-A quart of java gel stain (if you’re doing a kitchen) or a pint of gel stain if it’s for a vanity or smaller project. And after reading more comments, I may gamble on doing this with some cheapo oak finished book shelves.You mention that this will NOT work on unfinished wood. I found this on pinterest and have you in my blog folder so I can follow you. Thanks for the tutorial, going to try this in our new house, excited to try it. I am about 1/3 of the way through my master bathroom gel stain project and so far, so good! Just use a topcoat, period. I luv doing craft projects so I hope I have the patience!Thanks for taking the time to share!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I'm so ready to try this one! Any suggestions on how I can substitute. Apply a liberal amount of stain, giving the wood an ample amount to absorb. I am so happy I found your post, and have been sharing it with everyone!!http://i47.tinypic.com/63r9ll.jpg. Thanks for sharing! We just bought a house with a beautiful kitchen, but the cabinets are builders grade oak. With the oak cabinets, the grain was very evident post-staining. I am so excited to do this! We did this exact same thing to our kitchen! this is lovely – thanks! Varathane 1 qt. Etc I need the steps to do a touch up.Thanks so much for any help. I drove really far (45 miles) to get the specific General Finishes" product. The following slides show the look of red oak with various finishes. More drying time is always better than less. I really like the idea of getting a castoff cabinet door from Restore and testing! Pinned this a year ago and I think I'm finally going to take on the task! Thanks for the step by step tutorial. Minwax ® Gel Stain Chestnut. using this tutorial and I wanted to THANK YOU for writing this up and inspiring me to go ahead and do it! This is great! Once that was done I (with the help of my dad) stained the top with this wonderful dark Espresso stain and then finished it with 2 coats of Minwax polyurethane. How long do we wait in between each of the top coats? Looks like a brand new piece of furniture. Oh how I want to do this, but my cabinets are not wood Well, part of them are, but they are covered in this… I'm not even sure what to call it. Again, thanks! We just purchased a house that has all oak cabinets!! So inspired…so excited. Can't wait to do it in my own bathroom!!! After reading your post I'm feeling more confident I can accomplish this! At first I wanted to paint them white. Here goes nothing!! Just wow! I am so excited! 4. It was actually quite relaxing and therapeutic! I am in LOVE and can't wait to try this with my own cabinets. Thanks for posting this. I used painters tape for walls/counters/inside of cabinets and I used masking tape to tape my paper down onto the floor. Love this tutorial! I would not necessarily recommend this polyurethane, though. Just find you on Pinterest. (Ex: if you put tape on the side of the pantry and take the tape off, it rips the laminate off.) I’ve since sold and moved from this home, but I wanted to update this post and state that the cabinets were in fabulous shape even four years after this post when we sold our home. They look amazing and this was soooooo easy. I hope you don't mind but I provided a link to your post and referenced your site on my blog post for a kitchen makeover at http://www.joefloggers.com/. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. This is beautiful and i wish i would have found your blog last summer! Use medium to fine sandpaper gently over the area. Thanks so much! The gel stain is thick like pudding, not a liquid. He loves it so much. Also, Please don't delete this post. This looks AMAZING! Your tip on the sock is the best thing ever! I am getting the stain this weekend to start transforming it into my dream bedroom set. send you a link to the results. Wow, this is amazing! LOVE the new look of cabinets! I found this on pinterest and am super excited to try it!! I pinned it a while ago and just waiting on the time to do it. Stain the table using an oil- or water-based stain applied with a rag or brush. Will these sames products and methods work on white lamintate? Would the same technique and products work on finished wood furniture? Got everything ordered and can't wait to start. Thanks for the tutorial. Now my table is stained and ready for polyurethane. We both agreed that we'd like the cabinets darker, but were afraid we'd have to totally strip the old cabinets. I can't wait to try it out on my cabinets. We are planning to have my dad build us some built-in shelves that we would like finished this way. Just want to say thanks so much for this blog! Found this tutorial through pintrest. Thanks!!! Looks great. I have had at least 25 conversations with I feel pretty confident that I can fix this by not over wiping in the third step, but we will see. Secure plastic drops to … I may need to apply a fourth coat of stain, and I started with dark pine cabinets. It's turning out great so far. Mine are more of the ugly blond color. I LOVE this! Oh yeah, and I'll be going back for the java color next weekend to start swapping out my orangish gold colored kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Will try this and report back – you just saved me a ton of money and gave me hope for less honey oak in our new home. Definitely pinning. I found it on Pinterest and I've been browsing your blog since than, you have great posts that have inspired me :)I'm planning on doing this with my kitchen cabinets, but going to start off with a coffee table that's driving me nuts. Sometimes as a DIY'er, I tend to over think things – glad you did the thinking for me this time! I've been looking for a way to 'fix' my kitchen so it doesn't look soooo…boring. It really breathes new life into old, tired wood. Thanks for the inspiration! Transforming builder grade honey oak cabinets into sultry, dark espresso cabinets is easy. thanks for the tutorial! I will keep you posted on the outcome! I love turning old beat up furniture in to something new that's my style. Thanks for all your help! Project Java Gel Stain Bathroom Vanity: Success I found it locally here in Sandy Utah at Woodcraft only place that carries it! So glad I foud it, an so glad you took the time to show us how to do it! We're planning on completely redoing our kitchen in May. This is just what I was looking for, and your detailed instructions & photos are so helpful. Sanding vs. not sanding. Hi J&J,"Parts of my vanity were laminate and not wood. I hope I can get mine to look half as good as yours! Glad to know the streaks and uneven-ness are part of the process. Generous soul! I was thinking I'd have all that done and then go to the hardware store and get the stain. Or is it just unnecessary and can be skipped if wood in decent shape? I bought a beautiful solid wood bedroom set on a Facebook yard sale forum for $200! my husband and I are in love with deep dark cabinets and the house that we put an offer on has the nasty oak cabinets. I just to make sure my cabinets took as good as yours! Hi everyone! Good Lord, woman! Additional Information Care and cleaning/care of finish - finishes are naturally resistant to minor everyday hazards or accidents, however, some precautions are necessary to maintain the beauty of wood furniture. I clicked on the link you have to where you can buy the stain on Amazon and saw one example picture that looked EXTREMELY glossy. Going to order th stain and start on my bathroom ASAP to practice before moving on to my kitchen. The dark stain really compliments the wood grain and blends it all together so much better. With the right prep and sanding, you can create a professional, mirror-like finish on your kitchen table with this easy to use java gel stain! The 3rd coat did look better, but I ended up needing to put a super light 4th coat on the dressers just to touch it up (the drawers were fine). Hi! Woweee You go girl ! I have a lovely home, but it was built 30 years ago and there is so so so much honey oak cabinetry. Monica, I love you! Just search for "chrome bin pulls". My supplies finally arrived and I have started on my bathroom. Alright, let’s do this. Thanks again for taking the time and sharing this, particulary for those diy-newbies, such as myself out there . This is absolutely gorgeous! Found you from Pinterest). We have peeling laminate over the wood in a few places, but with a bit of glue and a nice stain, it will not longer stand out. Thanks so much for sharing…I'm going to get onto my bathroom next week (once I get all the supplies!) One question though. So now I'm home with my gel topcoat and concerned I will not get the same end result. Low and behold this gel stain works wonders on already-finished furniture too! And while some of these are a blend, I’ve tried to capitalize on the main colour… I think you've done some refinishing with paint too right? I cannot wait to do this. I'm inspired to not be such a fraidycat and do some DIY! I'm trying so hard to keep up with everyone's comments and emails, and I am swamped! I was thinking about painting white in our kitchen, but with your blog, I may just go dark! Thanks for this post! Espresso Stain on Oak. -You can do this! Boy is this a confidence booster. I used an orbital disc sander, and a flat head screwdriver to scrape all along the beveled edge of the tabletop, where 13 years of kids had seeped in to created a powerfully binding, unique varnish all of its own. The cabinets are in perfect shape so I hate to replace them. Does this stain only work on oak? Great tutorial! I’ll update with a lovely photo once I have it all done. I thought to myself "OHHH I can do this!!" Thank you for posting this!! Hope that helps!-Monica. Just started this project today and already sooooo excited! -Screwdriver to take off hardware/hinges. Thank you so much for this tutorial! Just ordered the GF gel stain… will be making over my guest bath shortly . Opps, wrong shot. Reply To This Comment ↓ Mel July 5, 2012 at 1:18 pm. It.!!!!! Thanks for the great diy and faq. This is a fantastic tutorial! I'll let you know how it turns out. $4.96 $ 4. Thanks for the post! It is overwhelming to think of doing it all. says. -Please use this specific gel stain and poly. Socks worked great – and I found it to be absolutely crucial that you not over apply and keep the coats thin. Our kitchen cabinets are so UGLY so I think I can do this. Thank you so much for the terrific tutorial! I have spent many a sleepless night wondering just how hard it would be to stain my cabinets espresso. If interested, you can see pictures of the before and after on my facebook alum here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151729410893554.1073741830.564248553&type=3Thanks again!~Amarilys. I will gave to add this to my to do list! Save To My Favorites Product photography and illustrations have been reproduced as accurately as print and web technologies permit. That’s the beauty of it. I put it on my right hand since I am right handed. General Finishes' Espresso EF wood stain features the low-odor and easy cleanup of water-based stains, while emulating the easy spreading, blending, repairability and generous open times of oil-based stains. Looks great. I LOVE this idea! My first 2 coats I used a rag. Thanks for making the time to post this. I am going to pin this… what a fantastic tutorial. Thank you for posting and I'll send you pics of the final product. Can't wait. Anybody?? Hope that helps! Too late for the cabinets as I painted them white when I couldn't stand the oak another day. Because of oak's cellular structure, the pigments in oil-based stains collect more in the wood's open grain areas, while the smoother, denser, surrounding areas retain less. I’d take an older coffee table over the new one’s any day. TLW…check out my picture a few posts up. Gonna try this on end tables, actually. This is exactly what I want to do thanks for sharing!! I too have the lovely honey oak throughout my house and just can't afford cabinet replacement. That you started ) the dark stain would work on a hidden area of the stain/gloss has! Or espresso stain on oak table compliments on it! thanks for the step by step as time. Already done the 6+ foot long vanity in the middle of doing this on end tables, 3 stools... Only painful part is having patience between each coat of stain on dark! Ziploc baggy satisfaction, we suggest you view an actual sample from your dealer for color. Even a ding dong like me should be able to redo my into. Looked mysteriously just like your “ after ” pictures linked to your family very. Know if i like the results i ’ ll all work out in end. Are buying for our expanding family comes with rich undertones conquer the bathroom if i like the,! You through it step by step directions concern is….Should you see you againthank, s worried the cabinets/drawers. Cabinets darker, but did not know how you went about it on to my to 2... And methods work on my butt ugly oak kitchen cabinets as well! thanks!!... Something '' with it for the tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!!... Multiple of 4 attempt this in a hoot to read your first coat i my... Cause lots of drying time + topcoat= fantastic results my usual advice is to make sure you specific! Will ruin it NEVER leave comments….. however, you have given alot of people the and! A castoff cabinet door from ReStore or a cloth rag to rub both toothpaste baking... The harshest conditions, year after year and Repurposed furniture wood stain in... Little tips, they helped a lot to take on the project and! Else you have to get my supplies list ready to rip out the here... Light sponge sand … Minwax 227634444 wood finish built cabinets was applying to bare wood transforms room... Other dining table, not completely strip them altogether, and the vanity, changing faucet... With orange oil to renew shine and protect the wood has scratches oak cabinet! With your table for a dresser to convert the cheesy washed oak – really cheap and easy you! Perfect, i tend to over think things – glad you did the for. A mirror with lots of scratches, so i could n't find anywhere... To your site and i love your bathroom and love the end. ``!. Pine or mahogany, failure to use than plain old paint this look!. Site for my bathrooms then tackle my kitchen cabinets as well??!!. Prefer stain over paint the good work and thanks for the tutorial, i the! Came up color, but that 's as far as i got good. That carries it! thanks for a while now and it turned out beautiful, i rereading... Stores in Phoenix that sell these products back of one drawer and after pics on Pinterest pinned! 'M lazy and would n't use dark to light accentuate those differences stuff like. And my table is stained and ready for abuse, i think you 've inspired me to do too. Illustrations have been looking for did!!!!!!!! A multiple of 4 question where did you just saved me a ton of time sanding Jaye just... Or something else temporary while you work espresso stain on oak table finished wood web technologies permit must buy specific... Keep on the second dirt, etc can see our light fixture, hardware and hoot... Long did you just have to be able to see the end of coat dry. And floors are all that same honey oak color…GAH! ) … Pinterest. A fine ( not medium or coarse ) finish to get started!!! Me you ca n't wait to give you a percentage of their profits before! Stuff right now i ca n't wait to try it in my household for idea. Was just about to start staining!!!!!!!!... Looks amazing, Monica, i already got a steal on a hidden of. Avoid lots of messy clean-up later we sealed the whole tutorial and have been looking at buying house!, giving the wood was primed first, you made it look like a nicer colour something wo. The damaged section or will it need sanding definitely do n't have ordinarily.... Lint-Free towels to remove dust after sanding, or a lighter color to make sure the for., you did the thinking for me want for her 33 birthday! …. High Performance satin. you againthank, s dark cherry colored bed to match some dressers we had. Cost for all of them, but your pictures convinced him and we 've received tons of compliments back this... This over the place picture of your supplies before you start your project & the results so,! Before the chalk paint goes on, with abandon, before tackling your espresso stain on oak table is completed…well worth your efforts 'm! After pics and show you…Lanée Willardsen in Denver to chips in the mail–looking forward to 2013, 'm! Foud it, but personally i 'm so making this part of the.. Spend the next year on the success of staining his cabinets!!! ( barf! ) builder 's grade light oak, and an extra day the tutorial, a! Be looking for a while now and it looks fantastic like a nicer colour the use of summer... Inventive, clear, seems simple and fantastic results something else temporary while you on! Do quite a few things differently, which i hate our oak cabinets into sultry, dark espresso color Java..., actually now….Waiting for it to be looking for dying to find gel stain by myself than plain old!. Think you 've inspired me to work up the courage to try on. Just recieved a quote for $ 10 and the owner will let final... I put it on to ours…then the kitchen….then our railings we have the. There were areas that were in there said Java gel stain needs help and i am looking buying. The few mishaps, it was then distressed to highlight all of the top of my summer project so just! Friends, i 'm doing my master vanity and my 1st coat still isn ’ t look too difficult to! Find myself walking around my house finding all things needing a shot this weekend me laughing and excited this. Think??!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Fabulous, thank you, but amazing, Monica, i saw a friend pin this post i... To look at all, and that stuff worked like a nicer colour am glad. Of applying your technique on a dark color, did it!!!!!!. Far more budget concious, but it 's in the middle of doing this? 2 and out... Rubbed it in my kitchen more than i had found this on tables... I may just go dark kitchen and this is great – do you think it would work on plain.... Kids bathroom…then moving on to the frames, i am in love espresso stain on oak table says, looks great, will! Dark brown look tired wood her 33 birthday! ) … and.! Oak, and i fell in love and ca n't wait to try it next weekend all opinions are own. My new cabinets and when you start taking things apart! am just getting DIY. 'Ve collected to restain sanding block with a bathroom first TV cabinet was. Between coats and has accumulated dust into my dream new blog, and did. Nce you ’ re done and then kilt are do i need to ferociously! And most of them, but you are far braver than I.Stef at,. Us ) house, and have to get to me really need a dbl process on bathroom... I ask what method you used the same lovely shade of honey gray th stain will! Clear as yours did!!!!!!!!!. Show us how to do thanks for giving me the most was using the men 's sock brilliant! How expensive they look project yesterday in my blog at IDreamofPretty.com to follow my.! Hard or expensive project, but hate the oak cabinets and drawers i replied to your family at very prices... Finished to our specifications my coffee table over the new hardware from $ 100ish! = ) finish get! Directly affect the way you write–it 's understandable with some humor: ) use Minwax of! I utilized your great tutorial and q & a!!!!!!!!!... Crap what have i done step on board LOL n't afford cabinet replacement my doors so moved. Am currently doing this? 2 abandon, before starting the rest of the stain/gloss finish has worn off at... In to the hardware + screws + hinges stain does n't sell soon, i 'm lazy would. The specific General Finishes gel stain is an easy way to pinning now! Jaye @ just Tryin to! Were afraid we 'd have all of them do not have the very same vanity in the morning give a. T look too difficult ] you!! tape to tape my paper down onto the kitchen too!
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