A good mindset to have is to not view exposure as a mere state, but rather as a conscious, active decision. However, design trade-offs in Soviet designs that reduce their overall profile on the battlefield also cause gun depression in the turret to be rather poor, with the average depression angle being only 5 degrees. Note that in RB, a coherent line-up adapted to this mode necessitates at least 6 crew slots (medium/light tanks, heavy tanks, one SPG, at least one AA, and planes, if you also fly). Vehicles are then linked via an arrow branching from one vehicle to the next. From War Thunder Wiki Jump to: navigation, search Researchable vehicles Premium vehicles I Rank M8 LAC M3A3 Stuart T-26 Chi-Ha Chi-Ha Kai M8 HMC SU-76M T … Keep in mind that some tanks have uses outside of their historical and intended role, so if you see someone turning tanks inside out with an AA vehicle like the T17E2, don’t be deterred from experimenting with it yourself. A player chooses one of the available nations: USA, Germany, Soviet Union, Great Britain, or Japan, and explores vast parks of land and air war machines, which open through game progression. Making the transition from a tank novice to a veritable Sherman is a long-winded and treacherous route without proper guidance. However, earning this status is much harder and requires either Golden Eagles or a huge amount of experiences to achieve. The one thing that stay unique for most early Italian tanks is their upgraded high-normalization APHE shell, which give them upper hand at longer ranges compared to other factions that use similar APHE shell, although at point-blank range these shells aren't any better than normal ones. Medium tanks are the jack-of-all-trade tank in the game. As such, many conventional tank tactics such as the hull-down position and terrain exploitation (such as hills) are complicated by the lacking gun depression. Don’t. Tech Tree trends: This section's purpose is to get the player adequately ready in jumping into a War Thunder tank battle, starting from choosing a nation towards joining a battle. These descriptions will cover the first impressions of each country and the trends in tank … Bead-lining a straight path towards the objective could run into open, exposed areas where the enemy could fire upon with ease. Armoured casemate structure A light tank is a tank that usually trades firepower and armor for speed and acceleration. Picture says more than Once comfortable with the game, Realistic and Simulator Battles can be considered for further immersion into the War Thunder battles. Most American tank destroyers rely on mobility to benefit their firepower and definitely have armour considerations last, so careful positioning is always important to preserve the tank destroyer's efforts on the battlefield. Whether the enemy spots you or not, this tank will be able to get around all bar the best of War Thunder players and wreak havoc from behind enemy lines. Multiple Objective Map Tactics 3. Light tanks at tier 4- tier 6 have exceptional guns with a low profile and SABOT rounds; Sheridan is a faster KV2 with ATGMs that outclass most ATGMs in-game; American Medium tanks are very versatile; Best 9.0 tank ingame, MBT-70 is the master of all trades at it's tier; American t34 and t29 have fantastic turret armour and front armour Obvious as it may sound, a scout tank like the T-50 won’t be able to trade blows with a heavy tank like the KV-1. The various 47 mm calibre cannons give good penetration and damage, which can give the Italians a good advantage at range. PROS +very fast +very small +good gun for its BR (fast reload, good penetration) CONS -no more binoculars to spot enemies -slow turn in place Tier II After buff M4A1 with 105mmshort gun get 2.7 BR, that makes t… This can be done as simple as retreating back into cover after firing the cannon to reload in safety, or as thorough as repositioning the fire location before exposing the tank again. Slow and heavily armoured tanks will require a more careful approach but offer their ability to soak up heavy damage as recompense. Rank III Italians begin using American medium tanks, though with a boost by enhancing the firepower with a better gun. The first two are typical trucks with guns mounted on them, but the last two AMX designs provide powerful guns for combating aircraft, as well as radars to more easily target and destroy enemy aerial threats. War Thunder utilises specific damage values and modules for every tank. This guide will help get a player on their feet in trying out War Thunder tank warfare. Firepower upgrades turret characteristics, accuracy, and unlocks new ammunition to be used. Some SPAA are able to defend themselves against ground targets such as the German Ostwind, the British Falcon and the Soviet ZSU-57-2, but these are last ditch weapons. - Aerial combat is a 3-dimensional art with many intricacies that take years to master. This will allow flankers to be able to not only take the advantage over the enemy, but give them a lethal edge over their forces. It focuses on tank tactics and it is intended for new players who did not played Ground Forces before. Keeping an eye out for armour vulnerabilities, offensive frailties or knowing to simply keep a bit of distance between you and a certain type of tank will keep you involved in the battle for much longer. When playing these tanks try to stay in the second rank or on the flanks. With seven nations in the game as of Update 1.85 "Supersonic", there are lots of starting points to choose from for the War Thunder tank career. These tanks are powerful weapons in the correct hands, capable of selecting targets of importance and dispatching them in quick order – however, one must be mindful of one's surroundings since the only protection early USSR tanks have is natural cover or distance. These combat vehicles are mainly used to counter slow moving tanks or tanks with a slow turning radius. War Thunder Ground Forces Tank Shells Guide by LB95 Prologue I had the idea for this guide a while ago, and it's something I could have done with during the Used in only the British QF 6pdr. Memorize your enemies. I will add knowledge to this thread as people submit information. Here are some acronyms to keep in mind: AP (armour-piercing), HE (high explosive) and BC (Ballistic Capped). Mobility takes a short dip as engine power stays the same while tank weight increases. Either way, it may require you to move away from your position to take back the point. These tank destroyers, with examples like the Jagdpanzer IV, SU-85, and Semoventes, are distinguished by a fully enclosed fighting compartment with a gun mounted fixed to the front on a flexible mount. Here are some key principles to have in mind when playing WT-GF: First strike: if you fire first and get a good hit, you are likely to win the engagement Spend a little bit of time with any one tank and you’ll soon find a wide range of shell types at your disposal, each useful in their own right. Their tanks acquire .50 caliber machine guns as early as tier I (though they start appearing on everything at tier 2), thus giving them limited but effective Anti-Air capability. When you are facing a fellow tank, you may feel the urge to ram them. Network N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Amazon Associates and other programs. Do not leave a battle if you can still respawn. Here we detail the typical usage of each vehicle type in a battle. The best Ground Forces action is to be found in Realistic and Simulator battles, and if you spend too much of your early career in Arcade, making the leap to these more hardcore modes is a no mean feat. Even having more targets destroyed and losing can net a smaller result than less targets destroyed and winning. The highly advanced ZTZ99 has arrived in War Thunder reinforcing the top rank of the Chinese ground forces tree in the “Hot Tracks” major update! Putting several tanks in your line-up will also allow you to adapt the tanks you play to the maps you will encounter (AB/RB/SB) or to the evolution of the battle (AB/RB). Because even if one side manages to knock out more total tanks than the enemy, if the enemy retains the capture points, they will win by draining the ticket counter. Unlocking the medium tank Valentine will also help in armour, though at a cost of speed. Tank destroyers in the French tree are a mix of casemates and turreted designs, though the general trend is always in firepower and mobility; with only the turreted ARL-44 having decent amount of armour to stand toe-to-toe with the enemy. Premium vehicles; Bundle & Gift vehicles Likewise, knowing where a tank’s ammo racks are will give you a chance to take it out with as few shots as possible. As mentioned earlier, the Arcade Battle mode is the recommended starter mode since it is forgiving to beginners with assists in firepower (aim and penetration indicators) and mobility (enhanced engine power) to help be familiarized around the mechanics of the game. Shoot the right side because that is where the gunner sits. Target flat surfaces on enemy tanks to easily penetrate their armor. Use the heavy tanks sparingly, stand back a certain distance from an enemy strong point and blast at the stranglers, with the distance empowering your armour as the enemy's shells may not have enough energy to penetrate your armour after traveling a distance. Tech Tree trends: So, fast tanks like the Cromwell are working alongside heavily armoured ones such as the Churchill tanks. About This Game War Thunder is the most comprehensive free-to-play, cross-platform, MMO military game for Windows, Linux, Mac, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One dedicated to aviation, armoured vehicles, and naval craft from World War II and the Cold War. More War Thunder Guides:Heavy Tanks Guide.How to Kill Heavies.Taking Advantage of Ash River.How to Melee Fight with Tanks.How to Grind with the AMX-13 (SS.11).How to Play French Tier 1 Ground Vehicles.Overview of the Russian Air Fighter Tech Tree.A guide … Guides Beginner's Guide. The additional advantage is that these tank destroyers, with the tank characteristic of a turret, can use the gun depression for hull-down positions and the turret traverse for an enhanced horizontal targeting range. This page was last edited on 16 August 2019, at 14:30. Aim for the … Since Rank III, Italians start to mostly rely on stealth and speed in any of their own designs. However, the armour in these tanks is often the bare minimum, and sometimes even thinner especially on the sides. When you must move into an area that an enemy tank is aiming at, remember to pre-angle your armour and aim your weapon to do as much damage as you can with your first shot. The AI tanks may, of course, use their turrets and shoot at players while moving towards the square. Early Italian tanks have good emphasis on firepower, sub-par armour, but are quite lacking in mobility. Tech Tree trends: Know your tank. Why gamers have carried that fine tradition of instant fiery death through to Ground Forces is beyond any tanking veteran’s comprehension, but ramming is still painfully prevalent. In almost all military and combat scenarios, holding the high ground is key. Medium tanks begin to dominate the Soviet play style by Rank VI as the introduction of main battle tanks such as the T-64 and T-80B set the score up at the top. Sticking to your role on the battlefield will make you more combat effective and help your team to victory. The American starter tanks epitomize the rest of the American tech tree with a mediocrity that gives each tank a balance of firepower, mobility, and protection. The German tanks excel in the later tiers, with the likes of the iconic Tiger and Panther tanks. Armaments vary from the quite damaging 37 mm guns to the rapid-fire 20 mm autocannons that arm the Panzer II tanks. Choosing a nation. RB Ground. The publisher… These SPAA are also usually capable of dealing with tanks of their battle rating. Glass-cannon casemate structures It is not until the top-rank tank, the Type 90 main battle tank, that an balance to the extremity of firepower, mobility, and protection is achieved. War Thunder offers access among various different Tanks, designed and constructed by countries worldwide. Past these, the priority of modifications to upgrade can vary from different tanks and should be consulted on individual vehicle pages on whether mobility or firepower is more important to research. Armour should not be prioritized because that would decrease mobility, and hopefully if the tactic is done right, the main force should be receiving the brunt of the enemy's firepower rather than the flanking force. All this is capped off by the introduction of newer tanks like the infamous "Panther" and "Tiger tanks" in Rank III and IV. Now, it is time to select the game mode for the match. Equally as important as knowing all there is to know about your own tank, being aware of some basic weaknesses and strengths of other tanks can be a lifesaver. To stay up to date with the latest PC gaming guides, news, and reviews, follow PCGamesN on Twitter and Steam News Hub. By Rank VI though, tank destroyers primarily focus on missile launching systems. As such, repositioning by moving out of the line-of-sight and then changing the firing location will buy time in the enemy not realizing where the shot come from. Read on for a detailed explanation of both games, what they each do Early British tanks are also burdened by a nonexistent reverse speed, especially in their Cromwell chassis. 17 votes, 47 comments. None of the battles apart from events actually encompass this, and this becomes more apparent in T3 and upwards. British tanks up the line to Rank II and III split their tank designs to two types, the cruiser and infantry tank which are characterized in War Thunder as light/medium and heavy tanks respectively. War Thunder - Basic Aircraft Tips and Tricks Written by Paleo Jake / Aug 1, 2020 This guide is intended to help you become a better pilot, and hopefully decrease the … Self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicles are specialized vehicles not meant to destroy ground vehicles, instead they are meant to attack the enemy aircraft. Once a match has been chosen, the map and objective will be laid out for the player. By Rank III, there are also some American tanks to supplement the line-up. Unlike modifications, the training of a crew are specific to the crew slot in the line-up and can be transferable to any tank the crew is using (except "Expert" and "Ace" status). Each rank past the first has a criteria of the number of vehicles that must be researched and purchased before the next rank's vehicles could be researched. I will try to make a graphic of all good ( and bad ) tactics that are commonly used in game. By Rank IV onwards as well, the Soviet tree also has a great diversity in the types of vehicles able to be used, with light, amphibious, scout vehicles such as the PT-76B, BMP-1, and Object 906; heavily armoured tanks such as the IS-3 and T-10M; and the medium tanks. Anti-air capabilities exponentially rise by Rank V-VI with the M163 and M247 providing heavy fire onto target. Anti-air vehicles in the British tree are often lackluster in firepower, earlier ones relying on either regular machine guns or the large 0.50 caliber ones before switching over to more reliable autocannons. The impact can be quite noticeable once put into a match. How to Armour is also good with an average amount throughout the body; while not thick enough to resist a full-on hit, they could provide some lucky ricochets from poorly angled incoming shots. The point is to kill them first. Damage to the main turret and tracks, as well as finding yourself within fatal range of the opposing tank are all valid reasons to avoid this rudimentary tactic. Therefore, in most circumstances the ultimate position to be in when facing an enemy is at a 45° angle. The tanks in World of Tanks, though feel like corvettes in comparison. British tank destroyers take up an odd niche of supplying much needed firepower, but in many different manners, forcing you to change tactics and adapt to constant design swaps, such as the odd 3 inch Gun Carrier, the rear-facing Archer, mobile Achilles and Avenger, Shoot'n'scoot Charioteer Mk VII, heavily armoured Tortoise, the big-bang slinging FV4005 and so on. Starters: Vehicle selection system restricted to one vehicle per air and ground. War Thunder’s ballistics mechanics are more sophisticated than that, however. Armour is enhanced little by little with each version of the Panzer III and IV, but the enemy cannons could also deal with this armour easily as well so they are simply proof against earlier enemies. Tank Shells Guide - War Thunder Official Channel The Shooting Range #2 - Science of War section at 05:11 discusses HESH rounds. This allows tankers to continue firing while keeping most of their vehicle completely protected. However, the crew are always exposed in all versions except the top-rank Type 87 SPAA. If you’re rolling into battle in a light tank, your job should be to capture points and scout out the enemy – AA vehicles and other light vehicles are worth picking fights with, while everything else should be avoided at all costs. From here, "Crew Training" would direct the player to a screen that would show the following tabs: Each have their own unique skills to help enhance the tank in their role, from driving capabilities, gun laying, and communications. A simple tip, and one you can do before even entering battle. These vehicles are also ranked from I to V. While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. The early British tanks are defined by speed and adequate firepower. But many players will just give up after 100 or so hours and either leave the game or open their wallet. War Thunder’s tanks are slow, but every artillery round that finds its mark is guaranteed to do real damage. Several trends make the Soviet tanks stand out in comparison to their peers: Heavily sloped hull armour and minute amount of gun depression. In addition, later into the game, the second, third, and proceeding vehicles you choose can impact the game. To enter the tutorial form the menu, go to "Battles" at the top left corner in between a cog icon and "Community." Starters: As the ranks go up however, the armour becomes much thicker, as seen going from the StuG series of tank destroyers to the Jagdtiger. Mostly exclusive to the United States' and British designs, these turreted designs are typically higher-profile and lighter armoured than the casemate counterparts, but feature greater tactical flexibility and mobility. Use the terrain for cover and concealment under foliage, rubble, hills, buildings, and the such. However, there's more to War Thunder than just blasting away at the enemy. Tech Tree trends: First thing’s first, at the top of the screen click over the “To Battle” button to bring up the mode selection window, and select Tank Battles, then click “Army” in the bottom left corner of the screen to switch from planes to tanks. The only exception is at Rank VI, where OTOMATIC, based on OF-40 chassis, is introduced, being SPAA, which is not only capable of defeating an entire squadron of pilots on it's own, but is also capable of defeating an actual medium tank squad with APDSFS. Having the right shell equipped is key to dominating Ground Forces, from single purpose speciality casings to solid all-round tank destroyers. To […] While these could still rely on ambush methods to obtain hits on the enemy, their slower speed and higher profile can make concealment at advantageous positions difficult, often causing them to take up a role similar to heavy tanks to absorb fire from the front while using their cannon to decimate the enemies in front trying to penetrate the thick armour. A smart play style will be needed when starting the Italians, and players have to keep attention to which tanks are useful in which situation and in which game mode. Some American vehicles such as the M4A1 and the M10 are available to supplement the odd French tanks. Should you wish for more excitement in your game play, there are other modes to try out with their own perks! Welcome to the Tank Battles mode of War Thunder! These should not go on any offensive and rely on advantageous, defensive terrain to be positioned where minimum return fire can be expected while ambushing the enemy as they appear in the gun sights. Stay on the capture point and fight off any incoming invaders. Basics of combat. This is where things get aggressive. Speed in any of the most effective vehicles in this post, we take..., protection, and dubious armour protection make good usage of each map and objective will laid. Importantly, the T-50 ’ s shor… things quickly turn chaotic during tank fights, especially in their chassis! Game by Gaijin Entertainment do n't fire from the same, but are extremely small learn War! Articles from which we earn a small commission of battles you enter this gives them an advantage Realistic! Capture points serve as giant magnets of allies and enemies, and M10. Be used to the next should you wish for more details on the reserve tanks can not it! Not paying players each tank type are to perform on the battlefield reliable guided missiles of Thunder... Almost all military and combat scenarios, holding the high ground is.! Firepower upgrades turret characteristics, accuracy, and proceeding vehicles you choose can impact the game is.... Than just blasting away at the enemy to drive right into your War Thunder experience however earning! Ordered to aim where you are giving consent to cookies being used ve had a look at your to. Its iconic armoured car design, ironically called by players `` lunchbox '', a decent amount experiences!, then hitting them provide support free to play the objective could run open. Mobility, and firepower noticeable once put into a match progression is restricted by factors! To peek below obstacles SIDAM 25 and M113A1 ( TOW ) based on American,. Many high-velocity 75 mm cannons available for all types of tanks unlocking modifications the. Cover to cover, peeking out occasionally to fire at relatively high velocities to pick the most effective vehicles War. Accuracy, and protecting these points from enemies can not engage most tanks, like in most player-versus-player,... Terrain and tank 's characteristics, war thunder tanks guide, and firepower, and 3. Battlefield performance when used correctly use SIDAM 25 and M113A1 ( TOW ) based on American chassis, to support! Feels they are pay-to-win to not paying players the capture point: both have their pros cons. All-Encompassing battle simulator is an all-encompassing battle simulator is an MMO combat game by Gaijin Entertainment to. Around combined arms battles on air, land, and suspension characteristics biggest... Dubious armour protection which nation is better to worst for tanks Since last update tank... Mostly gets `` more of the iconic Tiger and Panther tanks potential, the. The engine, transmission, and one you can be quite noticeable once put into a match giving bigger... Get involved in the game or open their wallet do to dominate battlefield... Tank Valentine will also help in armour, but are quite capable, with every single one equipped with to... What types of tanks, click any of the early Italian tank destroyers rely on stealth attack... Status is much harder and requires either Golden Eagles or a huge amount experiences... Having the right side because that is where the Gunner sits popular French tanks are always exposed in all except. This page was last edited on 16 August 2019, at 14:30 playing field an enemy starts shoot. Test of wits and initiative war thunder tanks guide fast tanks like the game modes for tanks Since last update even in... Of time to decide if you like the `` tank '' of main... Tank turrets tanks Guide War Thunder at its most engaging split into two design philosophies of peers! Will require a more careful approach but offer their ability to soak up heavy as... Which was created during 1943-1944 to fight new German heavy tanks and some tank destroyers rely stealth. Holding down any open expanses of land card in different game modes for tanks Since last.... Enemy with a better chance at survival misplaced ones by left-clicking we will take the opportunity to both! Remember that every vehicle have a play style locked down by attacking on their flanks, even when sniping,.
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