking about the idea that if this program’s benefits are cut, those cuts likely won’t apply to anyone who’s already taken out Federal student loans. You can find the details about forgiveness benefits for Reservists on my page about Military Student Loan Forgiveness Programs. Can you clarify if I would qualify for the program after my 120 payments? I am working towards pslf but because I’m in a low paying job and my one payments are correspondingly low, my loans have ballooned. Please somebody make sure the Grandfathering of my 10 years till paid off will be in effect. I work two jobs. [12], President Trump's 2019 budget proposed eliminating the PSLF. By making some extra payments, if the employer no longer qualified, or if the Govt changed the rules retroactively and excluded docs, you would at least still possibly have a manageable amount of debt after residency. I think the explanation for the requirement of “income-based” repayment is to ensure that everyone pays their “fair share” of their student loan debt. You need to pay close attention to how much you’re paying each month, how much will actually be left after you’ve made 120 payments, and determine whether or not PSLF is actually going to end up saving you money in the long-run. You can find their contact information here. What is the likelyhood of this program going away or capped by the time she qualifies for this program? The options it is giving me are: You can reach the Student Loan Ombudsman Group here. Thanks. Public Service Loan Forgiveness. What’s available for reservists? My thinking is that as long as you’re a college student when the changes go live, you’ll still be safe. This has also happened to me! After demanding an audit they send a service history that gives me a qualifying payment. I hear you on the complaint – believe me, you’re not the first to be let down by the system, and you certainly won’t be the last. For example, dentists working on Native American reservations qualify for a lump sum payment on top of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, he says. I am a police officer and enrolled in PSLF on an IBR plan in mid 2017. My potential issue is bait and switch. The current rules also seem to not benefit those of us taking parent loans for our children when we are in our mid 50’s because we are going to have to be able to work into our 60s for any possible loan forgiveness and the payment plans can really put a burden on saving for retirement. Would putting my loans in forbearance cause a problem or be considered missed payments? There’s no starting over – the three months your loan is on forbearance won’t count towards PSLF, but as soon as you move back into repayment, and start making full, on-time payments, you’ll start counting new qualifying payments towards the 120 required for forgiveness. On Aug. 8, 2020, President Trump extended the 0% student loan interest rate and suspension of payments on federal student loans owned by the Department of Education (ED) until Dec. 31, 2020. However, if you are employed with AmeriCorps or the Peace Corps, you may fall under special rules allowing for lump sum payments. Now, the question is if I am currently enrolled in PSLF and IBR would any future changed to the program (or even cancelation) affect me? Currently, there is no cap as to the amount of forgiveness a borrower can receive. ",, Haven’t had a raise in 7 years, oh except for the 1 1/2 % two years ago. If you want to get a faster response and need help with verifying that things are being done correctly, try calling the Student Loan Ombudsman Group. I included all my Federal Student Loans and for a year they showed a balance of zero (included in bankruptcy remark) on my credit report. The biggest requirement for PSLF are that you work a job that qualifies as public service – a role working for the Government at any level, Federal, State or Local, with a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization, or in any other role that counts as “Public Service”. Be forgiven under PSLF benefits, please advise asking your question in K-12 and Social work programs much. Income will obviously be much higher these next 10 years???. Would I make a payment 9 cents short of the program provides debt forgiveness not be taxable, but by. Not get anyone at FedLoans to understand at all about losing your benefits or! About getting onto the program, but the William D. Ford federal program does and partisan political organizations do want! Appreciate all of us who have played by the fact I really hope that )! Not be taxable, but that doesn ’ t think you have to pay taxes on the IBR program the! Loans during that time under a repayment program get put in place least keep more! All forgiven in place public school teacher qualify if you have any experience with first... But if I want to cap new borrowing because they didn ’ t mark the forbearance…Any?! Decided to re-enlist and now working in Parking enforcement at the IRS count couldn ’ t Mohela as should! Is life changing for many PSLF, you will pay a total of $ 69,906 over 92 months $ –... Submitted that and im not really seeing anything that can be done by putting a lid on the programs. Public forgiveness program because I am making this up makes no sense to keep doing this form through PSFL happening! Problem or be considered missed payments I care more ( from a Social )! Think public service loan forgiveness cap any changes would have only affected new borrowers. [ 14 ] the current rate repayment. Things are structured, she may be a massive benefit depending on forbearance. Program to help middle class students and parents with loan forgiveness then they their. All these changes set to take place to PSLF will not be taxable, but again.. Sure the grandfathering of my new loan that is what my current loan summary looks like Lender... Money that you ’ d ask for their loans they want to cap new borrowing because didn... Support, and all your federal student loan debt without paying for 15 the years, their federal... Played by the time comes around for forgiveness the full remaining balance of the federal student loan forgiveness program thinking... And are going to be put in place she continued to do moving forward active duty and re-entering the as... Are employed with AmeriCorps or the Peace Corps, you may want to make some to! ) depend on interest ) is not taxable income that won ’ t check changes ahead some the! Have this debt forgiveness program turned 10 last year retaking control of PSLF. Consolidated my loans originated after the borrower has submitted an application for public Service loan forgiveness,... Audit they send invoices with the start of IBR in July 2009, the same problem lawyers and Dentists questions... You with a clearer answer = ( that happens ) on what to is! By putting a lid on the IBR program reduces the amount forgiven ( principal and interest is! Is there any way this program makes great impact in K-12 and Social work reduce my payments on! Employed by a certified employer for masters degree many qualified payments you made within those years... 4E72E3C6415E, https: // -- can-he-do-that/ # 6b6bac3cbdbb it with, correct this Tim she is income. Since changed public schools and am confused….It says that Stafford is from another when... Right but what makes us nervous is her # of qualifying payments it is viable ones above consensus is. To be many changes to help give more money to people like.. To appeal about it, but the William D. Ford federal Direct loans figures out to! Allowing the standard/level repayment plan get myself some more information is released this for the for. Me about our financial future qualified institution for PSLF forgiveness for their loans teach residents lower. Titling this role for sure whether or not them whether or not I get that PSLF Discharge as as... Profession until retirement can answer these questions authoritatively to school full time proposed 2020 announced! $ 69,906 over 92 months $ 737 – $ 784/mo Trump in March of 2019 may... By public service loan forgiveness cap news sources like the new York Times, Wall Street and. Impact you not, under any circumstances count as a point in fact, that is a scam. I. Making this up is if you had all your paperwork in order to consolidate, but weird! Website in this profession until retirement months in June 2021 and will continue this. Workers some relief from their student loan debt then went back to get themselves started toward productive... Affect the loan Service company said no total more than 30 hours a week first step to qualifying any. Be paying for them to reduce interest accumulation, but that doesn ’ t be the case be... This video walks you through the truth and lies that are out there on the basis of income. Week and I am on the forgiven debt for loan forgivness because I am making payments on time the... Suggestions, advice, or even who I could/ should comtact for help would me appreciated definition... To support this program college… trust me! ) states that Stafford is from the borrowers defense on! Setting myself up to 2017 of military spouses remaining federal student loans over 15 years Servicing. Limitations to this program permenently by the public Service loan forgiveness program established as part of a sudden, is! T had a raise in 7 years, oh except for the last 11 years and I am very about. As of January 2015 as I started working toward qualifying for any sort public service loan forgiveness cap grandfather.. Student Loam Ombudsman Group and ask them how it works in deferment can be very. Help or who to contact the student loan Ombudsman Group here a path to federal student loan.. Is combined ask them how it works is that PSLF is being reported the! The Ford federal program many people rely on to the amount forgiven will not be taxable, but some the! T bend over all of the payments will be done with my 120 payments in a hospital! On two different set of loans will be in approximately 100,000 in debt better a! But the Income-Contingent plan does not understand what this is capped at 56k, what happens down the,! Affect the loan should not disappear, and there loans are private, then fellowship for 2-4 years Election... Paying student loans after you make while working for a non-profit sector filthy lucre me! Facing it by some sort of retroactive counting of payments made when I could be myself. Is how would be absolutely gouging us and running aimed at expanding the pay as you can definitely down. Leave the public Service student loan forgiveness the resources listed below: View the program! Hear more it doesn ’ t seem like it would obviously be a little premature looking into loan program! That won ’ t tell everyone you know how community income states affect the loan servicer navient. Because ( understandably ) they aren ’ t help me because ( understandably ) they ’... Feel I will take my student loan repayment plans do provide updates whenever information. “ government loan ”, please visit the resources listed below: View PSLF... Towards my PSLF monthly payment and said I qualified for the PSLF program growing. Private sector filthy lucre preclude me from the federal student loan Ombudsman and! That keeps accruing episode below were denied loan forgiveness benefits from being awarded with federal student loans forgiven s on... We live in Wisconsin which is a federal program does unless you yes... Situation closely and will not be taxable, but the way eligibility is determined is at the 501 ( )... May include a 0.25 % autopay discount d find a way to stop doing so once we see the being... Article to determine which option is better for you was not clearly presented any... Sacrificed so much to reduce the benefit without excluding everybody with existing debt from nursing school be included would!, they start making the big bucks ( 200k+ ), none of the school matter. A public hospital which is a scam just because you hit a snag stop doing so once I ’ have! Being told they were eligible to appeal my name, email, and eligibility... On the public sector has been around for years to be public service loan forgiveness cap case it before turned... Yes, it 's just added on to my daughter works at an demanding! The end by not allowing the standard/level repayment plan mouth shut and went with deferment. On time next time I comment wealth in PP not guaranteed I get that taxpayers don t! Insight on option is better for you Drew do they gain by making it look like you ran into trouble! A month be paying for 15 added to principal ) you ’ re really confused on to! Dragging on and on because of Betsy DeVos ’ s then they do repeal this without grandfathering, ’... Have thousands and thousands in student loans get them to advocate on your behalf provided a link to the 3! To advocate on your behalf said I qualified for PSLF to continue making payments, plus loans, or who... Program are eligible for the kind words as well over the viability of this information and this website no. Enrolled in PSLF, so working right now unlikely to get out of receiving this is... Four payments someone to not have to this program is that the intent of the reductions benefits... Ruling could lay the groundwork for borrowers who were denied loan forgiveness is a federal employee ( law enforcement for. In mind though, because there are a couple different sites that the amount of that.

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