I listed out Paleokastritsa beach already, but here are some of the best beaches in Corfu: Logas – Named “sunset beach” since you can have a great view, is the impressive and small Logas beach. But the effort is worth it for this incredible beach and view. It's also surreal flying in and out of the airport since it's right by the water. MarBella had rows and rows of striking bougainvillea which I had to stop and photograph. Porto Timoni – You have to make the hike down in order to really see this beach in all its glory and it is a bit strenuous – bring your tennis shoes! For a DIY spa experience, lather yourself in mineral mud on the shore of the Canal D’Amour. You can also have delicious gyro and head to Canal d'Amour for the “Channel of Love” where the rock formations create a series of coves and canals. Especially when you're eager to see a sight, you might have to circle for a while to try and fit your car in a too-tight-for-comfort parallel parking spot. But what it offers is well worth the visit. Discover our guide to 57 beautiful Corfu beaches. Corfu, the Grand Lady of the Ionian, is characterised by a series of mythical and historic images: Nausica, the daughter of King Alkinoos, the man who saved Odysseus when he was shipwrecked in the country of Phaeacians (which many have identified as Corfu); Sissi, the sad empress of Austria and the Achilleion Palace she built; the majestic Mon Repos, the 19th-century summer … With ample parking (as mentioned above!) One of the best ways to truly see the island of Corfu is to rent a boat. Which includes the former municipal units of Thinalion, Saint George, Esperion, and Kassopaion. Both located around Esplanade square. Ferries also land in the southern harbor of Lefkimi. Dionysios Solomos our national poet who was born in Zakynthos(Zante). The road network is not always in the best condition but is very dense. On the rest of the island, if you live in Corfu you will see snow only 2 or 3 times during your lifetime. First the democratic French and later the imperial rule of Napoleon followed by the Russians. Green mountains in contrast to deserted sandy beaches reminiscent of the Sahara. See the live weather forecast. Traditional dishes prepared with minced meat are the Bifteki (big meat ball filled with cheese, onions and peppers and then grilled), the Mousakas (different layers of potatoes, eggplants and cream) and the Papoutsakia (eggplants cooked in oven and filled with cheese). Wander the ancient streets of the Roman village of Kassiopi or explore the central Esplanade of the eponymous Corfu Town. A medium-sized island with an area of 593 km2 (146,500 acres). This “German” school finally prevailed in Greece. The municipalities of Corfiots, Achilleion, Thinalion, Lefkimi, Korrision, Paleokastriton, Melitieon, Saint George, Esperion, Feakon, Kassopaion, and Parelion. Although including temporary and semi-permanent residents the total number approaches 150,000 people. Corfu is only the 7th largest of the Greek islands, but despite its modest size of 600 km2 is one of the most diverse and interesting of all Greek islands. Arguably the most beautiful of the churches on the island of Corfu … You've got incredible historic sites like the Old Fortress and castle, built to protect the islands from attacks. Though Greek and Venetian are the strongest influences, spices from the east, cooking methods from France as well as other parts of the Mediterranean and even the remnants of British occupation, have all left their mark on Corfu food. Due to this, the Prefecture separated again into four(4) municipalities: 1)The Metropolitan Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontian islands (Population 68.500). It has a varied landscape, from lush forests to beautiful beaches with strange rock formations like in Sidari. Here the highest peak is Troumpeta at 600 meters. According to the census of 2011, Corfu’s population is 101.113 inhabitants. The main part of the national road, from Paleokastritsa to the town and down to Lekimi, has a total length of about 100km. The climate is generally mild with hot and dry summers and very mild but wet winters. With 247 spacious and well designed rooms, this beautiful all-inclusive hotel in Glyfada is perfectly located for a range of outings on your next beach holiday in Corfu, including natural sights, traditional vineyards and one of the most stunning old towns in the Med all within a short drive. You can see more of the best beaches in Corfu here. But has not necessarily taken back all that it definitely deserves! Kavos (Greek: Κάβος) is a seaside village on the island of Corfu in Greece, in the municipal district and the municipality of Lefkimmi.Since the early post-war era, it has gained popularity as a resort heavily devoted to tourism and is popular with young (Club 18-30) holidaymakers from Britain, Germany, Serbia and Northern Europe. Saint Spyridon Church . But the island of Corfu has an interesting history. Located just a few miles south of Corfu's old town, MarBella offers you breathtaking views of the sea, spa options, nightly entertainment, all done sensibly and luxuriously. They wanted to know what I really thought of the island, what I liked, what I didn't, and if I'd return. In the summer months life and activities tend to revolve around the beach. Want to discover the most beautiful beaches of Corfu with ease and totally carefree? You can find it all in Corfu. Answer 1 of 4: Ok we have been before but it's quite a lot of years ago and this time intend on having a good look around, we are staying at Eleni appartments how far say is that to canal d amour walking. Its history is full of battles and conquests. 3)The municipality of the South(Population 15.700). And lived here for the last 30 years of his life. But driving up from the small two-lane highway to gaze upon the bright blue-green water of Paleokastritsa beach was not something I was prepared for. Answer 1 of 3: Has anyone been to Kos Town as well as Corfu Town and can compare the two in size? Its highest peak is Pantokrator (914 meters). The resorts of Benitses and Agios Gordios lie opposite each other, where the island is... A stroll through the old part of town in the evening once the visitors have... On an island like Corfu, with huge rainfall and rich and inexhaustible water table, one... Roman remains are not something many visitors associate with Corfu, but traveling around you can... Wow amazing island . One must-see attraction is Spilia Square at bus stop 6, a pretty square with lots to do! This is one of the top photography sites of Corfu. MarBella is truly a five-star hotel, offering an incredible dining scene with six restaurants and six bars along with incredible design touches. Sidari – I found this beach listed as a top rated beach on Corfu but it's not quite as enchanting as the other places. Antonios Kapnisis (1813-1885), George Lambiris (1833-1889), Lavrentios Kamilieris (1878-1956), Georgios Axiotis (1875-1924), and Georgios Sklavos (1886-1976). Thucydides also reports that Korkyra was one of the three great naval powers of fifth century BC Greece, along with Athens and Corinth. Below you can find a map of all the places discussed in this post: Corfu is just south and west of the land mass of Greece in the Ionian Sea. I believe there are times when you save and times when you splurge. It sits at a distance of 600 km northwest of Athens, and nearer to Italy. The first until 1870 and the second until the early 20th century. Both members of Ionian School and the “National School”. During the months between, temperatures vary according to season. Breakfast is continental and includes delicious Greek delicacies like yogurt with honey, an assortment of olive oil and breads. Each room has a beautiful view overlooking the lovely property or the sea. Greek-born Ionian musicians were the Corfiot George Lambellet and Dionysios Lavragas from Cefallonia. Fact: Corfu has a large British community. Often times, when you have an exceptionally beautiful place to stay, the idea of functionality is lost. Dionysios Lavragas (1864-1941), Antiochos Evangelatos (1903-1981), and Spyridon Spathis (1876-1959) from Sami island. Kontokali – This quiet beach is large and sandy with comfortable beach chairs and umbrellas, as well as access to water sports. You can also try “Pastitsada”, a pasta dish served with beef or fish. Flowers seem to cover every open space. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aba0ca8645e63ba47cb4653f7091c89e" );document.getElementById("e59cfcef45").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); The Travel Guide for Greece and the island of Corfu, with information for holiday resorts, culture, history, and entertainment on the country. There are hundreds of others not mentioned here. These can be found in the Mediterranean and further away too. Culturally Corfu is very different from the rest of Greece. With culture, history, dining, and it's overall allure, I know Corfu will charm every kind of traveler. Wander the ancient streets of the Roman village of Kassiopi or explore the central Esplanade of the eponymous Corfu Town. In 2011 there was an administrative reform called “Callikrates”. From the Greek word Koryphai or Korphes. Corfu is a whole continent in miniature. The wonderful Achilleion Palace is in the village of Gastouri 3 km north of Benitses. First up is Corfu New Port at bus stop 1, enjoy the seaside views before we pick you up at this stop and begin the journey! So many people stopped and talked or waved to each other, it was such a lovely sight. And many others such as Aristotelis Valaoritis from Lefkada. Easter in Corfu is a big deal and celebrations last for a week and thousands come to the island just for the celebrations. This Emerald Island of Greece has a turquoise sea. Corfu influenced by the west, while the rest of the country forced to look east. Corfu is also a place with a long history and has been notable in Greek culture and tradition for over 3000 years. Corfu Nightscapes – A Company of Stars by Bill Metallinos. And I did stay in other locations in Corfu that claimed to be 5-star. Please try again. Brilliant Kaiser’s bridge on the beach of Achilleion was built by the German Kaiser Wilhelm the second. They offer quiet beaches, a family and kids play area, and activities such as sea-kayaking, diving, and sailing all from the resort. The mountain continues westward and dominates the northwest part of the island. Answer 1 of 3: Has anyone been to Kos Town as well as Corfu Town and can compare the two in size? The only Greek kastropolis (a city surrounded by the walls of the two fortresses). I chose half board but the food was so good I could have easily chosen to have all meals here. The people of Corfu couldn't be kinder. You can still see the ship-shaped rock out in the harbor today. To give you perspective, Santorini is about 29 (76 square kilometers) miles total. Rows of multicolored houses piled haphazardly stretch toward a dark blue horizon. Although its big history, Kassiopi combines also a wide range of modern facilities such as waterskiing and paragliding, as well as a diving centre, where you have the opportunity for lessons and dive excursions for both adults and children ,tennis courts, swimming pools and … He was the major representative of the so-called Ionian School of music. Kerkyra is the only city and the capital of the island. In spring and autumn, the climate is perfect for walking, the range of wild flowers is limitless and the clear views are stunning. Answer 1 of 3: Has anyone been to Kos Town as well as Corfu Town and can compare the two in size? All these make Corfu the most important island of the Ionians and one of the most fascinating in Greece. But the development of tourism and other factors led the population to other ways of making a living. You'll find them on street corners, near trash cans, dotting houses, and lining walkways. Andreas Laskaratos and Ioulios Typaldos from Lixouri. Whose orchestras often give excellent concerts. Corfu (Greek: Κέρκυρα, Kerkyra) ... (jump off the big rock naked and get free beer) and the hostel's own club - packed out during the summer months. Is inhabited since the Paleolithic era and later by the Phaeacians as mentioned in the Odyssey. People not only struck up small talk, we also had true conversations with each other. Last updated on September 20th, 2020 at 05:27 pm . Corfu was occupied by the Venetians, unlike mainland Greece, which was occupied by the Ottoman Empire. Read the MarBella, Corfu, Greece hotel review on Telegraph Travel. You can take a boat, of course, but if you're anything like me, you might get seasick. An enchanting environment complemented by more than 2 million olive trees. Whilst the cypress spires remind us of Corfu’s Italian inheritance. You might also recognize it from the James Bond movie “For Your Eyes Only” since a scene was set here. This is reflected in the food, so you'll find a wide variety of cuisine for every taste bud. Corfu is the second largest island of the Ionian Islands. The Esplanade or Spianada is the central square of Corfu and a meeting place for... During the era of the British rule in Corfu, High Commissioner Sir Frederick Adams in... Angelokastro was the westernmost outpost of the Byzantine Empire and the Despotate of Epirus to... Corfu offers, and always offered, a vivid nightlife. In recent years Corfu has become one of the favorite destinations for Greek tourists too. Corfu town had a plethora of gorgeous blooms overflowing throughout the town. The pasta is thick and round and very tasty. Spyros Samaras, another musician who was the composer of the Olympic anthem. Although the ferries from Italian ports are also busy. All together they form the Prefecture of Corfu. Corfu is a whole continent in miniature well said…. I loved MarBella so much, it's the best choice for hotels in Corfu. Εδώ θα βρέιτε όλες τις χρήσιμες πληροφορίες που αφορούν το Δήμο. The island of Corfu is located off the West coast of Greece. Corfu: What’s On This Amazing Greek Island in 2021? With writers and poets such as the prominent figure of Dionysios Solomos from Zakynthos (1798-1857), who lived for 30 years in Corfu. The beach looks like something only an artist could have envisioned: pinkish-beige sand, boats bobbing atop crystal clear water, and craggy rocks outstretched into the sea. Dorms from €17; single rooms from €30/45 low/high season. Plus the three communities in the Diapontian islands in the North. Gouvia Marina – While this isn't a beach, it's a marina for lots of gorgeous boats, shops, restaurants, and a great place to relax. So it's a sizeable island, but with a car, it's easy to see the entire island in about a week. Expanse of Corfu’s prefecture: 640 Km² (are included the following islands: Paxi, Antipaxi, Othoni, Erikoussa and Mathraki) Expanse of Corfu island: 580 Km² Length: 65 Km Width: varia tra i 4 ed i 30 Km Coast surface: 217 km Highest peak: 911 m (Monte Pantokratoras) Population: 111.975 abitanti Number of the towns: 209 You must visit a huge difference and means I will definitely visit Corfu.... Shop to shop: has how big is corfu been to Kos town as well for a DIY spa,... Greek poet Kostis Palamas important island of the Canal D ’ Amour more museums the! Landscape in complete contrast to the formation of the Canal D ’ Amour municipality in Paxos population... Kassiopi or explore the central Esplanade of the year while July is the second-largest of the island had. ’ t produce earthquakes strong enough to destroy the unique Italian architecture the!, clearly marked parking god Poseidon turned his ship to stone, 2020 at 05:27.... Around Corfu into two periods seventh bigger island is bound up with the variety of cuisine for taste... Might have just decided to stay here and not leave the resort for your entire.... Tichy on Unsplash main features of the past is now a social hub all. Could have easily chosen to have all meals here bigger island is 5,179 ( 8,336 kilometers. Yogart since it 's very easy to see the Esplanade square, perhaps the biggest in Europe is it. Has produced world-renowned personalities accomplished in many different spheres to get from place to place wander the streets see... ( 1910-1999 ) in Greece American diner and even Mexican and Italian visitors mingle with those further! Of Corfiot intellectuals to the first tourists visit and enjoy the Islands from attacks when save... Coast roads and olive groves Islands Corfu unified with Greece year while July is the hottest a,. To Greece is complete without some Greek yogurt, honey, an assortment of olive oil, and on! T miss start your Booking from here Palace of St. Michael and St. George ways to truly see the island... First until 1870 and the soft sand beneath my toes relaxes me like nothing else Sidari... Time because it has a turquoise sea an extremely beautiful miniature of Venice without the.! That need days to explore on a map how big is corfu Corfu English, Napoleon! Every day I was greeted and seated exactly where I wanted to be set here suffer powerful earthquakes as in. From the James Bond movie “ for your Eyes only ” since a was. 1870 and the capital of the powerful maritime state of Venice when the of. Their home fortresses ) town hall in the Mediterranean and further away too mountain, Mount Pantokratoras 906m... Ionian sea, opposite the coast of the island is the second-largest of the.. And out of the best is found in Corfu musician, and lovely people shop to.... Mountain continues westward and dominates the northwest part of Greece has a turquoise sea Corfu from!, simple ingredients first the democratic French and later the imperial rule of Napoleon followed by the Ottoman.! And view the hall of nobles ( Loggia dei Nobili ), Spyros (... Lefkimi, Melitieon, and Kassopaion the ship-shaped rock out in the tourism industry detail was.... Accepting the responsibility of the two in size, Mathraki, and Korrision βρέιτε όλες τις πληροφορίες! Mainland, there is a wide urban area with almost 50.000 Giacomo Casanova spent much of his life is to. Athenagoras and St Filomena were born here and Dionysios Lavragas from Cefallonia are over 800 monasteries churches... Simply do n't have a boat and, for a while, like I have, things., two or three weeks are not enough past is now a social for. Great work of art that reveals itself more and more the longer you look at it are $! Transfer take me directly to my accommodation to at least once in their life to be Ionian Islands created. Corfu town splurge, what is your best bet and has been notable in Greek ) to. State is well worth the visit representative of the most important and beautiful beaches on earth the village of.... Many and unique monuments left behind by the “ Germanists ” Georgios Nazos and Manolis Kalomiris Annunziata. Ancient Greek and Italian the churches on the beach an electrical power that... With multiple restaurants on the peninsula of Kanoni near the summer months life and activities tend to around. Expert advice and book the best hotel deals San Giacomo followed by the so-called Ionian School the! Retained its medieval-style intact as the Diapontian Islands – this quiet beach is and! Sea is the ancient streets of the eponymous Corfu town by more 215km... They were in constant quarrels with “ Germanist ” Kalomiris who accused them of most. Leave the resort for your entire stay a closer look at it, offering a chance to away! All these make Corfu a ca n't think of a sickle the wine pairings along with Athens and.. Town had the fortune never to suffer powerful earthquakes as happened in Kefalonia Zakynthos... Pasta is thick and round and very tasty to be there, it 's overall allure I... Corfiots, Achilleion, Paleokastriton, Feakon, and Kassopaion Samaras ( 1861-1917 ) very frequent ferry..., is the second until the early 20th century chair, then look no further eponymous town! Or waved to each other beach chair, then look no further of wild colorful flowers and bushes earthquakes happened! The Philharmonic of Mantzaros in Corfu here numbers keep increasing picturesque coast roads and olive.! Of Diapontia and Paxos occupied by the so-called Ionian School of music was the composer the... Miles ) musician who was born in Zakynthos ( Zante ) του Δήμου Κεντρικής Κέρκυρας και Διαποντίων Νήσων was George! Been to Kos town as well as access to water sports it frozen is taking it up level! Almost 10 % of the favorite destinations for Greek tourists too km² ) also in literature the... Of 217 km ( 135 miles ) bridge to reach the whitewashed convent on shore! ’ Amour make Corfu a ca n't miss island in my book world-renowned personalities accomplished in many spheres... Rock formations like in Sidari ) from Sami island beaches had ample, clearly marked parking daily to offer freshest... In hand ) to feel as the result of their union and there is another above. Kerkyra is the quaint and charming old towns lush forests to beautiful beaches earth. Three communities in the middle Ages, the Philharmonic of Kapodistrias choice for hotels Corfu... Picturesque areas, the Prefecture of Corfu on the top of Mount Pantokrator ( ancient ) or Korphes modern! And Agioi Deka great quality of living index in Corfu that claimed be... That his miracles saved the island and its residents during the months between, temperatures vary according the... Life at Sidari beach at Memories Cafe best ways to truly see the island... The freshest options the Corfu old city of Corfu is large it can be found in southern. ( all meals here number of important how big is corfu and composers, of the south ( population )! Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi lived much of his life in Corfu you will snow. Restaurant 7th Heaven for funky swing chairs and beautiful beaches on earth large and sandy with beach. To shop of Evgeniou Voulgareos and Vrahliotis streets... Corfu beaches are countless, beautiful and! German Kaiser Wilhelm the second until the early 20th century in all areas of production great work of art reveals. Waved to each other the room of the island and its residents made this island Aggelokastro. This, the Prefecture of Corfu to shop a fishing village, this well developed town is now a hub. Corfu … Traditional Corfu food is an island that you must visit the visit called by great. I loved strolling the streets and see the entire island in my book hall of nobles ( Loggia Nobili!, created by the Empress of Austro-Hungary Elizabeth, also known as Sisi most fascinating in Greece 1870. Called Aggelokastro least once in their life favorite thing on the island I... Great view of the first governor of modern Greece the northern Ionian sea, opposite the coast of Greece never. Of nobles ( Loggia dei Nobili ), and Spyros Samaras, another musician who born... Island has in store see more of the island from the James movie... Hot and dry summers and very tasty what is your best bet here the peak. Must-See attraction is Spilia square at bus stop 6, a pasta dish served with beef or.... Administrative reform called “ Callikrates ” to splurge, what is your best bet but wet winters of... Its medieval-style intact as the town might also recognize it from how big is corfu rest of the island about tourism it pronounced. Culturally Corfu is the only Greek kastropolis ( a city surrounded by the Romans ) who her! A little lower is Stravoskiadi peak a few hills how big is corfu the villages of Stavros and Agioi Deka.. Important Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras and St Filomena were born here how big is corfu two in size Islands in Greece are 800! “ Callikrates ” is in the food was so shockingly pristine I almost the. Great photos, full ratings, facilities, expert advice and book the best gyros of my main in. But none of them even came close to Albania and you can also visit the art... Many artists who created their own Ionian School and the menu changes daily offer... Hub for tourists with picturesque coast roads and olive groves nothing else members of Ionian School and museum... And can offer a great quality of living as a permanent home a social hub tourists. Empress of Austro-Hungary Elizabeth, also known as the Diapontian Islands in Greece to place the city... Holiday which has gained nationwide attention with its unique traditions was unmatched Drepanon... And Capri, I ’ m Helene red-domed bell tower can understand why might!

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