He is not what he seemed like and that’s why you shouldn’t believe everything.. man, i know right? They just want to be popular, I disagree. Thanks a lot for the info! Tune in today to stay updated with all the latest news and headlines from the world of entertainment. Yo just because his arrest warrant was denied doesn’t mean that he didn’t do anything. he did gambling, rape, and drugs basically. Who is Who: Kpop Girl Groups Here's what happened to the K-Pop band, What Does K-pop Band Name "MonstaX" Mean? yo man why do us ARMYS put BTS everywhere. but he ended up being in number 4th on the bias poll here :V. Ummm. top was found unconscious this morning (06.06.17) after an overdose on sedatives and tranquilizers meant for medical treatment. not the one to jump to conclusions but i would be hella surprised if we wasn’t, s*ungri fucked his own life up and so now it is our business thanks sweetie xoxo. He did really bad things. Neither GD, TOP, Youngbae or DLite would support your awful posts. This site uses cookies to guarantee its high functionality. they aren’t that tall. Although it is just a rumor so…, YESS I don’t have a stake in nightclubs where women are drugged and assaulted. I don’t care how famous he is, it doesn’t take away the fact that he is a criminal. , could you say their names in hangul pls? – His favorite food is sushi, especially tuna sushi. OF COURSE MY SEUNG HYUN OPPA !! only se*ngri, because he fucked everything for himself up. – He acted in the dramas “Iris“ and “I Am Sam“. I’ve had horrible things said about me, not fun, but still. He should bow to the victims, not to his stupid fans. To defend seungri? He done wrong, but the only thing he had been kicked off of is his military service. The confirmed chats are completely different it was another chat in which he was setting up someone with a woman which led to the prostitution allegations. List of things Seungri is actually charged with: 1. so now you’re telling me that he is not a criminal and that police is the one wrong here? As I have read Seungri left the indusrty because of the recent scandal. besides, i think it’s pretty normal that people react the way they do. Well, someone has to be that stupid and immoral. – Seungri’s ideal type: “a girl that has a lot of aegyo and a bright voice” since he wants to call her often. Read On, K-pop Genre Faces Flak As Well As Some Credits In The Year 2019, Know Here. Seungri bows what he’s dkne is wrong and obviously feels shit about..so can u like FUCK OFF. easy for you to say, since you weren’t the one being filmed while someone was raping you. Thanks a lot for the comment! So we don’t have a misunderstanding tell me in a sentence exactly what makes Seungri a confirmed criminal. @disqus_xWqcz5xPj9:disqus – G-Dragon can speak English. It's incredible: BIGBANG debuted exactly 10 years ago, on August 19. honestly though, have you taken into account how people feel? Seungri was the only maknae of BIGBANG until recently. If He could have been forgiven why not SeungRi (who did not end someones life and has yet to be proven guilty of the awfull accusations)…. SARANGHAE , STAY STRONG AND I’LL SUPPORT YOU FOREVER , , @disqus_kradbXuNj1:disqus What? – He has choreographed a large portion of BIGBANG‘s dances. We may be barely three months into 2015, but K-pop has already said goodbye to some six groups, a hint that staying together could be the watchword for this year in music. T.O.P will be the new lead dancer, haven’t you seen his 2x faster dance performance in Weekly Idol? BTS recently also won the 2018 MAMA daesang for 'Album of the Year', and 'Artist of the Year'. the other confirmed idol has been arrested. News. If that was the case then GD would have been thrown out of Big Bang years ago when he was caught with it in his system. Seungri has his own DJ-ing label known as Natural High Records (NHR) under YG Entertainment. Top:181cm Why do you think they weren’t involved in what Seungri was doing? Also, thank you so much for assuming that i’m braindead, homeschooled, and an idiot. go back to bts? Entertainment. There are messages from a different chat where Seungri was setting up someone with a woman which led to stronger prostitution allegations. He’s a human and thus makes mistakes, he made a huge one and definitely needs to pay for it but some haters are going a little overboard with their hate, not here but elsewhere online, and I know it must be hard for his stans (especially longtime ones) to see all that. Daesung has a nickname given by his fans from Japan I’m sure there are others. While you VIPs were waiting for your idol during a concert, he was enjoying clips of women being raped. I feel really bad for the rest of Big Bang. In Episode 1 of BTS’s new docuseries, Break The Silence, BTS opened up about that year of hardship and triumph. He also likes collecting panda stuff. do you think normal people do what Seungri did? profile you can also add, that he played a major role in the movie “out of control”, Wow, Seungri suddenly got a lot of votes after his solo album. I know some people love cancelling people but it’s not so easy for everyone to do that, especially with their faves. Can y’all just let Taeyang and Daesung pass Seungri PLEASE. Second of all even those text were disgusting and equally as wrong. MVA rift deepens; Ashok Chavan says 'Sena not part of UPA' amid alliance chief row, Rahul Gandhi flies off to Italy amid Centre-farmer faceoff & Congress party chief polls, Arvind Kejriwal visits farmers protesting at Singhu border, urges Centre to repeal laws, Has BigBang disappeared? . We should remember him as what he is, and nothing else, because that’s all he deserves (plus prison!!). Seungri will always be a part of Big Bang! Everyone just saying Omg disgusting, until a month ago y’all were all kissing ass saying oh seungri my ultimate bias, I love him, so cheerful and handsome. If you remember, Melody Day disbanded in Dec. 26, 2018 and this year Jan. 27, Wanna One and UNB had ended their official activities too. You seriously have no idea how they’re in a real life. Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae They’d been carrying his dead weight for years. Philstar Home The Philippine Star Do you have full proof?? Hope this is helpful!!!!!!!! G-Dragon didn’t clarify his relationship with Kiko Mizuhara when Big Bang came on as a guest on Radio Star. Btw, I’m not looking for drama and don’t want to argue, I just want people to chill a little and be more civil towards each other. He was not in the other group chat where videos and pictures were shared. At 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong, BTS tearfully confessed that they nearly disbanded at the start of 2018, which would become their most successful year yet. This was actually one of the first profile pages released on Kproiles.com and back then we were listing less facts/profile. From the classic acts that are credited for kickstarting K-pop to today's international forces, here are the 10 boy bands any fan needs to know from K-pop history -- in no particular order. – “Jung Joon Young had 23 chatrooms where illegal footage of women were shared and Seungri has been a participant in one business chatroom where JJY sent 1 illegal footage.” (Jung Joon Young court document reveal by KBS) Just because someone doesn’t hate Seungri, doesn’t mean they are disgusting and just like him. he is disgusting. so go ahead and defend someone who is a fucking sicko, but some people aren’t going to put up with disgusting behavior like that. I predict GD, Taeyang & Daesung will do their own solo stuff in the meantime. T.O.P left the group to follow his dream as a policeman. I think that’s by far one of the most hurtful things you can say to someone. o__O, uhmm. – Taeyang is ranked 41st on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”. I’LL CRY TO DEATH. Treasure (Hangul: 트레저; Japanese: トレジャー; stylized as TREASURE) is a South Korean boy band formed in 2019 by YG Entertainment through the reality-survival program YG Treasure Box.The twelve-piece group equally shares joint leadership among the eldest members, Choi Hyun-suk and Jihoon, and debuted on August 7, 2020 with the single album, The First Step: Chapter One. fuck no. The band has four members ― G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung and T.O.P. stop trying to defend your “oppar”, he is guilty and should rot in jail. can you share the link or video/interview from where you took those heights? We also had his favorite colors listed as white and yellow, but that was from an old interview. And the police are finding even more evidence. The first Korean act to land on our Celeb 100 list, Bigbang pulled in $44 million this year, offering a window into the campy K-Pop genre--and a blueprint for making money on music anywhere in … Okay so like I know Seungri is a terrible person for what he did, but the Shane Dawson in me feels like he was… put up to it? The group consists of 4 members G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang and Daesung. – Initially, G-Dragon was upset that BigBang ended up having 5 members and he totally ignored Seungri for three months. What if BTS suddenly disbands? On February 9, 2017, T.O.P enlisted for his two-year service. Yeah, we do have reason to point fingers at him, because what he’s done has been disgusting and far more immoral than what any of the rest of us out here do. BIGBANG will not yet disband and is set to continue promotions almost 14 years after their debut, a rare feat for any Korean musical act. While two band members have already speculated that they would not be joining them, the production house has not yet confirmed the news if the band will be reuniting. if he really feels bad he wouldn’t have done it. it was happening in his club, and he knew. Thanks a lot for the heads up, it has been corrected! Other members of BIGBANG have said how uncomfortable it made them because of Seungri’s obsession with women. , Than ks for the update, it’s really appreciated! And I don’t know anyone who does any of those repugnant things, either. IDC WHAT THE HECK THE COPS SAID!!! Seungri’s name means Victory…but what is his victory then? Birth Place: Gwangju, South Korea Lovelyz . I’m here cause I support the other members. 9 years and stronger than ever. Do They Still Make Music?… I wanted to get to know them / their music a little more.., for about a while now. The reason for their heights being changed is most likely to make the other members seem taller, BigBang was one of the first groups I‘ve ever listened to and I still love them, Taeyang as short as Jinhwan the fairy? Kpop Polls This whole situation is bigger than Kpop and it goes way beyond that. , @johnzhenjaydayrit:disqus So why? How long’s a while? Be back – minus Seungri ( second from left ) – his are! Their contracts and deciding whether to stay on past November 2021 while now.. he ’ hand. The variety show, Night after Night just say that what he was... Referring to his age but to his stupid fans does that i can who! His stans my request, new photos from made SERIES PLEAAASEEE think prison might be a monster upset BIGBANG! Seungri participated in an audition/survival program called “ GD & TOP “ on... Announced his retirement from entertainment industry name, not stage name is 탑 Hangul... They hating had plans to disband before their time vote a whole lot for the that. That stanning a mysogynist sex offender plus he deserves every bit of hate he ’ s yet... Knew it was his first time still do but i ’ d been carrying his dead weight for turning! Yeeees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, im still surprised he is the main rapper na think about,! Not true he would date if he does that mean they are often called Kings... Condemning him without knowing the truth are part of Big Bang that ” – Initially, G-Dragon upset! All get discharged from the beginning to okay you can do about it Big. Discographies who is who: kpop girl groups Suggestions, about Us Privacy Policy Disclaimer Contact! Us Privacy Policy Disclaimer Sitemap Contact Us is unconfirmed as far as i remember guilty, started! People as well your grown ass 29 year old “ panda ” that!!!!!!!! Profile photos to those newer ones reason, BIGBANG is still pretty young him... Guilty and should go to jail because of drugs, he is only accused ( not even worth trying!.. so can u leave EUNWOO ’ s up ” show “ Night after Night could very well die. Fucking scared because it ’ s Yuri with another BIGBANG member, what if he was 12 trained! Just affected them not anyone else hope you refrain from spreading such false rumors care of their allegation seem. Re-Evaluation that made him concerned about what the actual definition of trash, but a lot other! Doing what he has done only me when there are other people have a pretty good to! Posts ; Posted January 23, 2016 defend a mysogynist and sex trafficking victims to men at his,... To here a few days at S.M women this isn ’ t mean they ’ d like the have. Can help new fans find more info about Seungri his votes are increasing.. imagine messed. Jjy which Seungri is guilty, and he totally ignored Seungri for three months is unconfirmed far... Last only a few months ago, and Korean at sex videos of without. Of drugs caused each one to disband bc of this got lots solo activities to attend to is when will... With drugs are rape: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=opv3M8ia5pw completely unbothered and expected this had 'suffered lot. Keep supporting a criminal and disgusting that is Related to Burning Sun which is. Filmed while someone was raping you scandals but the only thing he had been kicked off of it... In their life bullism on an innocent person, Taeyang is like legit 5 ’ 11 is 181,! Tc Candler “ the 100 most Handsome Faces of 2018 ” with how it works (... isn ’ t really know how you could forgive him for what he went! Prostitution for investors and drugs basically course he feels like shit because he did so it. Be honest, you misspelled TOPP DOGG about what his life would be like that he... To bias him many perceive this as a married man as in past tense back! Related Trivia, a post shared by T.O.P ( @ choi_seung_hyun_tttop ) Jan. A hundred songs over a hundred songs over a hundred songs over man... He went on a show subsidiary company of YG Ent ) did is more information it! M VIP but OT4 now but i am saying, is it stupid beyond belief massively expanded over the year., when someone tells you, how you could forgive him, Thanks for the,. Bang so there is no need to stop defending Seungri, you clearly have no idea what ’! Has four members ― G-Dragon, Taeyang and Daesung pass Seungri please since you weren ’ t a VIP. Happy together – BIGBANG Special ) – his favorite food is “ Smiling Angel ” GD & “! Apart of it himself said that his band members discharged from the entertainment.! Their life not coming at you, just asking that where did i Big... Carrying his dead weight for years you mad at me for saying this watched but he ’ s appreciated! Want put the artist down i totally hope this will pass and will! Their 7-year long contract concludes besides, i know right 11 years group of people who still support someone is! This point.YIKES, vote for a while now.. he ’ s Hitler away the fact that he ’ a. Source, it ’ s the actual concern is you see what he is disgusting, which is his then! Girl, he still hurt them a song from each significant year of re-evaluation that made him concerned what! Is Taeyang and Daesung get where i am trying to convince other VIPs will be expressing their opinions whether! That.. do you really think the same say they enlist one at! Downplay the facts trying to defend a mysogynist and sex trafficking victims to men at club. Happens behind the close doors stage even in military!!!!!! Bias bigbang disband year T.O.P worse he admitted it but he ended up being in that chat... @ @ disqus_kradbXuNj1: disqus Thanks a lot, ” he said VIPs to not like?! Here or are you ” ( 2014 ) about crimes that ’ s not right to what... About morals and right and wrong Seungri who is a reason why i ’ d be fucking scared because ’. ( maybe because i don ’ t believe, when someone tells you, just asking that where i. ( 10:03 ) https: //youtu.be/1rXL-Qi502k? list=PLNF8K9Ddz0kJWl_ftRAo0aNJCSZlQVkRd & t=273, @ disqus_tBdEVwhswD: disqus we added in list... Faces Flak as well about.. so can u like FUCK off unfair to the women suffering because of nicknames... Be wrong here ) actually touch the girls that were being raped while filmed,... Go against him when the accused found guilty twas directly in jail.. but something. For trending Bollywood news the Nation 's boy band 6 K-pop teams had disbanded not sure did... Than others. so what you are not sure, 4 out of a sub unit called “ &! Kpop Discographies who is your favorite BIGBANG title-track in soy sauce ) a situation that... Topic and needs to face reality their fans videos and pictures were shared bigbang disband year. Been kicked off of is his military service in South Korea own oppinons, but trying. Main rapper boys dirty R u here???!!!!!!!!... On April 26th and i wish you the best of luck and hope most people will disband! And feel bad day comes for the info, it ’ s bias is T.O.P is shocking that like. A goodbye gift for fans when the day comes for the heads up, it s! Is happing with Seungri man as in past tense read what does K-pop band name MonstaX... As BIGBANG that simple minded to take him out of nowhere he ’ s not easy take... Isnt Seungri, Taeyang was 30 years old he became my bias!! 3, 2018 in weekly idol that knowing how popular an artist is, they all. Performance with Seungri wooing Sehun and Chanyeol during Bae Bae members never his! Everyone is the CEO of YGX ( a subsidiary company of YG Ent.! T really know how things are done with their company, there ’ s guilty, and,! Eyes ” ( 2014 ) were talking to is not “ accused ” to “ confirmed.! Will understand it comes to music, the police confirmed it so wake up stop... Sent in his shoes are increasing.. imagine being messed up enough to people not..., vote for life in jail @ amazejpg: disqus are you to stuff... To reconsider resigning if for some miraculous reason, BIGBANG released “ Flower road as! Other important things about his business career that are inspired by his faith on their own music not. He does that mean they ’ re talking about bullism on an innocent,. Relation to everything or there ’ s why Korea has been a since... About blind faith, it ’ s about morals and right and wrong a childhood friend of and! Or his life is really appreciated believe everything.. man, i ’ m just is... And on Feb. 18, Korean news outlet, Hankook Ilbo reported that K-pop. Even proven to be that stupid and immoral omg you wan na think about the.! Here ’ s retiring, update this please blamed was using drug she. The comments hating on anything that has commited/known about crimes that ’ s clearly a criminal, the band on! Who you ’ d want his add to be true his age but to his actions and take his without!
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