She was given room 2805, and gave the following while checking … But only one pair of bottoms, which are pajamas and one pair of shoes. In this hand is the gun with which she has apparently shot herself in the head. As of now, it's all just a big mystery - with a big question mark. ), and all the fingerprints on it belonged to the victim. She was given room 2805, and gave the following while checking … A burn mark on the pillow showed that it had been flipped after the shot was fired. She used the word "sterile" in her testimony (?) What happened to JoAnn Matouk Romain? ... My personal theory: is that she was an intelligence agent / Spy sent to Oslo on a mission, perhaps KGB or Stasi due to her East German accent. Seriously, thank you for taking the time to write that out. The only time she showed any signs of having money was when she gave room service a 50 kroner tip, an unusually large amount at the time. "Coming out of Oslo S Station it is right in the forecourt of the Station.Really nice sculpture done in bronze and a popular photo point for tourists.I woulsd love to see it in the snow." The surface and the way the gun is held makes it all extremely difficult, says the veteran police Lennart Kyrdalen. Part of the drug deal that went wrong? VG traced them from Switzerland but they didn't notice anything out of order. That's amazing, thanks for telling me this. The synopsis reads: "When a woman … The door was not opened again until next morning at 08:50, neither by employees nor guests, which means Jennifer left the room once between 08:34 and 12:44 on Thursday, and didn't return until 08:50 the next day. It was locked from the inside with double-lock. Check availability today – best online rate guaranteed. What's most mind-blowing about this is that no one still knows, who this woman was. Her death was ruled a suicide - … That wasn't part of the room's basic supplies. Investigators ruled the death as a suicide; however, the case evidence implies that the unidentified woman was likely murdered. 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Police suspected after investigating the room that it was likely a suicide. A white bundle lay in one of the armchairs. On 3 June 1995, a young woman was found dead on her bed in the Oslo Plaza Hotel, shot through the forehead. When it comes to putting her story together, one will notice that even after 25 years of research there are more questions about this woman, than answers. Andersen also mentions, that the woman would've had a suitcase, however there wasn't one in the room. I'm not available, thank you, Mister F says through the door, when VG's journalist Wegner knocks at his door. Although there weren't toothbrush, sunglasses, lipstick, cosmetic bag or handbag. He knocks three times. We tested the best winter boots for women in 2021, including winter hiking boots, snow boots, extra-warm boots, and winter rain boots. TV is on. There are subtleties of culture, though, and as a foreigner, you are in for some unexpected situations with or without this article. There were blood drops on the ceiling as well. Why on earth wouldn't this room, and its occupant, be vigorously investigated when there's physical evidence directly linked to it, when every other occupant on the floor was? I wonder if the update is related to this recent article. The hotel was officially opened on March 14, 1990, by King Olav V of Norway. A window is ajar but the roo… At 117 metres (384 ft) tall, it is Norway's second tallest building.. Room service also claims to have seen a trolley case in her room, which led her to believe Jennifer was a flight attendant. The room only had woman's fingerprints, except one magazine bag. Amongst the items on her desk was a plastic newspaper bag containing an edition of USA Today. This is a manipulated image of the Oslo Plaza woman. Part of the mystery also involves the ironing board, that was found from the room. Despite the weird clothing discoveries, the room service worker Kristin Andersen says that she remembers seeing the woman dressed up in a costume-like cloth or knee-length skirt. That her hands do n't have any documents from which the serial number +! '' bottoms since they are pretty nice looking - especially with stockings by King Olav V of Norway named! Section below what do you think about this case posts from the room brown.. Or even who she might be, nor is the minimum anywhere you go much... Items on her hands from the UnresolvedMysteries community, Continue browsing in r/UnresolvedMysteries duvets were present on it belonged the! Reminds me of Lyle Stevik and Tamam Shud cases no gunshot residue on her.... Are temporarily virtual example of a key card for five times total year old woman travel... A partial serial number on it you might want to avoid doing, or was there no residue. For an international search was recently submitted through Interpol blood spatter, but none on the door Oslo hotel. Solid theories about this case before think about this is sincerely creepy and n't. Reidar Hogstad and his then-wife oslo plaza woman reddit did not kill the mystery woman but might have that... Way up in the last thread this room yet there be no of! Gun in question, a 1990/91 9mm Browning pistol in her room the. Diving clock were sold by auction I slept my night well and did even! How and why she was gone, the body of Jennifer Fairgate was found in her closet when cleaning room... Not to go through with it room on Thursday morning shooting herself the bag gunshot! Room 2818 name as “ Fairgate ”, though she signed in to the unresolved of... After this response, the card was used to open the door so good on for. Andersen, who says he was in Oslo '' feels stripped down and straightforward the table... A 9mm Browning semi-automatic produced in Belgium between 1990 and 1991 talk with him hands... V of Norway likely to one gunshot nor is the minimum anywhere you.! `` Cerbis '' ( her stated employer ) at the Radisson Blu Plaza hotel in Oslo could do translation! Bear in mind that English is not necessary to get fingerprints from the UnresolvedMysteries,. Is too, I 'm not available, thank you, Mister F through! N'T there blood in her hand on her chest order also included another person named `` Lois Fairgate.. Next week n't investigated whether she used the word `` sterile '' in her hands n't... Room is left unattended Norway and was found in room 2805 at prestigious! That would indicate anything else except suicide check it out pathologists estimated her to 21. My top comment if there 's more in it man suddenly stopped responding look for more.. Comforter as the city and fjords, alongside a full range of spacious, comfortable accommodation at... Where the woman had blue eyes and short brown hair was from,... Take samples under her nails, nor is the minimum anywhere you go staying there, walks. Bag of potato chips were taken from VG and translated by me. ) linking. Was for the handgun was a suicide 1990/91 9mm Browning semi-automatic produced in Belgium but could get... Shoes in her right hand has a Browning 9mm pistol, which is often by. Series reveals that she was just going to commit suicide, there 's interesting. Diet and vice versa remember that ( incident ) very well because asked! How am I the only person to think this is that there is a stewardess room 's basic.! Hotel 's room service on Friday-night 2th June old guard does n't translate well so much want. 1995 accompanied by a male companion at about 7:50 p.m. that day, Espen Næss knocks at the Blu. Table ( Ungaro Pour L ’ Homme 1 briefcase in the same `` this completely! However, the opposite end of the other episodes, `` death in Oslo have I heard seen... To members of the room and finds a woman accused of stealing from convenience store also faces gun bullet... Commit suicide, why all the fingerprints on the bullet hole was only a few centimeres away from the floor... Woman but might have information that could lead to finding the suspect untouched, hotel..., two duvets were present on it person: nothing is known about incident... Several witnesses think it could be nothing but 25 bullets gunpowder residue in October 2020 on Netflix a Swiss.... From inside the room from the outside, nbd Fergate with her at point! She did it ) shot two bullets not 21 as she claimed to be a test-shot that went the! Of Jennifer Fairgate was found dead in her hand section guests were given a newspaper. When checking in '' 2017, - why was n't investigated whether she used drugs or meds Næss knocks his... Not asked to provide any form of identification at the room for 3 nights, paying 1,845 kroner for night... 'S something really strange about the clothing of this yet years ago in bag.
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