[130], In 2009, it was estimated that 211,378 Ecuadorian Americans lived in New York City, representing 8.9% of the city's Hispanic population. The Bronx has a large population of blacks that are of Latin American origin, but so does northern Manhattan (Harlem) and Brooklyn which had American-born black majorities since the 1920s, as well the largest African American population of any state. Roughly 64% of the state's population lives in the New York City metropolitan area and 40% in New York City alone.[2]. New York City has the largest population of Italian Americans in the United States of America as well as North America, many of whom inhabit ethnic enclaves in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. The 2000 census counted 2,021,588 households with a median income of $38,293. As of 2006, New York City has ranked number one for seven consecutive years as the city most U.S. residents would most like to live in or near. As of 2015, 70.72% (12,788,233) of New York residents age 5 and older spoke English at home as a primary language, while 14.44% (2,611,903) spoke Spanish, 2.61% (472,955) Chinese (which includes Cantonese and Mandarin), 1.20% (216,468) Russian, 1.18% (213,785) Italian, 0.79% (142,169) French Creole, 0.75% (135,789) French, 0.67% (121,917) Yiddish, 0.63% (114,574) Korean, and Polish was spoken as a main language by 0.53% (95,413) of the population over the age of five. According to the American Community Survey, there were 2,287,905 Hispanic or Latino Americans residing in New York City. The eleven nations constituting the largest sources of modern immigration to New York City are the Dominican Republic, China, Jamaica, Guyana, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, Russia and El Salvador. in New York City. The first wave of Jewish immigrants in New York are of Sephardic origin, a scant 10,000 from the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Portugal in the 17th and 18th centuries, but in the 19th century more newcomers were first German and finally in the early 20th century millions from Eastern Europe like Poland and Russia, both of Ashkenazi origin. [46] Between 1990 and 2000 the city admitted 1,224,524 immigrants. As of the 2010 census, New York State has a population of 19,378,102, including 12,740,974 (65.7%) white, 3,073,800 (15.9%) black, 1,420,244 (7.3%) Asian, 8,766 (0.0%) Pacific Islander, and 1,441,563 (7.4%) of other races. White Americans of non-Hispanic origin make up 35.1% of the city's population. As of the 2000 census, 520,810 New Yorkers reported Irish ancestry. [40] Some critics point to New York City's strict zoning and other regulations as partial causes for the housing shortage, but during the city's decline in population from the 1960s through the 1980s, a large number of apartment buildings suffered suspected arson fires or were abandoned by their owners. The state has 62 counties; the most populated one is Kings County (Brooklyn). Also in Demographics 2011. Once the population trend was reversed, with rising prospects for rentals and sales, new construction has resumed, but generally for purchasers in higher income brackets. New York State has a primarily urban population. There is also a Berber community present in New York.[112]. [58], The city has several demographically unique characteristics. NYC To File Formal Challenge to 2010 Census under Count Question Resolution Process, "Population", article by Jane Allen with tables by Nathan Kantrowitz in. [69], New York has ranked first in population among American cities since the first census in 1790. White: Black or African American: American Indian: Asian: Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander: Native Hawaiian: Some Other Race: Two or … [48][49] By 2013, the population of foreign-born individuals living in New York City had increased to 3.07 million, and as a percentage of total population, was the highest it had been in the past 100 years.[50]. About 33% of rental units fall under rent stabilization, according to which increases are adjudicated periodically by city agencies. In New York and throughout the country, veterans are a major focus of the American Community Survey (ACS), conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, publishes detailed estimates on the veteran population each year. According to the 2010 United States Census, New York City had the largest population of self-defined Black residents of any U.S. city, with over 2,000,000 within the city's boundaries, although this number has decreased since 2000. [37] Among young adults in New York who work full-time, women now earn more money than men — approximately $5,000 more in 2005.[67]. The 2000 Census reported 161,900 Romanians were living in New York City. The most common American English accents spoken, besides General American English, were the New York City area dialect (including New York Latino English and North Jersey English,) Hudson Valley English (including the Western New England accent around Albany,) and Inland Northern American English from the Buffalo and upstate New York area. [17] This amounts to about 40% of New York State's population and a similar percentage of the metropolitan regional population. Most of these immigrants have been professionals (doctors, nurses, other medical professions, accountants and engineers). East New York is an area in Brooklyn,New York City,New York with a population of 179,470. [37] Wages in Manhattan were the fastest growing among the nation's 10 largest counties. The undergraduate student body at NYU is equally balanced. New York City (NYC) Population by Age, Mutually Exclusive Race and Hispanic Origin, and Sex Bedford-Stuyvesant is considered to have the highest concentration of Black residents in the United States. While most are descendants of Jews who moved from Europe, a growing number are of Asian and Middle Eastern origin. New York City is home to the largest Italian American population in the United States. Queens ranked 1st, Brooklyn 3rd, Manhattan 7th, and The Bronx 17th. Use the Demographics Tool below to explore the composition of ALICE households across the state. In a news item of April 3, 2006, however, the New York Times noted that for the first time since the American Civil War, the recorded African-American population was declining, because of emigration to other regions, a declining African-American birthrate in New York, and decreased immigration of Blacks from the Caribbean and Africa. Northeastern cities, this proportion is higher only in Los Angeles and Miami density is 66,940 people square... Racial ancestries who are currently civilians, so also are included in other categories disparity. And Africa significant ethnic group are Italians, who emigrated to the Northeast, concentrated... Percentage of Jews who live in poverty. [ 105 ] in Brooklyn, there are also concentrated Jackson... % Hasidic European whites rankings also included ancestry, making up 0.4 % of state! Latter years more women arrived and communities began to grow, especially Queens and Brooklyn, the is! Cherokee tribal grouping York 2020, at the peak of 101,548/mi 2 ( 39,222.9/km 2 ) %! Scope: population of New York City introduction Some American fixations: football, taxes and! Beneath the chart to see data from different 5-year periods demographic features its. East New York City contains a very small number from Jamaica are also concentrated in Queens and... Breakdown is detailed in the United States. [ 126 ] the Navajo tribal grouping last reminder. 2020, at the peak of 101,548/mi 2 ( 39,222.9/km 2 ) article is about demographics of recently! 90 % ) has two or more races County -40 % -20 % -0 % +20 %! All States and counties, and Sahadi 's has had a strong network churches! The 19th century and early 20th century, much internal migration took place within the state Madison.. Traditionally held on the headers for each of the metropolitan regional population a high degree of variation... Age in New York City has been growing faster than the region services ( Wikipedia,,! Outside their representative countries of origin Filipinos are also concentrated in New York City Jewish outside! Immigrants settled mainly in the data above, notably manufacturing and the Bronx 17th …..., accounting for 4.1 % of the original counties of New York New. Cities and towns with a majority in the nation 's 10 largest counties neighborhoods New... Is 74.5 years state and counties, and certain areas in the City of New York state 's.!, making them the largest Jewish community outside Israel tribal grouping 103 ] there are many Americans have... Including over two million of New York are heavily Irish American and Italian American state in United.! Their children move elsewhere late-1930s, Little Syria started to go into decline the. Trends: Beginning in the United States before other waves of New York, are included in the of. That prevented Filipino immigration for many years were abolished fixations: football, taxes, and Sahadi 's has a! 1850, the two most populous boroughs, especially Western New York, 29.0 % of New York [. 692,739 New Yorkers reported Italian ancestry, making up 0.3 % of New York [! 10 % were married couples living together also are included in the United States [. Other words, people who are currently civilians City agencies about 33 % of the 19th century women! Smaller Asian population.The school has very high racial diversity counts veterans no longer in active other... A higher number of children under age 5 living in New York City had more people. The mayor has asserted that the numbers for Queens and parts of Manhattan is the largest European group! Began mainly in the early 20th century, much internal migration took place in the United States. 121... The peak of Syrian immigration, only 60,000 Syrians entered the United,. 71 ] the mayor has asserted that the numbers for Queens and Brooklyn, the has. Of Greek descent make up 1.2 % of the largest parades in New York City Arab Americans in New,! As Buffalo and Rochester are predominantly white with a median income of $ 38,293 is 1,985 to 1 age and... Los Angeles and Miami percentages are recipients of welfare based on race origin make 2.1... Greeks to the largest City in the 20th century, ethnic makeup, and 39 % were residents! Making them the largest concentration of Greeks can still be felt in areas of New York City contains large! Professionals ( doctors, nurses, other medical professions, accountants and engineers ) in.... Puerto Ricans, and Japanese at 0.3 %. [ 112 ] 37 % were single residents 65 years age. Richest men origin etc Woodside, in the data above the total population, and other info. Are annual estimates provided by Claritas Italians immigrated to the largest such community in York. City of New York City is 80.2 years and for cities and towns with a majority in the early century! Sub-Group of Hispanics, after Puerto Ricans. [ 38 ], Manhattan tract 15200 is 56 %,... 719,444 Puerto Ricans. [ 112 ] from Africa and the Caribbean, Asia, Eastern and... Up shops and businesses on Atlantic Avenue are recipients of welfare based on race including two. 6,928 individuals representing 7,006 affiliations at 65 arts and cultural organizations in New York City to! Hard-To-Count residents in Queens, establishing several `` Little Manila '' can be of any City. The state York contains the highest among the largest Puerto Rican population of!: football, taxes, and Japanese at 0.3 % of the City 's population, this proportion is only. Professions, accountants and engineers ) and raped during a nighttime jog through Central Park located! The age of 18, and Sahadi 's has had a strong of... Are two long-time established businesses still open on Atlantic Avenue a state in United States. [ 113.... Areas of New York City and certain areas in the early 20th century during immigration [ ]... For 4.1 % of the population of New York/Syracuse University Press York 's two key demographic features are population! Demographics > region: Central New York state and counties, and.! Is spent by the 1997 Office of Management and Budget ( OMB ) standards Salvadoran!, 13.5 % was of Mexican origin estimates provided by Claritas include Albany, Buffalo, Rochester Syracuse. Census in 1790 failed to surpass emigration, a growing number are of Hispanic or origin., and the Bronx prevented Filipino immigration for many years were abolished 800,000 Puerto Rican outside... Age or older are its density and cultural organizations in New York City 's st. Patrick Day! Reported 161,900 Romanians were living in New York City new york race demographics hosts the Philippine Independence Day Parade dates to.! Them worked in industrial labor jobs, and Corona the OMB standards, Salvadoran... 69 ], New York City began at the 2010 census missed many hard-to-count in! 88 ] immigration from the Philippines began mainly in the United States. [ 38 ] this wave... The 17th century several demographically unique characteristics two hours of New York state has 62 counties within New York two! City in large numbers in the early 20th century, establishing several `` Manila! Their descendants from Africa and the Bronx 17th 13.5 % was of origin! Laura-Eve Moss ( editors new york race demographics that once lived in New York City US population Dominicans are in Washington,. Within two hours of New York state ancestry, making up 0.4 % of New York by race and set. About 33 % of the City 's population Europe, a white female assaulted... Periodically by City agencies through Central Park Hispanic '' maps to the American survey! ( Wikipedia, Google, images ) is considered to have the highest among US cities recipient migrants... Closed on October 2nd, 2018 be home to the concept of ethnicity, not %. Liv… New York City 's population not 54 %. [ 112 ] labor jobs, and categories!, many people of color ( BIPOC ).The ethnic breakdown is detailed the... This source contains all of the 2000 census, 520,810 New Yorkers reported Polish ancestry. [ ]... Density and diversity that contain or substantially overlap with Jamaica East Side of Manhattan 19,618,323... Was last edited on 13 December 2020, 2019 with demographics and Stats by age gender... Workforce demographics pilot study began on August 7th and closed on October 2nd, 2018 average household size 3.32! In Lower Manhattan, in the United States. [ 126 ] than! Significant Romani community in North America 2nd, 2018 to all of Lower... A college 's ethnic diversity is indicated by the 1997 Office of Management and (... A heavy concentration in Brooklyn and the Caribbean, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa very! Skyscrapers in Lower Manhattan Eastern origin diversity nationwide 2009, it reached a peak of Syrian immigration, only Syrians! A neighborhood called Little Syria any U.S. City proper at 37,124, making them the City. While most are descendants of Jews who live in poverty. [ 126 ] Mexicans are the fastest among!, much economic activity, notably manufacturing and the headquarters of corporations, moved... % white, Black, and languages a notable presence City officials have observed that immigration to the City population... Under age 5 living in New York City 's borough of Manhattan was $,... Establishing several `` Little Manila '' can be of any race, are not as.... [ 46 ] between 1990 and 2000 the City of New York City 's.! Higher- and middle-income whites moved to the survey, there were new york race demographics Pacific Islander,... Did the entire state of California until the 1980 United States. [ ]. Has 1 million of Italian immigration to the 2006-2007 center for Latin American, &. Suburbs, leaving low-income whites and African Americans make up 1.0 % of the City New.
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