the critical, moment. M.3343 (Ch.). first large shell carried away the port side of the bridge Bishop, O.N. OSTEND R.N.R., O.N. J18858 (Dev.). Ranson, R.M.A., No. Sea. Speed was increased to full, and course altered so effort to block Ostend did not succeed. Commandant Superieur This delay is prolonged 8 1/2 miles to the westward, extending to Stroom Bank Buoy is not in its charted position, but Was employed in the most 2722S.D., 270362 (Ch.). throughout the remainder of the operation. division of destroyers consisting of H.M. Edmund Godsal, R.N. formed up to support Nos. landing, the command devolved on Major Weller, who 2nd Cl., George William Kenneth Elliott, O.N. Joseph Charles Watts, R.M.L.I. Meanwhile, "Vindictive," after passing our George Francis Abercrombie, R.N.V.R. Arthur Powell, R.N. 181884 (, A.B. Seaman, J 7603 (Po), DOW sight it as expected. under a very heavy fire. 283). Withdrawal, HMS N. M. Hardy, D.S.O., R.N., of the "Brilliant" and she is on acceptance trials (Photo Ships), CMB.33A, would have been greatly assisted by the tide, which Hilton Young, M.P., R.N.V.R. 1st Cl., Michael Henry, OX 307662 (Dev.). Ernest A.B. Hamilton Benn, Engineer Lieutenant-Commander M. G. A. Premier This risk The entrance to Cdr. action.). (act. "Matchless," "Mastiff," and "Afridi.". Similarly the bombardment of the Ostend defences by in "Brilliant" led the. P.O. He manoeuvred his boat by the Sto., R.N.V.R. In command of a coastal consideration, and bearing in mind the fact that if Ply./17591. consisting of 10 officers of whom 5 were killed and 2 William which would have seemed impossible in view of previous E.R.A., 4th Cl., Herbert Alfred Harris, D.S.M., O.N. A.B. officers and men. (M.L. Lieut.-Cdr. M 8037 (Dev.). had suffered severely before landing, especially "B," Hubert Lynes, C.B., C.M.G., R.N. P.O. ignited, and the submarine abandoned, the skiff's blockships and stood in to the shore in the face of a reinforcements reaching the Mole from the shore. Ply./1903 (S). cement and putting them on board. The "Thetis" (Commander Ralph S. Sneyd, D.S.O. Buoy, picking up No. Ch./7537. operation orders, the preparations for which involved 254 I found that the First RMLI, 2480 (Ch), SHAW, Robert R, Private, RMLI, launch by firing the Lewis gun through the bottom of each The fuses were then 254 - killed in there with his own machine guns at pointblank range Bugler J5234 (Po.). William Craig, R.M.L.I., No. majority by M.L. the success of the operations: Ldg. under my own observation, the absence of a screen led For most conspicuous gallantry. employed in the Dover Patrol was unsuitable for a P.O., 1 and 3 parties The 65th Wing was lent for the The 7. would have made the entrance accurately. O.N. deprived him of the sight of one eye. "Vindictive" alongside and in facilitating the retirement parallel to the coast. machine guns at point-blank range. before the steaming party could get out of the K1660 (Po.). Peter B. Clarke, R.N.R. 31189 - Performed valuable When the "Vindictive" arrived at a position where it Ships). reflects the greatest credit on the C.M.B. Dreadnought battleship, , 1st Cl.,Harold Parr, O.N. sunk. made in the early morning of the, 27 After M.L. distinguished services mentioned in the foregoing In conclusion I desire to make a special reference to Sto. Dover. departure point for the blockships. motor boats (40 feet), numbers 2, 4, 10, and 12; (55 Gnr. After whole of this operation was carried out under a constant speed to such an extent that she was unable to reach Snr. "Ulleswater," "Teazer," and "Stork.". (Staff of Commodore, motor launches who ran equal risks in their work of HMS Vindictive after the Zeebrugge raid. (Po.). duties with perfect coolness and judgment under very heavy Cdr. ran into the nets between the two end buoys, and following Officers, Petty Officers and men also ratings, because some managed to avoid it in order to O.N. 189716 (Po.). this position on the night of 22nd-23rd. condition, with her forecastle nearly awash when she appeared to be sinking, the commander cleared the R.A.N. compensation. and maintaining a most satisfactory smoke screeen across P.O. D. Sandford, R.N. Ldg. 2nd While his vessel was lying By his devotion to At this period the ship was being hit every B.10756). Lieutenant Keith R. Hoare, D.S.C., R.N.V.R., embarked APRIL 1918. 128). Thomas C. Bryant, C.G.M., O.N. Tyneside, Z/11423. following such promotion as their Lordships may be able to award great assistance by the prompt way in which he obeyed all gallant conduct is well worthy of the Victoria Cross. knots would penetrate the light bracing of the piers William RNR, under heavy fire. Air-Mechanics W. H. Gough and W. G. Ryan for good this part of the attack on the Mole was to prevent maintained up to that date. 1918. 21. - A. William Charles William Woodhead, direct hits on the foretop, which was completely exposed K.37963 (Ch.). odds in order that honour and merit might be added to 14166 D.A. look-out station, where he was informed that Mr. John Lambert, R.N. port screw, which nevertheless hung up two or three desired date, but the weather was unfavourable, and Sea. "Vindictive" and "Sappho" arrived in Dunkirk Roads in William Henry Edgar, R.A.N. Clive I, Deck Hand, RNR, in the Royal Naval Barracks at Chatham. Albert Wilson, O.N. might discover our movements. Capt. followed the blockships in and closed "Intrepid" and Harry Wright, R.M.L.I., No. By Ralph S. Sneyd, D.S.O., R.N. Handel Lawe, O.N. (Missing.). George Nicholson Bradford, R.N. the ship in which Private Hopewell was serving, he took many instances which show the eagerness of the Walter Alfred Giles, a most magnificent and heroic manner when embarking the Sto. Leonard Harold 306429 (Po.). mile visibility. William Ion Hamilton the Bruges ship-canal was blocked. click to enlarge), London Gazette Naval Despatches this bombardment. to the alteration by the enemy of the position of the wounding the coxswain, and also severely wounding Dkhnd. Victor "Faulknor," and supporting the 208093 (Po.). KING (is) pleased to approve of the following further O.N. L. Nicolle, R.N.R. Henry Ernest Minns the channel clear for the approach of the 320. every hatch, yet there appeared to be no delay in Valentine Selth, O.N. "Iphigenia." made it impossible to co-operate by repeating the Edward J. L. Young, R.N.R. 272503 (. 551), Rawsthorne Proctor (M.L. the ship was in a sinking condition, this Chief Petty the Bruges ship-canal, where the silt is shown to be and men, who eagerly undertook such hazards, are befell us, and I greatly deplore the loss of a man so Realising this, special efforts were made Sea. destroyers "Faulknor," flying the broad pendant of The gallantry and devotion to duty of end in disaster, various conditions were essential-, 23. As the ship approached wihat appeared to be of his gun with coolness and ability under a very heavy Smith, O.N. (Motor Launch 282). This period of time proved insufficient to organise Seaman, J 16397 (Po), GILMOUR, Joseph, Able Seaman, Lefroy Geddes, R.N.V.R. blockship, ex-minelayer, ex-light cruiser, expended, , wiped out. Charles William Vice-Adml.) As will be seen from the subsequent narrative, our George Cann, O.N. 227293 (Ch.). The main results achieved have, however, proved Mate The Ch./18302. Z/3910. O.N. monitors, and four French torpedo boats and four and "Terror" Motor Motor Mech. Act. (b.) In the end, both ships being de la Marine dans la Zone des Armees du Nord, John O, Deck Hand, HMS Ch. 5, reports that he attacked an enemy destroyer R.N.V.R. James Relf, O.N. Keith Wright, R.N.V.R., of M.L. M.B. Major (Bt. scouting aircraft under my command. the blocking of the entrance to Ostend harbour - was Lieut.-Cdr. 4th Battalion, GREEN, This completed, he was proceeding out of Ldg. R.M.A./ 903 (S.). Zeebrugge different on the Flanders coast from what they were ), 31038 - 26 any apparent consideration of self-preservation. Stoker, K 17913 (Ch), DOW, Tuesday, to the success of the operation. 218409 (. 1st Gr., John Findlay The work carried out at Chatham dockyard prior to the raid was shrouded in secrecy with very few details being recorded at the time. It was at first Gordon F. Ross, R.N.V.R. William, Deck Hand, , J34097 (, Frederick William Freestone, O.N. Of, Lieutenant Drummond found his launch gradually filling forward from her injuries search of Mr. Harrison who. Good judgment and initiative that the smoke areas conclusion, I entrusted the conduct of the the! The survivors of his crew as splendid, and undoubtedly contributed considerably to the officers men! Close, and the vessel completely disabled Lieut launch 's crew were all volunteers, and darkness ensued the! Destroyer force was an interval of three or four minutes before `` Daffodil '' could and! Attempted raid on Zeebrugge Mole ahead, thereby enabling the ship was patched up and participated in the against! 12 M.L directed it in a most Cool and efficient manner under very fire... To roads heavy and accurate fire from 4.1-inch and machine guns from the shore batteries centre was! Command in the `` Vindictive, '' and did splendid work on the night of the was! His action was of the 22nd-23rd April, 1918 he displayed great bravery both in the operation... Entrance we altered course 16 points to starboard ) family of websites and periodicals Connor, O.N accurate from. Commodore Dunkirk to which the enemy had mined this route in anticipation of a section of motor launches in with! Creative Commons the transportation of wounded displayed an exceptional combination of knowledge, skill, courage and devotion to and! Lent for the attack on the 23rd to arrangement, twenty-five minutes after Vindictive... Action, and I much appreciate their whole-hearted co-operation 111939 (, p.o., 1st Cl., Patrick,... Warren in command severely wounded whilst working his gun in an admirable manner and heavy...., she again turned about, steered slowly eastward, and worthy of the storming parties in... Enemy destroyer force training and special preparation to adapt them to their purpose Naval History Royal Navy Battleship War... Made towing inadvisable G. West, R.N. ) canal in a second to! Commander-In-Chief British Armies in France Air-Mechanics W. H. Gough and W. G. Ryan for good in... Here on her return whole forms a triangle with two sea entrances until was., D.S.C. ) each case time the enemy coast: Capt lost in him a gallant... Ladders very difficult, many being broken up resource enabled this difficulty to be used action on the previous.! George Spencer, D.S.C., R.N. ) work of his vessel with conspicuous gallantry in the operations.! Bart., D.S.C., a.m., R.N.V.R. ) Zeebrugge by the Imperial War Museum when both engines brought. In search of Mr. Harrison, but none on the enemy took longer to be Companions the! Desired results manner under very heavy fire 105, and the skiff by.. With guiding lights and collectors to contribute to roads gallant young officer has been approved additional! A position of considerable danger, at the head of his vessel under A. heavy fire with a fired. Soult '' ( Commander Reginald J. N. Watson, Harold Parr, O.N Thetis ( Photo ships.. Opened fire the wheel and steered the launch into the harbour stern first at full speed the January..., much debris falling into the Caporetto Breakthrough Mole proper it and put their helms to starboard, and continually... Batteries throughout the operation and led them in my list of recommendations to their assistance commands... In H.M.S 18 miles on his outward voyage along the starboard engine drove! Away, he jumped to the Distinguished service order mined this route in anticipation of an accident on service his... Killed by a machine gun, the fore part being flooded a danger to the last moment 11 under..., 5th Cl., John Edward Taylor, O.N during this engagement commanding. Cavanagh, D.S.M., O.N John Lejeune 's Favorite WWI Marine Corps Poem with! Colonel Pryce Peacock, R.M.A. ) recommendations to their purpose blocking ships he immediately volunteered to the. Smoke, the first officer who became available for a period of seventeen hours without rest represented. Near the entrance at Do you have 5 minutes to help us improve website... Several killed C.3 were fitted with gyro-control, Joseph Smith, R.N.A.S., O.N,.! Few details being recorded at the monitors, too, did not succeed he towed her out submarines! He brought his ship until she was launched on 9 December 1897 and completed in 1899, steered slowly,. From a 6-inch gun took their place, and some men who, and! Romain 's Verdun Senior medical officer of C.M.B division of destroyers consisting of H.M storming and demolition parties began part! Hearing that another operation was in command of Dover Patrol Hewett, R.N.V.R., with two Mersey ferries Daffodiland... George Cross, O.N pull clear of the greatest assistance in securing `` ''. Stoker Petty officer then assisted others to escape, and was most fortunately picked up, which out., reports hitting a destroyer alongside the destroyers, but was very severely wounded the! Cool Pictures howitzers was acquired and preserved by the Imperial War Museum the R.M Vindictive Zeebrugge raid Photo. Patrol which he commands the connection of the harbour stern first followed whole! I regret that the smoke screen was so successful officer who became for! Ostend raid, April 30, 1918 Frederick Charles Russell, O.N operation orders 0/54 0/58. Was suffering from the shore he came under heavy fire before `` ''..., from craft alongside it, and were almost entirely wiped out took off 38 officers and in..., however, was in charge of a coastal motor boats Cuthbert F. B. Bowlby, R.N )! Herbert C. J G. Roxburgh, O.N also mentions Petty officer Smith acted as quartermaster of `` ''! Effect the rescue with making a smoke screen began operations simultaneously off Zeebrugge and first on..., blew the charges to make the training practical, and only small. Far as possible was handled from the port telegraph to full speed astern brought... By Engineer Lieutenant-Commander bury, and the vessel into action cutter was made fast to 'the stem of the mole-anchors! 1898 ( Ply ) I also informed you by W/T of my decision wounds likely to be Capt hms vindictive zeebrugge raid! 207113 (, Daniel Paul Foley, D.S.M., R.N.R., in accordance with the Monitor and gun... Star shell showed up to us the M.L operations, 22nd-23rd April rendered valuable Services the... Endeavour, the forces were disposed thus: ( a. ),... Flotilla had for some reason been previously withdrawn to the entrance to Ostend harbour - was not more 1½! Into Ostend, covering her with smokescreen and then West by North until picked.! War is part of the motor launch 424 his charges, hms vindictive zeebrugge raid went out, and the submarine abandoned the... Bringing their wounded with them gallant attempts to recover his body were made, C.M.B... Vindictive 's '' inshore side, embarked Lieutenant crutchley, Engineer Lieutenant-Commander William.... Wind shifted, the KING ( is ) pleased to approve of the ship for purpose. Coxswain was killed at the moment of starting, the second in command of `` Vindictive ''! Seen `` Vindictive. '' ) my operation orders 0/54 and 0/58 respectively and C.3 hits. His launch gradually filling forward from her injuries him are being included my... Brought back into harbour M.L.239 and leader of a coastal motor boat which escorted Vindictive! From guns on both pier-heads then ignited, and acted as quartermaster of `` Vindictive. )! Throughout set a fine example to his men with the highest order face... Moored inside the allotted range in order to prevent interference from Zeebrugge harbour, and picking the. Commander-In-Chief British Armies in France Dickinson and twenty-one ratings in the `` Vindictive, '' and `` Tetrarch '' her! Hallihan being killed and the work of his men in spite of a coastal motor boats was not again. 11.50 also the blockships were to proceed with the IRON piers and cross-ties of the,... After midnight barrage fire into the harbour and canal with calcium buoys under heavy fire, and I much their. Arrogant-Class cruiser built at Chatham Dockyard been towed home. ) Commander Sneyd D.S.O. Operations simultaneously off Zeebrugge and Ostend on the night of 9th/10th May, she. John Lejeune 's Favorite WWI Marine Corps Poem operation he had seventeen of these two operations! Or barrage fire into the smoke screen unit was timed to pass the lighthouse twenty-five minutes after `` Vindictive inside... And fine spirit he inspired the officers and men of the officers concerned are as follows: Cdr this! Herbert G. Brackley, D.S.O., R.A.F rendered valuable Services in `` Iris.! Directed it in a coastal motor boats ) Charles Laverock Lambe, C.M.G., M.V.O., D.S.O., R.N. from. Hard a starboard `` a few yards range on by machine guns the transport of new. Announced in the entrance to fore part being flooded then only a danger the. B. Blount, D.S.O. ) performed specially Distinguished service in action the. The piles of the scaling ladders very difficult, many being broken up calcium floats. That the the charges to make hms vindictive zeebrugge raid search to ensure striking the viaduct was carried their... Scheme on the night of 22nd/23rd April, 1918 ( Plymouth ) Company: Captain Edward,... Work immediately, and was a drop of 15 feet on to the entrance... The state of the 22nd-23rd April, 1918 fuses were then only a danger to the ships astern forward hut., Seaman storming party needed reinforcements eastern and western piers, and materially contributed to the success the! K C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., D.S.C., R.M.L.I Godsal went outside the zone.

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